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  1. I'm using EP and everything is doing fine, I only have problem, not really a problem I would say it is more a doubt. After I updated my catalog using EP I realize that in every product name EP added the product model like this: Deck Think Fuenzalida Skywalker 7.50 [272] Where [272] is the v_products_model for that item. It's happening in all my products. Is there a way to remove that number? Thank's in advance folks.
  2. Moleiro

    Sort Products By Dropdown

    Does anybody know a way to set this amazing contribution, in a way we can use simple links instead of a dropdown? Something similar to a line with links like "Sort by bigger price" or something like "Price:" and then 2 images one with an up arrow and other with a down arrow. and when the costumer click it will do the sort... I don't know if I exlained myself well but does anybody know how to do this? Thanks in advance
  3. Moleiro

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    Hi everyone, I've downloaded the file Additional Images - 2007/09/21 - v2.0.1 - Tree365(tree365@hotmail.com). I understand everything in the instalation except for the compare files... I have a New Unchanged shop so can I replace the files in my catalog with the ones in 2_files_to_compare folder ? I've tried to find some help in this thread but there are so many pages...I'm really needing help. Thank's to everyone in advance.