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  1. This contribution is an extremly easy mod that turns any TEXTAREA into a full flegged WYSIWYG HTML EDITOR. Best of all, its compatible with FireFox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a very easy mod to install but for the life of me I can't get it to work :'( My install looks as follows: <bluenotemkvi edit - removed password protected image> And then: <bluenotemkvi edit - removed password protected image> I have also modified catalog/admin/newsletters.php as a test file but no luck. Any help would be great, Raymond
  2. giftmaster

    Anti Spambot for CONTACT US

    I also seem to have the same problem. When I send the message the code appears but when I enter the code the email still does not go thru, a new code appears. Any help would be great. Thanks, Ray
  3. Warning: Missing argument 1 for javascript_validation() in /home/chcgift/public_html/shop/includes/classes/payment.php on line 109 I seem to have the same problem with linkpoint. Has anyone figured this one out????
  4. Ok I got this tip from reading this long post about 20 times :'( In inclues/application_top.php. change: to CODE I now have the click to view, but...... I get this: Any Help????????????? Raymond
  5. I think I found the problem. My order page shows this : Upload Picture: 49. Label1.jpg But when I look in the upload file it shows this: Upload Picture: 49Label1.jpg There seems to be a conflict in the file name. I have no Ideal how to fix this, but I think this is the problem. I hope some expert can give me a hand :D Thanks, Raymond
  6. Thanks for the code Travis. But for some reason it still does not work >_< I will keep pluging away at it :thumbsup:
  7. giftmaster

    PWA !!! mmm.....HELP

    Here is the orig code for checkout_sucess.php Try loading it and see what happends.
  8. giftmaster

    PWA !!! mmm.....HELP

    So the error is in check out success...... :o Do you have a un mod checkout_sucess.php file? Load it and see if the error goes away. I think it might be something else.
  9. giftmaster

    PWA !!! mmm.....HELP

    Change it to
  10. giftmaster

    PWA !!! mmm.....HELP

    No problem. can you post the error and your entire file?
  11. giftmaster

    fedex shipping module

    Which one?? And could you put a link on it.
  12. giftmaster

    Surepay Payment Mod

    I took it off test mode and went active. It works!!!! Please disregard post!!!!
  13. giftmaster

    Surepay Payment Mod

    Boy am I stuck, I have Surepay Payment mod on my site. I just got SSl and have the folowing error Curl error: 60 SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK Connection details: . I have checked the from and found little support. I think I need a real pro that undersands this part of the site ( I don't) :blush: . Thanks in advance, Raymond
  14. giftmaster

    PWA !!! mmm.....HELP

    It workes great on my site. Post you problem. :thumbsup: Raymond
  15. giftmaster

    Gallery integrated Contrubution

    Has anyone installed this contrubution? I'm running out of hair. :lol: Any help would be greatly appreciated. Raymond