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  1. benny4563

    USPS shipping module install

    I am having the same problem. Anybody have any suggestions?
  2. benny4563

    paypal advanced paypal payflow

    I have installed everything correctly for PayPal Advanced except I get this error when I try to pay for the cart: Some required information is missing or incorrect. Please correct the fields below and try again. Error: Invalid Merchant or Merchant doesn't exist! I know the merchant exists and the tech people at paypal don't have a problem and do not get the error. Any body have this problem?
  3. benny4563

    Cannot find a payment module for Paypal Advanced

    I have done everything correct and have the Paypal Payflow module showing. I have installed the module correctly and it will not accept the payment either through sandbox or real pay. I have had several conversations with PayPal integrators and they tell me I do not have something set correctly. I did an installation using PayPal Standard recently and it installed fine with no problems and is working like a charm. This client, however want to use PayPal Payments Advanced. If someone has run into this problem before I would appreciate any assistance.
  4. Has anyone installed PayPal Payments Advanced in 2.3.1. and make it work?
  5. benny4563

    Paypal doesn't charge client account (sandbox mode)

    Dennis, How did you set up Paypal Payments Advanced? I cannot get it to come up in the payments module in admin. Therefore I cannot setup the module to work. benny4563
  6. benny4563

    Cannot find a payment module for Paypal Advanced

    I have downloaded the files for the integration of PayPal Payflow Link and installed into oscommerce 2.3.1, but the module "Paypal Payflow" does not appear in the available modules. I have rechecked all entries and everything seems to be OK. I have established a paypal payflow advanced account and set up the sandbox. I can't seem to find out why the module does not appear under "payments" module. Here are the paypal modules that are under "payments": PayPal Express Checkout PayPal Website Payments Pro - Direct Payments PayPal Website Payments Pro (Payflow Edition) - Direct Payments Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. benny4563

    selecting international shipping method

    I found a partial solution. In the includes/modules/shipping/usps.php change 'First-Class Mail International' to First Class Mail International Package'. Notice the missing "-" dash, and the addition of the word Package. Apparently, USPS made a change and forgot to let everyone know about it. This also happened last year with the domestic when they change from capital letters to lower case. Hope this helps you. Meantime I am still looking for a total solution to the problem.
  8. Still having problems with international shipping. Regardless of which method is selected in the USPS how to ship menu, Global Express comes up. The domestic shipping works just fine. I have put the clients store on line with a disclaimer for International shipping. Anybody else having this problem? Thanks for any help.
  9. benny4563

    USPS Methods 4.3.0 Alpha - Need Help

    Here is a suggestion that may help: (Be sure to backup everything before you begin.) 1. Be sure to uninstall the USPS module in the admin panel 2. Delete the 4 program file in the USPS Methods instructions. 3. Upload the new usps.php programs (2) and the updated general.php programs (s) in their respective folders 4. Go back and reinstall the USPS module in the admin panel. 5. You should see the different methods you may select I am still having a problem when I try to run the program I receive an error "An error occurred with the USPS shipping calculations. If you prefer to use USPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner." I am looking for help to solve that problem. Let me know if you get the same results and I will you let you know when I get a solution.
  10. I am unable to select any shipping category except Global Express Guaranteed on International shipments. I click on any of the other radio buttons, but only the Global Express Guaranteed rate is added to the item. I talked with tech support at the USPS and everything looks good at their end. There must be others who have encountered this problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  11. benny4563

    Credit card

    Anybody had any experience with Sam's Club Gateway for accepting and processing credit cards?
  12. benny4563

    USPS Module Help Please!

    How do I do the update.sql?