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  1. jammy69

    One Page Checkout Support

    Hello I am having this prob that credit card field disappears.I have other two modules like paypal and certpay there are working fine but i cant enter anything in the credit card fields infact i just cant see them. Can u tell me a solution. Thnx
  2. jammy69

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Hello all, I have installed this module but i am getting this error Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/httpd/vhosts/motorbikesandparts.co.uk/httpsdocs/includes/modules/vendor_shipping.php on line 97 Products This is currently the only shipping method available to use on this order. Pls help me out. Thnx in advance
  3. jammy69

    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    Hello I am using this contribution http://www.ukparts.nl/webwinkel/ . everything seems to be ok like add to cart and other buttons but the detail button is not functioning.It says page not found. can u pls tell me wht its happening and how can i correct it. Thnx in advance
  4. jammy69

    Protx Direct v2.22

    Thnx Tom This means that either i can use the download option or the delivery option. I cant use both or both will work.
  5. jammy69

    Protx Direct v2.22

    Hello I am a newbie and there are two problems i m facing.i have a website which is using both the download mode and the delivery mode.The delivery mode seems to go through but when i order to download i m facing this error "INVALID - 3021 : The Basket format is invalid. The value was 2:Highrise:1:" .Pls suggest how to correct this. The second problem that i m facing is that the for the orders that go through but when i go and see in the admin section it doesnot list in the orders section of admin but when i put the order number in the box then i m able to see the order details. Pls suggest how to correct these two as soon as possible Thnx in advance