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  1. Hello, Can n e 1 help me here, I have an OsComerce Template installed and i want the chat box to be in Column_left.php I tried everything but it dosent work, Is there anything that i need to edit manually. Thanks
  2. Azim

    Diff products shipping rates

    i think when u add a product to the category it gives u an option to add shipping charges.
  3. Azim

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    cool one.. took me about 5 mins... and it's woking good.
  4. hello everyone, I am setting up my oscommerce site and i need a premium template for it. I know there are some sites out there where are free templates found. anyone plz help me by directing to a best link to download free oscommerce templates. thnxxxx