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  1. I used to have the "Where have you heard about us from" contribution installed on my website. Recently I installed the Password Without Account one and now I cannot have both. Coz if I enable the "WHYHAUF" contribution, as well as the PWA one, if someone is purchasing without account, the option to select where have they heard from doesn't appear and doesnt let them pass through. Could someone advise?
  2. Hi Skitties - this is excellent!!! Here's my client's site: www.lifestylelogic.com.au What he's after is that during the order process - when the client has clicked on BUY NOW on a product and the client is on the CART page - he wants to be able to lure clients on that page with related products so they can click on BUY NOW.... Coz right now - related products are only available on the product info pages. Can you suggest what would be the best way for me to achieve this? Thanks