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  1. money_format is a function that is not defined in all systems. Instead of using money_format, you should be able to use number_format function instead. So instead of money_format($total_sales,2); try number_format($total_sales,2); just search for money_format in the file and replace with number_format.
  2. safoo

    Fedex RealTime Quotes

    contact fedex about this. perhaps your account is not setup to list express mail rates. Ground rates will show when a customer includes a business name in the company address field. otherwise it shows home delivery rates.
  3. Do you have configutation cache (or "faster page loads,less database queries") installed? If so, in your admin, click configuration -> my store -> edit and then click save. the reason is that you need to update the cached configuration file. This is only if you have that contribution installed.
  4. Are you sure you want to tax the shipping charges? Does your state allow this? Why not set your order totals to: Sub Total Tax Shipping Total It should then match what the payment module is calculating.
  5. safoo

    USPS tracking link?

    I was wondering if anyone knew a link to track usps delivery confirmation numbers. I'm looking for a link in the form of "http://......=TRACKNUM" so that if I have the tracking number stored in my database, I can create the link to the usps page. I tried looking at the usps web tools, but the API uses XML and I thought there would be something like an http link available. Thanks in advance.
  6. set 'pconnect' to false in your configure.php file in both catalog/includes and admin/includes and that should correct the problem for any new orders that you get. to get the old orders to show up, you will need to go into your database with phpmyadmin and see what is wrong in the order table (also orders_products, orders_status_history etc.). I believe you can just change the order number from 0 to a correct number and it should show up in your OSC admin.
  7. safoo


    Interesting contribution...definitely a great security feature. I will try it out when I get a chance
  8. You will need to sign up with authorize.net. BofA will give you the technical details to give to A.net such as terminal number, merchant number, etc.
  9. safoo

    Froogle feed and Ultimate SEO URL's

    You don't need to combine them. Let the froogle URLs show standard OSC style. If you setup USEO correctly, the old-style link will work correctly. There is no advantage in froogle for having SEO URLs.
  10. multi vendor shipping: http://www.oscommerce.com/community?contri...vs&category=all [edit] never mind...i guess you already tried it. i think that is the only contribution that does what you need. you are correct it may be an involved install. Are you sure you configured everything correctly? Check in the support thread for more help.
  11. safoo

    fast easy checkout

    Brian, try putting the "//fast easy checkout end" in between <!-- and -->
  12. $freebie[$p]['link'] = '<a href="http://www.mysite.com/product_info.php?action=buy_now&products_id=' . $gift['products_id'] . '">Add the FREE Item to My Cart</a>'; should be: $freebie[$p]['link'] = '<a href="http://www.mysite.com/shopping_cart.php?action=buy_now&products_id=' . $gift['products_id'] . '">Add the FREE Item to My Cart</a>';
  13. safoo

    Ult SEO URLs Question

    take a look in the admin settings. The special character conversions should work. # Enter special character conversions * Default Setting: NULL * This setting allows a store owner to enter a list of special character conversions. Please note the format below. * FORMAT: char=>conv, char2=>conv2, char3=>conv3 * NOTE: use a comma as the separator # Remove all non-alphanumeric characters? * Default Setting: false * This setting allows the store owner to remove all non-alphanumeric characters from the URL. This is highly effective and will result in some interesting URLs. For example, some-product-p-1.html will become someproduct-p-1.html
  14. safoo

    looking for a contrib

    Take a look at 'master products'.
  15. osC has a maximum package weight that is set in admin. Let's say the max weight is set to 30 lb. If you product is 50 lb, then the shipping module should calculate 1 30lb package and 1 20lb package. At least, that is how it works in the FedEx realtime shipping module. See if that is how the UPS module works as well. So that may be your starting point.
  16. safoo

    What contrib for...

    take a look at 'master products' contribution if you need to keep stock for each of the different sizes etc. it will give you more options than just using product attributes.
  17. safoo

    Orders Not Showing in Admin

    try setting pconnect to false in your configure.php file.
  18. Just undo all your steps from 2.1 (or upload all your backup files because you did backup right?). Be sure to remove the mod rewrites etc as well. Then go through all the steps for 2.0b. Not that hard since you have already gone through it once.
  19. safoo

    Ultimate SEOProblem

    Whenever you post any links to your website, you should clearly write that your site is ADULT oriented! That is common sense and courtesy for those who will click it. The format of the links looks correct. Double check your installation and particularly the mod rewrites.
  20. safoo

    fast easy checkout

    As Jeff mentioned, view the source from your web browser and search for the displayed text. Find out what 'class' is used in the html. Then open your stylesheet.css file and find the name of the class and you can change the colors etc. If you need help with stylesheet code, search google for tutorials. This question has nothing to do with Nana's contribution. Everyone needs to research their questions on the forums first before asking Nana. Nana is helpful, but let us not stress him out with questions and for support unrelated to FEC.
  21. safoo

    fast easy checkout

    'Echo' it and see if some text shows up on the page. This means there is no 'createaccount' column in your orders table.
  22. safoo

    PayPal IPN Problem

    Check your config for the paypal contribution in payment modules in admin. There should be one setting to the effect, "Set Pending Notification Status". That is for orders in which the payment has not been received or has not been accepted due to unconfirmed address (if you have it enabled at paypal). You should create another order status, something like "paypal pending" and use this as for the pending paypal payments. So in the above case, the order will still be created in your admin, but the status will be 'paypal pending'.
  23. try setting 'use persistent connections' to false in your configure.php files in catalog/includes/configure.php and catalog/admin/includes/configure.php
  24. You don't need to modify the URLs for froogle. You can use stock URLs as is; they work perfectly when clicked.
  25. safoo

    fast easy checkout

    It's not that big a deal. if you want to have 0's instead of blanks, go to phpmyadmin and set the default value for the field to 0. This way, instead of blanks, 0's will be entered in the database. You can search in google on how to use phpmyadmin if you need help. etek14, You are right. There are too many scenarios and everyone has different requirements for their checkout. As Nana has mentioned, FEC is made to adapt to any site. You can accomplish auto updating of shipping charges and all these things but you will be on your own :thumbsup: The stock OSC checkout is not too bad as it was. If you have already implemented FEC on your site, then it will be enough. What I mean is, don't worry too much about what the customer may think. I can assure you that you will almost never get a complaint that the checkout is too long even if they had to enter credit card number twice.