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  1. Eventhough Slovakia will use EUR since January 2009, still the prices shall be shown both in EUR and SKK. And here is a problem I can't figure out. ALso I have not found any hint in this forum. The prices shall be show e.g.: SomeProduct 1,234.56 EUR 1 234,56 SKK Where can this be set?
  2. Tata

    SPAW rewrites code

    Well, I used it the whole time. But it means that integration of any WYSIWYG editor into the OSC is practically worthless. Am I wrong?
  3. Some of you know for sure what's wrong and how to get trough. When editting any of files (e.g. privacy.php) - as long as I am in the SPAW2, everything looks pretty. When I save the work and retutn to the Catalogue, The whole editted text resides above the Store and looks like this: <?php<B><Some heading>blablabla;?> What shall I do?
  4. Tata

    TinyMCE almost working

    One more question: How to use styles for files that are located in warious folders? Shall I use an absolute path to some special stylesheet.css?
  5. I went dozen of times trough this foroum and made dozen of times the installation of TinyMCE. I and was really positively surprised to see finaly the editor on my screen. Nothin else, not texts to edit. Switching to HTML I saw the whole PHP code. Then I found more posts as to what to change to see only the textare in the editor. But even if doing evrerything (again dozen of times) step-by-step, no positicve results. I call it quit. But I have another question: I made an empty.htm file and put it into all [language] folders. My intention was to open it in TinyMCE, write the content, then copy the content and insert it in HTML mode into the desired PHP file. WHY CAN'T I SEE THIS HTML FILE IN TinyMCE?