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  1. Hi I have upgraded to 1.2 but switched off all the additional setting and the feed works fine. Can someone confirm if the script work with $optional_sec = 1; and options set? Thanks TMM
  2. Has anyone got the fix for this? Thanks TMM
  3. Okay I took the output file and then copied the data into my own text file but deleted some columns and re-submitted manually and it took the data and it is live. This mean that all the columns being generated are not relevant for the Google category "Products". When my current feed expires in 2 days I will change the code to exclude some of the columns and try again........
  4. Now I get: Errors: Error Bad data Line # We did not understand the header (first) row of your file. Please make sure that you are using valid attribute names. help We did not understand the header (first) row of your file. Please make sure that you are using valid attribute names. help <body> 2
  5. Okay now I have set it from autodetect to tab /t Will see if this works, thanks
  6. Okay after re-submitting got the same error about the delimiter: Errors: Error Bad data Line # We didn't understand your delimiter. What to do about it? Thanks
  7. On line 24 I had use the % sign for the tax - the output works now so am going to re-submit to google. Thanks
  8. Using google base auto feeder 1.1 My feed failed - google gave the following message: Errors: Error Bad data Line # We didn't understand your delimiter. Also, if I look at the text file in the browser, I get: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' in /xxxx url etc etc /public_html/googlebase.php on line 24 Any suggestions here? Thanks
  9. Hi Thanks for the great contribution but have one issue is that for some bots it thinks that they are real users - how can this be fixed? Thanks TMM
  10. Hi - I can see my robots.txt file but I cannot see any spiders.txt file.... how do I see it? I am looking in the public_html folder and its not there. Please advise.... Thanks
  11. Hi Can someone please advise on how to send Paypal pro the customer billing address? I am using Version 1.0 of paypal pro uk direct that came with oscommerce rs2 1 and then value of the order gets sent to paypal but not the billing address. Which module actually send the billing address? OR Do I need to code this functionality myself? Thnaks B
  12. Hi which Payapl direct contribution actually sends the customers billing address to Paypal? Thanks B
  13. Hi Can someone please give some advice here. I have the pre-installed Paypal direct that I have enabled but have found that it only sends the amount to paypal and not the address. So I came accross this add-on and was wondering if it sends the billing address to Paypal? Many thanks B
  14. Hi Lildog Okay I have installed you contribution Manual Order Maker 1.4.4 and am using AJAX order editor Just got a couple of issues. 1. I have noticed that when the customers details are shown the conutry is not automatically selected in the drop down, this is no good as I will have to ask the customer where they are from even though they have set up an account with the country of residence. 2. After selecting a client and then verifying the customer by click confirm I am shown a 404 error for the page admin/create_order_process.php - however if I navigate back to Order I see the order for the customer has been made. How do I get rid of this issue of being shown a 404 page to make the process more user friendly? 3. Lastly is the billing telephone and shipping telephone number suppose to be populated in the blank order form? 4. In the field below the drop down to select a clicnt, client ID, how would any one know what their client id is? Thank You TMM
  15. Hello I have installed AJAX order editor and was wondering if it is compatible with Manual Order Maker? Many Thanks TMM