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  1. Hey Jack. I have a live shop running oscmax 2.0. Is there anything special that I should know when installing Header Tags SEO, since oscmax uses BTS? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I have Header Tags SEO installed and STS4. I installed Article Manager just fine, and it works perfectly. Except when you go to an article the TITLE of the page is showing Am i missing something here? The Title, meta description, meta keywords, all are blank when i go to view the source. How can i get it to display the title of the article in the TITLE field? Or do custom meta title, description, keywords for EACH article? I appreciate the help. Thanks
  3. I cant seem to find a contrib that does this for STS. I install Availability but I see no information to set it up with STS. :/
  4. Hello, I am needing an availability mod that shows on product_info page with STS. If an item has 0 quantity then it will display "Out of Stock" on the product page, etc.. I found Availability mod but I am unsure how to get it working with STS4. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I am using 3.0.6. I finally got the products working by replacing the header_tags.php file in the includes directory. Something must of been corrupt.
  6. Jack, Every page seems to be working fine now with the exception of products. The product pages are now using the default title, meta description, and meta keywords. You can see it here Thanks.
  7. Yes, it shows this: Test Results Missing Database Error: The products_head_title_tag field cannot be found in the products_description table. The categories_htc_title_tag field cannot be found in the categories_description table. The manufacturers_htc_title_tag field cannot be found in the manufacturers_info table. The Header Tags head code for the index.php file cannot be found. The Header Tags head code for the product_info.php file cannot be found.
  8. Jack, Ok, here is what I have gotten to. I have completely gone through ALL of the files with BeyondCompare and matched everything up. I think I just have a few small issues that are just driving me insane. I am not sure if its a small issue with STS or a small issue with Header Tags, but some pages are working correctly, such as product pages, and review pages, but if you go to a Manufacturer or Category page it just shows the url as the title and shows this: <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> <title></title> <meta name="Description" content="" /> <meta name="Keywords" content="" /> <meta name="googlebot" content="all" /> <meta name="robots" content="noodp" /> <meta name="slurp" content="noydir" /> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" /> <!-- EOF: Header Tags SEO Generated Meta Tags --> I guess I am confused on exactly how to configure index.php to work with your categories and your manufacturers, as well as the MAIN page, or why its showing all blank on the category pages and manufacturer pages. If you need to see the pages or the configuration in admin, i can show you. I hope me giving you this information you can help me. I have worked on this for aver 18 hours and cannot for the life of me figure it out and its driving me crazy. Please help!! Thanks.
  9. Hmm, very odd. When I use the Fill Tags it fills everything in the admin, but when I go to the product pages, category pages, manufacturers, etc.. and view source, its only showing the <title> tag with "" and no other meta tags. Did I do something wrong in my STS template? Do you think you could show me what the <HEAD></HEAD> of my STS templates should look like? Does the STS templates have to have <TITLE> in them? Thanks.
  10. I did exactly what you said and used Beyond Compare to compare the files included with the Contrib with mine. I set everything how it should and pretty much merged the files. I am not receiving any errors at all but when I try to update the meta tags in the admin panel for Manufacturers, products, or categories, it saves them but then when I go to the pages, it still has the "", and thats it. NO meta description, keywords, or anything.
  11. Jack, thanks for the response. What I am saying is, shouldnt it generate all of my products meta descscriptions, etc?
  12. I seemed to have fixed these errors by missing some code in categories.php. But now i am having the issue of no matter what page i go to on my site it is showing the default store name. Ex. "" is what it shows, which is under the osCommerce configuration. Why isn't it showing Header Tags SEO?
  13. I have an online shop running osCommerce RC2. It has SEVERAL contributions added. I am always afraid to add contributions, but I went ahead and added Header Tags SEO V3 on top of STS4 template. Some of the functions are working but some aren't. I think i had a previous version installed so i ran the uninstall then the install to hopefully fix it. When going to Admin>Manufacters and trying to change any of the options.. description, title, etcc.. I get the following error: 1054 - Unknown column 'manufacturers_name' in 'field list' update manufacturers_info set manufacturers_name = 'Kit Rae', last_modified = now() where manufacturers_id = '72' and languages_id = '1' [TEP STOP] If I go to the admin section to edit a product, product description, manufacturer description, or keywords, it does not apply everything correctly. It will apply a blank space for the Product URL and nothing changes for the description that i set. FYI, I had previously had Easy Meta Tags installed. Thanks in advance.
  14. Any one help me please? Thanks in advance.