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    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Go ahead and make test purchases. You should always do that. I think the instructions may have meant don't worry about using the test server of USPS, which may take time to sign up and get approved. Just install it and test it during checkout on your normal site on the usps production server. When you install the module, you will understand what I mean.
  2. Chris, I think you are correct. You can probably get rid of the first block and use only the second as the second block does have tep_session_destroy. On my site, it works correctly (I checked for the PWA flag in the orders table) as the first block is within the if statement: if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['action']) && ($HTTP_GET_VARS['action'] == 'update')) { so the first block of code is not run on the initial page load on my site. Try it out and let us know what happens.
  3. safoo

    PWA !!! mmm.....HELP

    Exactly... If you are having problems, upload your *backup* files and try the install again. Make sure you follow the directions exactly. If you continue to have problems try giving a *detailed* description of the problem and errors in the PWA support thread. Or, try searching for the same error or problem first.
  4. philip, what is the link to your website?
  5. Philip, my file will be very different than yours. I was looking through your shopping_cart.php file posted on the previous page: lines 374-377 should have been *replaced* by 379-411. You just added the new lines after, which is incorrect. Not sure if that will make a difference. Try it out first and then let us know.
  6. this thread is for CPC - customer pc creator. CCC or customer computer creator is a different contribution. Check which one you installed and then give us some more details of the problem.
  7. safoo

    Ebay invoice, ebay rechnungen

    you can try 'ebay auction manager'. It will allow you to manually enter ebay sales. That part is free. There is a paid part to this system which would automatically download information for you. But the free part will work for what you are trying to do.
  8. hmm, not sure what it could be as that line 365 is unaffected by this contribution. i would have to say upload your backup file and try it again.
  9. could you post line 365 *only* and some relevant code before and after it?
  10. sorry. step 3 is in catalog/includes/boxes/shopping_cart.php What is the error? How can we know how to help you if you do not post the error.
  11. Ok version 1.3 added. There is only 1 bug left that I have been able to find. Read the info on the contribution page. It is a simple fix to solve that problem and as soon as I get around to it I will upload a new file.
  12. Michaael, The gift does not necessarily have to be $0.00. It could be a half price gift or 99 cents offer so you can set it to anything. Generally they are 0 if it is a free gift. I will post back in a bit with the new changes.
  13. Bah! Found some more issues. Hold up on downloading the latest package until I upload the newest version later tonight (Pacific Time). Theres just so many different combinations that it is hard to test and check for everything.
  14. Ok guys. A new version has been uploaded. Remember, that gifts should have product model set to "gift" (without quotes). Jeff, I am also using SEC2.2, so this should work with your setup. Try the new version as I forgot to include the image in the 1.1. Wintecs, try it out on your site. The fact that it asks for dollar might not matter because on the catalog side we use the correct osc function instead of hardcoding 'dollar' or 'pound' as was done previously. This version seems to work 100% correctly on my site; I hope it does on everyone's as well.
  15. safoo

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    very nice. I will try out the changes this weekend.
  16. your gift has a special price?
  17. safoo

    Custom Computer Creator

    or don't enable them. mark them out of stock. I am not sure, but I believe the CCC will still pull the products from the database as long as stock is available.
  18. Roberto, I will put that as special instructions for anyone who wants to do that change. I still have to migrate that change into my live site, so once I do that I will give the instructions for it.
  19. safoo

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    Well the code I used on my site mostly stemmed from your version on not the 3.0 update. I later compared the files and decided what I wanted to carry over to my site from 3.0. PoptheTop, I think your misc. payments method is a good way to have customers comlpete accepted offer payments. Thats the great thing about osc, everyone person has different ideas on how to implement and each application is applied differently on a per site basis. I have started on the mod and am making progress. I'll keep those who are interested updated. Thanks.
  20. update posted. let me know if anyone has problems. test is on non-live site first if possible as everyone's sites are different. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2990
  21. I think I was able to solve the 2 bugs I had found before. I may also have figured out Lobotomia's problem. I will be posting my code after some final testing very soon. When I changed things around a little bit, I got some bugs that I don't think were present before. All should be fixed now.
  22. safoo

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    That is fine. I am getting quite a few offers in just 2 days. I will begin working on an admin interface for my site tonight. I am still not sure if I will tie it in with the CCGV or not; I still have to think about that. I will post my results when I have them.
  23. I got it to work on my super modified store as well. It took me *many* hours to correct dozens of bugs. If you know what you are doing and can do some simple debugging, then it can be installed. However, just realize that there is little or no support for this contribution.
  24. safoo

    CCC Help

    Thomas, You can forget about the CCC by Stephen Walker (CCC9.3). It is hardly supported anymore and there are dozens of bugs in the download. If you are 'just starting out' you will have a hard time with it. There is another one that goes by a similar name such as customer computer builder(?) that has some support here.
  25. safoo

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    I just read howard's response a bit more closely. There is an issue on how to adjust the price. I feel there are 2 easy methods and 1 complex method. Complex: assign offer products to customers and check for those during checkout. I feel this will add unnecessary queries and checks during the checkout process. Also, for those of us who use 'purchase without account,' it may not work. Also, currently it is not required for the customer to create an account/login to make an offer and I feel it is best to keep it that way. Easier 1: Use coupon codes if you have credit class and gift vouchers on your osc. Have the system create a coupon for the correct product id that adjusts the price to the accepted offer. I feel this is the best method. Easier 2: Create a copy of the product with the price adjusted to the accepted price. This will work for those who do not have CCGV. However, it may unnecessarily fill up the products database. There would also need to be a purge button to purge unordered offer products. Also, we don't want these products to be available to other customers and so they can not show up under the new products modules etc. Therefore this may require quite a few checks at various different points. I want to hear what input you guys have. Am I on the right track with where this contribution should be headed?