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  1. Taking my courage in both hands - in the absence of comments - I have tested this solution and I'm please to say that it works. But you also need to comment out the second session destruction in checkout_success.php and the related deletion of the customer record and move them to the end of download.php I guess there may be some security exposure but it provides better usability to customers who have paid. If you have other products besides downloads I suggest that you will need to consider whether you can afford to loose the customer details.
  2. Nextwave I can confirm the same problem with the PWA and download contoller combination. It appears that the session destruction following the check for a Guest account - line 32 in my file - is the culprit. I propose to comment it out for now and add the check and the session destruction in download.php after the test for the matched combination of customer id from the session data held in the database and the order number and product id from the GET_VARS passed on from downloads.php . As a relatively inexperienced coder I'd welcome comments from others before stepping into this particular unknown.
  3. Hi I'd like to thank the contributors of this download controller and the contributors to this thread. Having worked through the instructions and the issues and hints documented here, I now have a download solution that tests OK, including the update process. I only have two issues remaining: The orders page in admin still produces jammerpro's error if there is no value in the order ID box - ameliorated by left aligning the boxes so you can see them when the error is generated. Has any one come up with a fix for this? The redirect approach to download still dosen't work - just sends about 1k and declares itself complete. The CHMOD settings are OK I think but I suspect I may need to speak to my host provider about that one - any other thoughts? Thanks again Tony
  4. a.sage

    Worldpay support III

    Hi After looking at the Download Contoller forum again I decided to risk it and concentrate on cracking that one. Result: I now seem to be through the WorldPay hurdles - with order and payment details being recorded correctly. Thanks to the contributors for a critical component of my store. Tony
  5. a.sage

    Worldpay support III

    Hi My set up uses MS2 and the following contributions: Advanced search - OK so far VAT - OK so far Currency Converter - also OK Custom Order Confirmation Email - not yet tested Downloads Controller - not yet tested Signup_Confirm_Email 2.2MS2 - OK so far Worldpay V4.0 - Version 1.4 Further research in the contribution forum for Download Contoller indicates that others have tackled this problem in the way I propose. I am testing by walking through the process and dealing with issues as they come up and dowload and order confirmation are next on the horizon - if there is a better strategy I'd be glad to hear about it. Thanks Tony
  6. a.sage

    Worldpay support III

    Hi I have installed the module and am busy testing with callback. WorldPay returns me to the checkout_process.php script and now I get the following error: 1054 - Unknown column 'new_value' in 'field list' insert into orders_status_history (orders_id, new_value, date_added, customer_notified) values ('1', '3', now(), '1') [TEP STOP] The relevant code is: $customer_notification = (SEND_EMAILS == 'true') ? '1' : '0'; $sql_data_array = array('orders_id' => $insert_id, 'new_value' => $my_default_orders_status_id, 'date_added' => 'now()', 'customer_notified' => $customer_notification); tep_db_perform(TABLE_ORDERS_STATUS_HISTORY, $sql_data_array); I cleared an earlier error like this by adding a comments field to the orders table but before I try that approach with 'new_value' in orders_status_history I thought I would check with you. Any help appreciated.