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  1. does anyone know how to show the prices for one group (reseller) without tax?
  2. I have installed the qtpro 2.1 update in my osc 2.2 ms2 shop - and it works - almost! but -- there are two main problems: 1. The products are not filtered in the products_info.php! Why should I track my products and the customer isn't able to see if the product is in stock? Without customer information about availability of a product the qtpro addon makes no sense. 2. The ordered products are not subtracted from the products_stock table in the database. So multiple orders of products are possible even if only 1 piece is in stock! I'm using the following contrib to inform my customers if product is in stock (added the following lines into product_info.php). But this considers only the stock which is in the products table! <?php $prod_quantity = tep_get_products_stock($products_id); switch ($prod_quantity) { case 0: print '<img src="images/stock_soldout.gif" border="0">'; break; case 1: print '<img src="images/stock_limitedstock.gif" border="0">; break; case 2: print '<img src="images/stock_limitedstock.gif" border="0">'; break; case 3: print '<img src="images/stock_instock.gif" border="0">'; break; case 4: print '<img src="images/stock_instock.gif" border="0">'; break; default: print '<img src="images/stock_instock.gif" border="0">'; } ?> Any ideas how to get the real stock from products with options added with qtpro? I would be happy if someone could help with a piece of php code!
  4. No one uses this guestbook? The same error occurs on the demo page of the author and all other pages with this addon installed. Seems like a path problem. Can anybody help?
  5. Did anybody fix this problem? :(