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  1. oh, by the way, my oscommerce is the latest one, the 2.3.1
  2. Hello, I have installed the following contribution: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3521/page,32 So I can use the manufacturers box for two languages for each manufacturer. So I followed all the steps, and got it to work properly, but when I do the modifications on the file "includes/modules/boxes/bm_manufacturers.php", by changing the line of code to this: (line 38) $manufacturers_query = tep_db_query("select ma.manufacturers_id, mi.manufacturers_name from " . TABLE_MANUFACTURERS . " ma," . TABLE_MANUFACTURERS_INFO . " mi where ma.manufacturers_id = mi.manufacturers_id and mi.languages_id = " . (int)$languages_id . " order by mi.manufacturers_name"); I upload the file, and boom, the manufacturers box disappears from the left column of the site, so I don't have a clue why this happens, can anyone help out? thanks.
  3. I've chmod it at 444, let's see tomorrow.. but has this happened to anyone else with their site?
  4. o no.. it's me again, I've just checked it now in the middle of the day, and it has done it again!! how weird is this: http://tartamia.com/index-os.php its a fatal error: file not found of the seo.class.php > in the includes/classes/seo.class.php the permission in the file is chmod at 555, so no one is allowed to write in it or do anything.. and it keeps deleting itself! any ideas??
  5. well, i've checked it out now that is the following day, and I don't get the error anymore, so the chmod 555 on the folder where the seo.class.php was getting deleted now is protected, that did the trick.. maybe i have a hacker around trying to do things on my online shop.. so I'll have to be on guard with other things too...
  6. yes, this module is installed in an osc 2.3.1, can that be a problem then?
  7. hello, I installed the latest version and everything works ok except for the fact that every day the file seo.class.php deletes itself from shop/includes/classes/ folder... In my ftp I have put now chmod at 555, let's see what happens tomorrow... but it's really bugging me, has anyone had a similar problem?? Is there an internal problem with the contribution? best regards! amanda.
  8. zandapro

    Product Extra Field - product list

    well. I found it.. if anyone else goes crackers... this is what I missed... this change is critical.. as there are many "$languages = tep_get_languages();".. you have to make sure you put it where the rest of code appears.. then you won't go wrong. ------------------------------------------------------------------ 13a) Around line 711 find the section of code that reads as follows: $languages = tep_get_languages(); for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($languages); $i<$n; $i++) { echo tep_draw_hidden_field('products_name[' . $languages[$i]['id'] . ']', htmlspecialchars(stripslashes($products_name[$languages[$i]['id']]))); echo tep_draw_hidden_field('products_description[' . $languages[$i]['id'] . ']', htmlspecialchars(stripslashes($products_description[$languages[$i]['id']]))); echo tep_draw_hidden_field('products_url[' . $languages[$i]['id'] . ']', htmlspecialchars(stripslashes($products_url[$languages[$i]['id']]))); } Just before the } that closes the for loop INSERT the following: // begin Extra Product Fields foreach ($xfields as $f) { echo tep_draw_hidden_field($f . '[' . $languages[$i]['id'] . ']', htmlspecialchars(stripslashes($extra[$f][$languages[$i]['id']]))); } // end Extra Product Fields --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. zandapro

    Product Extra Field - product list

    Hi there, I am having exactly the same problem, and I don't know how it has happened.. I did all changes on categories.php, then did trials,.. all seemed to work fine.. and then, all of the sudden.. the data is not sent to the database.. I can see it in the preview page when I am editing.. but then.. after that, nothing goes to the database... could you let me see you categories.php file.. to see where I am wrong.. this is really bugging me.. thanks for whatever help you can give me.. amanda.
  10. zandapro

    [Contrib] Manufacturers Multilanguage

    hi was working on this.. and I think I have figured it out in a easy way. for me it works. i just wanted the manufacturers to work as countries, so I needed to be able to specify in english and spanish, as countries differ. i didn't need it for descriptions, image or url. so the fix I have placed in the contribution area ,work for the multilanguage usage: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/3521 The main problems solved were: - the structure for the left join - the duplication of classes - it couldn't find the field languages so that is solved in this contribution. hope it works for you too! good luck!!
  11. Hi there, Just had to say that this works fabulous, I just have some problems when editing in the "Text Control Page", if I put CHMOD 755, it doesn't let me modify it, but if I put CHMOD 777 it lets me modify it, but shows an alert message in the Tag admin panel... so I'll just have to put up with that... Then the only way this works out of the box is , first you install Ultimate Seo: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2823 On a fresh OSC 2.2 works superb. And then, install the Header Tags Controller. It works at first. It's perfect now! Thank God. so that's my tip for the day... it's worked for me!
  12. zandapro

    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    Hi there, I have been installing this SEF on another site. The thing is that I have installed the shop in a sub-folder: /tienda/. And I get the url perfect for the products: mysite.com/tienda/hardware/mouse.html, but the when I click over the categories, the url appears with the following: http://mysite.com/tienda/index.php/cPath/2 So I do not know why this happens, why it doesn't do http://mysite.com/hardware/!!.... it's saaad.. so I am wondering if you know how to solve this problem? hope to hear from you or anybody that would like to share experience.. cheers. amanda.
  13. zandapro

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    Hi echolalia, so that version of OS2 M2M does the job? If I install this version, pages unlimited will work okay? Because I thought I could find some solution, so it displays the "information_description" of the "INFORMATION TABLE", inside the textfield of the description, just as it does with the "information_title". I mean, why does "information_title" gets inserted in the input_field, and the "information_description" doesn't get inserted in its textfield? very weird... I've tried to see where is the problem.. but can't solve this problem... anyone help? Have you found another solution Echolalia? regards, amanda
  14. zandapro

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    I there, Has anywone come with the little tiny problem that when you write content using the Unlimited Pages Contribution, in the admin panel, using Tinymice Editor, the following problem occurs: I write, I save, it displays ok in the catalog. But, when I go back to edit the content in order to make some changes, it comes up blank in the Tinymice for each language, and I see myself having to go back to the catalog, copy the content, and paste it back again in the Tinymice. Could someone help? I have been searching but no luck so far.... zanx!
  15. zandapro

    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    ok just had to say that... now it works.. internet drives me crazy! well I reviewd package and re-did everything.. must have missed something... what I did before was to edit my new files with the changes.... and this time I just uploded the files of the contribution and worked.. ok.. so running fantastic now! great contribution!