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  1. Hi all, I have a store which uses zone rate shipping for various countries etc.. which calculates by the total weight of the package to be sent. This works fine, except in 1 scenario. The scenario is; This particular item has to be despatched completely on its own, with its own envelope and at a different time. When this particular item is purchased along with other items, the zone shipping rates includes it in the total shipping, rather than allocating it it's own shipping. Is it possible to achieve this in OSC in any way? Thanks in advance Neil My site is http://www.rewardcharts.info (Please do not make any test orders, as it's a live store)
  2. Good contribution. I installed it on RC2 with STS with no problems. Easy to install and it works perfectly. I have used it twice on my site, once for the recently added products, and once for random products. Can be seen working here: Parenting Skills: Reward / Potty Charts Well Done :)