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  1. Yes, i know that one, but some of my contributions is large (Around 10MB), when i upload them, osCommerce seems to recieve it but nothing happens for days and now weeks, so i wonder if the files are to large. I´ll try again when i got some more time,

    Thanks for all the answers,

  2. Hello all

    The sun is shining and all is good

    But, its not easy to give away free templates over at the contribution page... everytime i do they are removed? I have about 10 free themes that is totaly free, no encoded files or nothing. The only thing i would like is my link in the footer, but maby that is to much to ask for... And yes i run a company but i cant shut it down to give away free stuff, dosnt make any sense.


    What am i doing wrong? I really like osCommerce and giving away stuff makes me happy ;)



  3. Innstalled the contriobution but get this message when i'm in edit product mode on the admin area:


    Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /home/mrhilzhx/public_html/test/backoffice/attributeManager/includes/attributeManagerGeneralFunctions.inc.php on line 38


    Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /home/mrhilzhx/public_html/test/backoffice/attributeManager/includes/attributeManagerGeneralFunctions.inc.php on line 41


    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/mrhilzhx/public_html/test/backoffice/attributeManager/includes/attributeManagerGeneralFunctions.inc.php:38) in /home/mrhilzhx/public_html/test/backoffice/attributeManager/attributeManager.php on line 72


    Please help!!!




    Open your admin/attributeManager/includes/attributeManagerGeneralFunctions.inc.php file and scroll down to row 38


    Change this:

    $attributeManager =& new attributeManagerAtomic(amGetSesssionVariable(AM_SESSION_VAR_NAME));

    to this:

    $attributeManager = new attributeManagerAtomic(amGetSesssionVariable(AM_SESSION_VAR_NAME));




     $attributeManager =& new attributeManagerInstant($_GET['products_id']);




     $attributeManager = new attributeManagerInstant($_GET['products_id']);


    Its the =& operator that that needs to be just =

    For some reason this operator is not supported anymore, and what the heck is it?

    i know that = & is a assignment by reference but when they are stuck togeteher i dont know... Please some one explain wink.png



  4. Hello and happy new year... you can download one of my templates, horizon2.3 from http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8289

    its free and will save you a lot of time.


    Just like geoffreywalton mentioned it's in thouse files this template is changed, and a few more files for skinning, it dosn't go too deep in to the codes. Its also preeinstalled with my Mindsparx Admin module


    Just contact me for a detailed changed files list so you can see exactly what has been changed if you need it.


  5. is there anyway to make the menu on mouse click to open instead of hover? Only for the top layer menus. I keep getting accidentally click on a menu i don't want to open up when i move the mouse over them, which is quite annoying. Thanks



    Hello, the menu is pure css so there is no java to change to this behaivior. You could change the menu to "Chrome menu" or similar to add a click function


  6. Janne


    A couple of things I picked up on last night - well firebug did :rolleyes:



    In catalog/admin/includes/template_top.php


    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="includes/stylesheet.css">
    replace with:
    <!--<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="includes/stylesheet.css">-->


    that is: comment the line out, this is because stylesheet.css no longer exists with this contribution in place, so should not be called



    In catalog/admin/includes/header.php


    		<img src="./mindsparx_admin/misc/qmenu/images/qNav3.gif" width="150" alt=""></td>
    	<td height="3"><img src="images/qNav3.gif" width="150" height="3"></td>
    replace with:
    		<img src="./mindsparx_admin/misc/qmenu/images/qNav3.gif" width="150" alt=""></td>
    	<td height="3"><img src="./mindsparx_admin/misc/qmenu/images/qNav3.gif" width="150" height="3"></td>


    qNav3.gif is in ./mindsparx_admin/misc/qmenu/images/ - not images/


    still working well though ;)


    Thanks, we need to remeber this for the next update B)



  7. In my case the catalog side displays fine, but the admin page:




    is not displaying correctly. The left column has lost it formatting and the text from the star_product.php displays over the entire page, overlapping the left column.


    Help on that?




    Im not sure if you have installed the 2.2 version or the oscommerce 2.3 version that i released yesterday,


    Anyway, can you post the source code for that page so i can see. I have my contribution mindsparx admin installed but it should work with the standard admin... is there any one else with standard admin that have this problem?



  8. OK found it !!


    I was suspecting that the problem was not in the Mindsparx contribution, but on the easypopulate file itself. And there it was. On line 1078 of the admin/easypopulate.php file ( version EP_v2_76i_1_231 ), i changed :




    in to



    so the complete 3 lines ( 1078,1079,1080) that shows the pageheading looks like this :





    Thanks again for all your help. :)


    Thanks for finding a fix for this ;)


  9. Hello, im not sure that this will do any difference but you have left a unnecessary "," in the end of that code snippet, se below





    'link' => tep_href_link(FILENAME_EASYPOPULATE)






    the "," at the end is not suposed to be there, and that can be the problem try removing it and see if it works.



  10. First of all, i want to say thanks for a very good contribution. :)


    But i do have a small problem, saw that others had the same issue, but i couldnt find a solution.


    In a fresh installation of oscommerce 2.3.1 and Mindsparx admin, i also use the Easypopulate addon. Everything is working fine but when i choose the easy populate from the dropdown menu, its screen appears not under of the menu bar but on the far right side of the screen !!


    Can please someone help with this very annoying symptom ?



    Im glad you like it :)

    I have not tried the Easypopulate addon but it sounds like it has something to do with the links, look in the admin/includes/boxes and the box where the link to easypopulate is installed, see if the link is propperly inserted, just compare to other links.



  11. All those are understandable, due to the fact user create their own listings with html code. this page has code in where it doesn't belong.. Just thought I could help out.. Reason being it is a great cont. but some others don't display well with it? Maby it's my mistake, but installed coupon and easypopulate, but showing out of the screen, very weird. then there is some packages that shows fine and blend well.. Those errors might be the problem if it doesn't show on some browsers. But I like clean script that display well, loads fast, and no room for errors in the future. Will try and help clean it.



    To validate the admin was nothing i tought was nessesary but you have a point, if other contributions dont display well then a cleanup dosnt sound to bad, Thanks for helping out, i´ll clean the code for the next release :)