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    Solar Signin

    I couldn't find a contribution that already did this so i built it myself: With a few small code changes and uploading of 4 files, you can fade in a signin box. See it in action at http://solarfrenzy.com Grab the contribution here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5529
  2. digilee

    Get 1 Free

    I need to add a contrib that allows Spend £XX get X product free. Would this one do that? Thanks.
  3. digilee

    Category Discount

    Hi. Not sure if I can do this with this contrib: Spend £XX get X product free. Possible?
  4. digilee

    Any 3 discount

    Hi, Just installed this but not sure if it's meant to work how I need. I want to add: Spend £X get this product free. Can this contrib do this?
  5. digilee


    I need to incorporate a cms as part of a new store I am building and opted for osCMS v0.1 - http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/3476 I had a few problems with the initial install but manage to fix most of them (the updates seemed to fix those that I already fixed!) 2 questions, 1, How do I fix the following problems: PROBLEM 1: In path-to-catalog/admin/cms_images.php Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_info_cms_image() in path-to-catalog/admin/cms_images.php on line 200 cms_images.php line 200 is: $contents[] = array('text' => '<br />' . tep_info_cms_image($iInfo->content_images_image, $iInfo->content_images_name)); PROBLEM 2: When creating a new content item, on clicking 'preview' I get this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_cms_image_replace() in path-to-catalog/admin/cms_content.php on line 225 cms_content.php line 225 is: <td class="main" valign="top"><?php echo tep_cms_image_replace(nl2br($cInfo->content_text[$i])); ?></td> PROBLEM 3: In application_top.php I need to include this, (strangely enough NOT including this line - the contrib displays fine!): // osCMS require(DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS . 'cms.php'); This brings up an error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare blockvars() (previously declared in /home/adhomine/public_html/includes/functions/cms.php:15) in path-to-catalog/includes/functions/cms.php on line 15 cms.php line 15 is: function blockVars($sTpl,$beginSymbol='',$endSymbol='') and my other question is ... Is this the best 'CMS' contrib to use? I'll update if I manage to fix anything and, it goes without saying that I appreciate any input.
  6. Have you uploaded the css tags to your stylesheet?
  7. digilee

    Ad-on for Inline editing?

    Take a peek at easy populate. In general you import/ export an excel spreadsheet.
  8. digilee

    [CONTRIB] Options as Images for MS2

    Those would be other options (attributes) Colour ... Drawer ... etc
  9. ... and I'm getting this error when trying to manually add the attribute through attributes page: 1136 - Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 insert into products_attributes values ('', '122', '16', '0', '', '+', '0') [TEP STOP] I am using Ajax Attributes contrib but this won't let me add the contrib.
  10. digilee

    Imprint Text Options

    I have just spent a few hours trying to get this to work. So far I have: Options usable in admin Text field usable on product_info Entered text gets carried to shopping basket What I don't have (and need): 1, Ability to add more than 1 option (If I buy 2 products they are still treated as 1 with the same entered text) 2, Entered text in invoice 3, Entered text in invoice 4, Entered text in packing slip 5, Entered text in customer order history Also, where should I upload box_invoice.php? The contrib itself took a few minutes to install but then I spent the next few hours trying to 1, work out and fix the non-working elements 2, Work out which updates I should install. In the end I simply got confused but all the different updates. I would appreciate some clarity on this as it does exactly what I need, or at least it will once I have managed to get it working. thanks in advance.
  11. digilee

    Focus on EASY

    Couldn't agree more.
  12. digilee

    please help - new

    read the instructions that came with the template. If that fails contact the company that sold you the template.
  13. digilee

    Discount based on total in cart

    Have you looked in contributions? If so, which ones have you tried, this will cut down any we might recommend. Also, what OSC version are you using?
  14. digilee

    Product sets v3.5 R4

    Same here, just installed but the html generated (after clicking "Product sets" in admin > categories left panel is just the actual table, no header or surrounding admin html. Also, this was missing from the install instructions: In admin > includes > languages > english.php add this to the bottom (before the last ?>) define('BOX_CATALOG_PRODUCT_SETS', 'Product sets'); I am trying to use this contrib as a basis for something else, but need this working first.
  15. So you had a stock install which was then modified by your freelancer? It really depends on what you actually want to do, but I would suggest that you: Download and read the manual Look at the stylesheet and compare it to what you have online, look for tag references etc. Possibly, depending on how modded your install is, you might want to look at installing STS - look in the contribs for it. Generally, all the styling is controlled by the stylesheet which lives at the root level - mydomain.com/stylesheet.css And finally, (as I work freelance as well and would rather the work stayed in the marketplace, as it were), can you not contact your old freelancer? Might cost you a few quid but it'll no doubt be easier and quicker.
  16. If it is a fresh install then it hasn't been touched. In this case, download and read the OSC manual. If you have purchased a template then you'll spend more time fixing problems than actually changing the design and you'll be better off going back to where you purchased it and asking them.
  17. digilee

    [CONTRIB] Options as Images for MS2

    Have you created the attributes?
  18. digilee

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    what is not showing where and what 'nothing' do you think should have changed?
  19. Installed and working fine except - I have made 2 orders. Re-order No.1 - items get put into basket and I can checkout no problem If I then go back to 'my account' page/ view order/ click 'reorder' I get directed back to 'checkout_shipping' (as you should) but the order No.2 items are not in the basket. So, I can only re-order 1 lot at a time. Any ideas why? Scrub that - I just realised that the order that wouldn't work was for a product that didn't exist anymore! D'oh! All working fine now.
  20. digilee

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    I even tried editing the excel spreadsheet (via Easy Populate) but that confused the issue even more, I think mainly because I am on a very modded version.
  21. digilee

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Pay someone else to do it! I know how you feel as I've just had to do something similar!
  22. digilee

    HSBC XML API Support Thread

    Installed fine but haven't included account details yet as I want to test errors. All works fine except that card errors do not show up. I get: Credit Card Error! That's all i get on the page, no error message. I do get the error message in the URL - ?payment_error=hsbc_api&error=Unfortunately+there+has+been ... etc. Is this related or simply as checkout_payment.php problem? I have checked the file against a stock version but found no differences.
  23. digilee

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    I think I might have sussed something. This is what's happening on my version: Create a set. Save the set as 'Test1' Change some settings within that saved set then save again overwriting 'Test1' Make some more changes, save as 'Test1' Load the set Check the order (in the list of attributes displayed) Load the set again and it changes the order. Load it again and it changes again. I then loaded the set until everything was back again, saved it as a new set, then loaded the new set and everything stayed the same.
  24. digilee

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    The main frustration I was having with this was that the order was changing for no obvious reason. No matter what I did I couldn'r figure out the problem. As soon as I had a set that was right, i saved it! Updating to 2.8.1 doesn't seem to have made any difference.
  25. digilee

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    2.7.1 with Options as Images contrib. I have 280+ products each with the same 14 attributes. The attributes are loaded in the main admin as usual. I then went to the first product and created/ saved an attribute set. I couldn't get the attributes to load in the order I wanted so I changed their ID on the main attributes. I then went back to the other products and loaded the sets into the next product. The attributes set loaded but they were a different order to the first set. I went back and loaded it again and the order was set. Moved onto the next product and the same happend! So, what I did was: Created a set, changed attribute ID's to get the attributes to display in order Loaded set in new product by loading twice. I would say it's something to do with the caching or the way everything gets saved to the database. I have a few attributes to delete after I have reassigned all the correct attributes to each product. Something I am dreading!