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  1. There seems to be a problem in the tests used in the SQL query (testing against nothing). I guess you'll have to check the PHP code to see how the query is contructed and what variables are used in it.
  2. Well, for a start you should quote the code in your catalog.php file around line 42.
  3. Do you have the code I quoted in the checkout_payment.php file ? It does the following : 1. check if the CC module is activated (it checks if the table exist in the database) 2. Displays the heading (TABLE_HEADING_COUPON) and a bit of text (ENTRY_DISCOUNT_COUPON) 3. Displays an input field First, you should check in the admin section if the module is activated. If it is, try to deactivate then reactivate it. If activated, you can check your database with PHPMyAdmin to see if the related tables exist.
  4. Hello, I have installed the Discount Coupon Codes 3.3 contribution from scratch and have a few problems with it. 1. The first one may be similar to what evalguy reports above. Whatever value I set for the "Display subtotal with applied discount" option, I always get the subtotal displayed with the discount applied. And if set to false, it seems that the discount is applied twice. 2. I want to use coupon codes on total price of items (= taxes included). If I use a fixed discount, the calculation is right. But if I use a percent discount, the calculation is false; I don't think it's a rounding problem as it's more than a few cents. I have items in my shopping cart for a total of $32.00. If I use a coupon of $16.00, I get a $16.00 discount (ok). If I use a coupon of 50%, I get a $15.16 discount. Any idea of how to fix these two problems ?
  5. If you followed the installation instructions, you should have some code in checkout_payment.php similar to this : if( MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_DISCOUNT_COUPON_STATUS == 'true' ) { echo TABLE_HEADING_COUPON; echo ENTRY_DISCOUNT_COUPON; echo tep_draw_input_field('coupon', '', 'size="32"'); } Of course, you have to activate the module in "admin -> modules -> order total" first, or the field won't show up.