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  1. Hi bob, on my site i get these warning sign bottom of page can you tell me how i can fix this problem, i have another site that have exactly samething which i don't have any problem but only this site shows these error messages visit my site at pawzypet.com TIA Warning: fopen(/home/pawzypet/public_html//cache/_product_info.php_english_USD.cache): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/pawzypet/public_html/includes/classes/page_cache.php on line 258 Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/pawzypet/public_html/includes/classes/page_cache.php on line 259 Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/pawzypet/public_html/includes/classes/page_cache.php on line 260
  2. Hi Bobby, Thanks so much for your help, it works fine now
  3. hi bobby, don't know what i did wrong but the OScsid is still showing, can you take a look at my site pawzypet TIA
  4. after installed i get this error when click on "Customers Returns" any idea? TIA 1146 - Table 'pawzypet_catalog.TABLE_RETURNS_STATUS' doesn't exist select returns_status_id, returns_status_name from TABLE_RETURNS_STATUS where language_id = '1' [TEP STOP]
  5. OMG ignore previous post my bad
  6. 5) admin includes/database_tables.php After: define('TABLE_ZONES', 'zones'); Add: // RMA Returns System define('TABLE_RETURN_REASONS', 'return_reasons'); define('TABLE_RETURNS', 'returned_products'); define('TABLE_RETURNS_STATUS', 'returns_status'); define('TABLE_RETURNS_TEXT', 'return_text'); define('TABLE_RETURNS_TOTAL', 'returns_total'); define('TABLE_RETURNS_PRODUCTS_DATA', 'returns_products_data'); define('TABLE_PAYMENT_OPTIONS', 'payment_options'); define('TABLE_RETURN_PAYMENTS', 'refund_payments'); define('TABLE_REFUND_METHOD', 'refund_method'); 6) admin includes/database_tables.php After: define('FILENAME_ZONES', 'zones.php'); Add: // RMA Returns System define('FILENAME_RETURNS', 'returns.php'); define('FILENAME_RETURN_CONFIRM', 'return_confirm.php'); define('FILENAME_RETURN_EMAILS', 'return_emails.php'); define('FILENAME_RETURNS_REASONS', 'returns_reasons.php'); define('FILENAME_RETURNS_TEXT', 'return_text.php'); define('FILENAME_RETURNS_STATUS', 'returns_status.php'); define('FILENAME_REFUND_METHODS', 'refund_methods.php'); define('FILENAME_RETURNS_INVOICE', 'returns_invoice.php'); while installing admin side this install guide confused me, is this just an error? TIA
  7. obiclock

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    i just couldn't read 43 pages so i'm posting this simple question i'm new to php and all that so please excuse me... i've had custom header on before i installed STS but now it changed back to the oscommerce.gif(i still have it the folder) where do i need to change so i can have my header back on TIA