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  1. Hi there, I have just installed QTpro and have a few issues - apologies if these issues have been addressed in earlier posts. In the admin section under 'Reports' the text for stock level report is as follows - BOX_REPORTS_STOCK_LEVEL When I click on it i get the following - Not Found The requested URL /store/admin/FILENAME_STATS_LOW_STOCK was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. This is a fresh install and not an upgrade, and the file does exist. Can anyone help me with this? Also when I input a new stock level and click on 'update' it remains on the same page, although it does update the stock level - is this something that can be fixed as well? Thank you in advance for your help. Take care. Chris
  2. Hi there, So I have been able to get the PayPal IPN module to work, and everything is fine - except I would like to use the 'Authorization & Capture' facility, as I don't want to charge our customers' cards until we are about to dispatch the order. Can anyone tell me how I go about doing this? I have the up-to-date version of the PayPal IPN module. Thank you in advance. Chris
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    PayPal module sending me to PayPal homepage

    Ok, so I have sorted it out... :-"
  4. Hi there, I am trying to integrate PayPal into my OSCommerce site, but when I click on the 'confirm order' button I am taken to the homepage, instead of being able to complete my transaction. I have installed the lasted module available from the 'Contributions'. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance. Chris
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    Payments not registering on OSCommerce Admin...and other issues

    Hi there, Cheers for responding. I have had a look and the session id on the Protx transaction page (the one associated with the success and failure URLs) corresponds to the one on the original payment page before being transfered to the Protx site - so assuming this is what you meant, they are the same. However I have noticed that when payment is completed and the customer is brought back to our site - to the payment page again instead of the success page - that after the session id is written '&error_message='. I have also noticed that the success and failure URLs are both the same on the Protx transaction page. Can anyone advise me as to what to do to resolve this? Thanks in advance. Chris
  6. Hi there, We are currently using Protx VSP Form, and we have the current protx_form.php file (v1.17 as available in the contributions section). but still the following occurs: 1 - customer is not taken to the 'success' page, but instead taken to the 'payment' screen despite having paid successfully, 2 - consequently the cart is not emptied and 3 - the order is not registered in the Admin section (something that has been the case since 31st July, and caused a huge amount of disruption) Our developers, while updating the protx_form.php file have been unable to help us resolve the situation for us, and so I was wondering if there was anyone who could offer advice as to what needs to be done to rectify these issues? Any advice on what to do or change would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.Take care, Chris