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    maxemus reacted to countrygirlcandles in Support Thread for Supertracker Contribution   
    I am getting alot of these errors at the top of my main page any ideas on how to fix it?
    [27-Jul-2011 18:25:37] PHP Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in /home/country/public_html/includes/classes/supertracker.php on line 216
    [26-Jul-2011 16:41:56] PHP Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in /home/country/public_html/includes/classes/supertracker.php on line 42
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    maxemus got a reaction from Pronux in Tab Menu Section (TMS) and Pronux TMS For Admin Support Thread   
    I was going to suggest something but I see I wasn't the only one that knew that a Data base connection needed to be made. Also Should use Jquery Tabs.. I would suggest that have an option in the admin to ad a tab and be able to name it on the fly.
    I was working on tabs for ms2.2 I got it working well but it still needed to have some tweeks. I would have liked to change the names when adding content to them.
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    maxemus reacted to andes1 in Facebook store as oscommerce shop   
    dont cry!!! use this app with facebook connect for oscommerce... is free! look for it on the addons secction.
    perfect combination
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    maxemus reacted to Jack_mcs in SiteMonitor   
    If you removed the function from either of the contributions, it had to have made a difference so you must not have done that.
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    maxemus got a reaction from torgrima in Attribute Sets Plus   
    Hello I have been using this contrib since early this year it works great. I would like to use the sort order function. Mine don't seem to work. It is going by price then alphabetical.
    Thanks for making it it has saved Lots of time.