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  1. Hi I just got the osCAffiliate v2.8 installed and am wondering if there is a conflict between it and the PWA contribution - I asked about the new affiliate needing to set up an account with the shopping cart on the support thread for osCAffiliate but got no help so please could someone answer this. Sorry if this question was already asked and answered but I could find no reference through the search function. Thanks Laura :thumbsup:
  2. mcclaura


    Hi Vger, I loaded the v2.8 and have the following issues: 1. ALL orders are credited to the first affiliate and none of the other tiers 2. No notifications are going out when affiliates signup 3. Banners are not tracking to the right affiliate 4. Can I program the system to set up the affiliate and shopping cart accounts at the same time? appreciate your help. mcclaura :huh:
  3. mcclaura


    Hi Scott, I think this is so sad because I also experience this and have asked for help and above this I notice others who have legitimate problems and the silence is deafening from those that could help us. If you ever figure this out on your own please post it because I will be checking back occasionally to see if any answers are posted. Merry Christmas Laura
  4. mcclaura


    Thanks - I got that working! I am currently stuck on 2 seperate issues ... Gift Vouchers, are consistently bringing up the page that tells the recipent that it has already been redeemed or is invalid. For the individual who purchased it, this is not really a problem because it is in their account -can you help me with this? Also, to apply coupons and gift vouchers it is necessary to refresh the Order Confirmation page - or reenter the payment and coupon/gift voucher information ... any thoughts on this? Thank you so much. Laura
  5. mcclaura


    Hello Mark, I'm not sure if you already figured this out by now but just in case ... If you have access to your website via a control panel then log on and open the link for databases, select oscommerce then when you click on the admin button for that database the myphpadmin window should open. On mine I had to select import then SQL then import again then the window opened that allowed me to browse for the file and hit the GO button to actually run it. I understand how frustrating this can be because I have had to figure a lot of things out on my own too!Hope you already figured it out instead of being left hanging but if you hadnt I hope this helps. Laura
  6. mcclaura


    Hello, Thanks for the ccgv contribution - I installed it but got this message on the catalog site: Server Requirement Error: register_globals is disabled in your PHP configuration. This can be enabled in your php.ini configuration file or in the .htaccess file in your catalog directory. Can you help me? How do i enable the register_globals? I appreciate your assistance. Laura
  7. mcclaura


    Hello, I have the install complete but I cannot locate the Gift Voucher Queue in admin - I have looked behind every link ... can you give me a hand? Thanks mcclaura
  8. Hello, How and where do I comment out all international shipping methods except Global or International Priority? Thanks for your help! Laura