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  1. ggmaris

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Screen-prices excl. TAX BUT Invoice incl. TAX I am using "CreLoaded Pro 6.2 B2B patch-12". In the Netherlands the Wholesale-customers are used to see their prices on the screen excl. TAX. But the invoice should be incl. TAX. My problem is that for Wholesale-customers the screen-prices AND the invoice are both excl. TAX. That is always the case, no matter the value of Tax-Exempt. What I want is the screen-prices during shopping excl. TAX and at the checkout-proces: An invoice with included TAX. I have checked 4 evenings now in the sources. Finally found out that the product-records in the Order-table do contain a field products_tax, but that field is left 0 if the prices have to be shown excl. TAX. Does anybody know a solution (screen-prices excl. TAX BUT invoice incl. TAX)? Gr. Geert Maris
  2. Hello, Has any of you heard about a possibility (downloadable of for sale) which gives an OSC-shop the possibility to give an individual customer a discount per category or even product. A friend of mine has a wholesale-company, and each individual customer has its own discount-schedule based on the main- and sub-categories (and even sub-sub-categories). Sometimes even, an account can get a special discount on specific products (so even if the account has e.g. 30% discount on the sub-category, the account can have a discount, e.g. 40%, on a product within that sub-category). Of course Seperate Price Per Customer comes pretty far, but it is still "price per customer-GROUP" and I need about it, but then for individual customers. For sure hoping to find a (downloadable or sellable) answer. Best reagrds, Geert Maris, the Netherlands
  3. ggmaris

    Tons of Free Templates

    HI Paul, I'm in the Netherlands and can't get the thread going. It says: "Sorry, not available in your region". Can you please send me the URL? Thanks. Geert