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    fast easy checkout

    Be careful about this. Perhaps if only the billing address is changed then to go to Checkout confirmation directly is fine. But if the customer changes their shipping address, you may need to recalculate the shipping charges, especially if your rates change based on different zip codes (like USPS, UPS, and FedEx).
  2. safoo

    fast easy checkout

    You need to check your installation. Replace the backup files and try the install again. A blank page generally means a php syntax error such as missing semicolor or quotation mark. Double check your work a few times and try the install again. Many people have installed this contribution so it is not something wrong with the contribution but with your install.
  3. look at the SQL query that gets all the comments from the database and limit it to 1. Search google on how to do this.
  4. safoo

    fast easy checkout

    Not sure why you are posting on this thread as it probably isn't caused by FEC. Do a search on the forums for your issue. I would think it is a cookie/session setting issue.
  5. safoo

    fast easy checkout

    Txcrew, Did the customer specify a ship-to address when completing paypal payment? log-into your paypal account and check. Perhaps the customer specified 'no shipping address required.' Nana mentioned that it doesn't seem to be a FEC issue but rather a paypal issue. He is probably right.
  6. safoo

    fast easy checkout

    Seems to work fine on Firefox with Windows XP.
  7. safoo

    fast easy checkout

    That error has nothing to do with this contribution. Check your filenames.php for an entry for FILENAME_FEATURED
  8. safoo

    Ultimate SEO URL contribution

    Jon, On the first page load, there is no cookie set yet, so that is why on that first click, there is a session id in the url. After you click another link, the session ID should dissappear from the url as that information is stored in a cookie on the user's computer. osC sets the cookie for you. Is your store working like this: session id on first click then dissappears after the 2nd click. If so, then it is working correctly.
  9. safoo

    fast easy checkout

    I have been following this thread for a while. What Frank has started and continued to support is a great contribution. Fast Easy Checkout is absolutely amazing. We should all commend Frank on his hard work and the support he continues to provide. For those who have read the entire thread, one thing is for sure: Frank has really put a lot of time and effort into developing and supporting FEC. The whole community should be thankful to Frank and to the all the other members who continue to develop osC without any costs to all of us. As I mentioned, I have been following the thread for quite some time. It seems over the last few days, we have had many new osC forum members involved with the development of this thread. That is great for everyone! The whole point of osC is for us to benefit from each other. However, many requests that have been posted in this thread recently are either requests that can easily be accomplished by searching the forum or they are requests that really don't apply to the development of the contribution as a whole. I don't mean to single anyone out or discourage anyone from asking, as this is the support thread and support forum, however I felt compelled to post in the thread after seeing Frank time and time again answer many requests for help on issues that may be outside the scope of FEC. Frank seems like a great person but he may be 'too nice' to not answer. For Frank's sake, before posting perhaps all of us can consider if what we are asking Frank for help on has to do with FEC or something else. For example, if you have a problem with a payment or shipping module and Frank has mentioned that FEC does not mess with any modules, then those questions may need to be asked in the threads for those modules. Another example is if one has specific requirements to change the whole logic of FEC based on the needs of one's webstore, then for very complicated issues like these that are not '1 line of code' fixes, one may need to seek professional help and let Frank deal only with bugs and developments of FEC as a whole. Again, we want to encourage everyone to get involved but try to search for your answers first. There is so much on these forums and google. Let us not rely solely on Frank to solve all of our problems. I would also recommend that everyone who uses FEC send some contribution to osC and Frank for all the work he has put into FEC. (I hope no one takes offense to what I have written. If anyone has, feel free to PM me to keep this thread on topic)
  10. safoo

    Shorter checkout process

  11. Search 'columns' in the contributions section: http://www.oscommerce.com/community?contri...ns&category=all There is multiple different contributions that can display products the way you linked.
  12. safoo

    Purchase Without Account - Question

    If you only use English language on your site, then you don't need to worry about this at all as it only applies to the German language. Otherwise, just add exactly what the instructions say: In the file includes/languages/german/login.php add: define('TEXT_GUEST_INTRODUCTION', '<b>Sofort zur Kasse?</b><br><br>Sie m?chten bei uns einkaufen, ohne ein Kundenkonto zu erstellen? Auch das ist m?glich. Doch beachten Sie, da? Ihnen dann nicht alle Leistungen und Optionen unseres Shops zur Verf?gung stehen k?nnen.<br>Unter anderem k?nnen Sie den Bearbeitungsstand Ihres Auftrags nicht verfolgen und m?ssen bei einem weiteren Einkauf alle Ihre Daten neu eintragen.');
  13. safoo

    Custom Computer Creator

    I don't think this is the correct place to ask. I believe there is a support thread in the contribution supports area. You add products to custom computer creator from the Admin side of oscommerce. You will first have to create products, and then go to the custom computer configuration to set systems and add store products to those sytems.
  14. safoo


    Do you have configuration cache installed? If so, go to admin ->configuration->my store and edit the store name and save.
  15. Actually I think it runs the scripts for you. There should be 'SEO URLS' in the configuration section under admin.
  16. Did you run the database scripts?
  17. Check the SQL changes. You seem to have the products_fxf_class column missing in the tables.
  18. safoo

    Referring URL for Order

    This should be it: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...arch,http+refer I found it by searching the contributions section.
  19. For the issue with the AMP in the URL, turn off 'WCC valid URLS' in the SEO config settings in admin.
  20. safoo

    product options

    If you want each color for a beanbag to be a different product, then look at the 'Master Products' contribution. (probably best choice) http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...,master+product Otherwise, you can just use product attributes that are built into Oscommerce and for each beanbag, have colors as attributes that the customer can select before adding to the cart. (easy way out, but will require more manual work. Ex, if red color is out of stock, then you have to edit the product and remove the attribute.) Here is a site using Master Products: http://www.pearlseacompany.com/product_inf...?products_id=48 Note, that is not my site. You can associate multiple slave products to each master product. So a Beanbag A can have multiple slave products, such as Beanbag A Red, Beanbag A Blue, etc. associated with it.
  21. safoo

    Easier Product Detail Manager..

    http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...all/search,wysi This is a mod for the word type editor you need.
  22. check your cookie/session settings in admin also in catalog/includes/configure.php, make sure your cookie domain is ".yoursite.com"
  23. Do you have a link to a working example of this? Thanks.
  24. Yes. They will work perfectly. You don't really need the SEO URLs for froogle; I don't believe there is any advantage/disadvantage to using stock URLs on froogle as the basis for ranking is generally price.
  25. You can just send the stock html URLs to froogle.