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  1. Hi there, I installed version 4.6 of Extra pages-info box w/ admin, which worked fine, and then the client asked for a WYSIWYG editor. So having seen an FCKeditor add-on listed further down the page for the contrib, I decided to try that. I had no trouble installing FCKeditor itself, or the modification for using it in product descriptions, on which it apparently depends. But when I opened the file with the instructions for adding it to Extra Pages, it referred to making changes in a file called admin > page_manager, which the Extra Pages contrib does not include. I tried searching for the code it referred to in extra_info_pages.php, but none of it was there. Then I tried doing a global search across the entire osCommerce installation I was working on, including nested folders. It wasn't anywhere. My best guess is that the FCKeditor add-on for Extra Pages was meant for an earlier version of the contrib, which has no evolved to a point where it's completely different from the version the instructions were written for. Does anyone know if instructions exist anywhere for adding FCKeditor to the current version of Extra Pages? Or should I be looking at something else entirely, like maybe the TinyMCE add-on instead? Would that work with Extra Pages? It says it will work with all textarea fields, but I'm not sure if that includes fields in other add-on contributions, or just the ones in osCommerce itself.
  2. spidersilk

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    OK -- so basically, it's what lets you pick and choose in the admin which methods to offer? If that's the case, then this is starting to make some sense -- maybe UPS Standard was the only one of the methods I picked that was available in Canada, so with exclude_choices on, it only showed that, but with it off, it showed several methods I did not pick... Seems strange that it would be so -- I'm in Canada, and I think the original author is Canadian, isn't he? At least, I seem to recall from the Read Me that he used a Canada Post module for part of it, and that one of the reasons for this modules creation was that the UPS module that comes with osCommerce doesn't work in Canada. But possibly some of the methods listed are US-specific, and were put in more for American users... I guess I need to check with UPS and see. Thanks, I'll try that. Maybe... I did put in my test orders using my own address, and while I'm not in exactly the same city as the store, I am in a neighbouring city (I'm in Toronto; they're in a suburb, basically). Well, this is all starting to make some kind of sense, or at least point in the direction of making sense. I will check with UPS to see if all the methods listed are supported here or not, and in the meantime try making some test orders with further-away addresses to see if that affects the delivery date. Thanks for your help!
  3. spidersilk

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Um... This may be an "of course" to you, but I don't quite understand. Those are the shipping methods I have selected in the admin, but they are quoting me on completely different methods. Have they just changed what they were offering since the module was written, so that different code numbers or whatever they use to distinguish the methods now refer to different things, or changed the names of the methods, or what? Is there a way to update things so that the methods in the admin match what UPS is actually quoting on? OK, I've enabled logging, and apparently the missing method is UPS Expedited. There is a Worldwide Expedited listed in the admin, but it's not selected. For that matter, there is an Express Saver and a Next Day Air Early A.M. listed in the admin, but they're not selected either, and it seems to be quoting me on them, but not on what I did select. Is there some way I can get things synched up? Do I just have to select all the methods in the admin because that's the only way to make sure I get the methods I do want? Also, just to make things more confusing, all the methods seem to be returning the exact same shipping date, which seems to defeat the point of offering multiple methods at different prices. BTW, there are no errors listed in the UPS response except this, near the very top: <Error> <ErrorSeverity>Warning</ErrorSeverity> <ErrorCode>270035</ErrorCode> <ErrorDescription>Please note that the ship date been changed</ErrorDescription> </Error> Not sure exactly what that means -- it only showed up one of my test transactions, not all of them. I've done a little more checking on that, and I think I may have an idea. Those two quotes did come from two separate products, but with very similar weights, and in fact, the one that got the $10.48 quote weights slightly more -- 5.19 kg as opposed to 5.09 kg. Just now I put in another test order with the 5.09 kg product now that exclude_choices is off (still not sure what that function does, exactly), and still got $23.28 for UPS Standard, but now all the other methods show up, with proportionately varying prices. However, the base shipping price still seems higher for the 5.09 kg item than the 5.19 kg item. I'm wondering -- is insurance or something factored into the shipping price, in such a way that a more expensive item will incur a higher shipping cost than a less expensive one of the same or slightly greater weight? That's the one thing I can think of that could explain this -- the 5.09 kg item is significantly more expensive than the other. I checked the log and it does show a similar "TransportationCharges" for the two items, but much higher "ServiceOptionsCharges" for the more expensive item, and the output from the module to UPS (at least, that's what I'm assuming the first part, that is broken into separate lines, is) did include the monetary cost of the item. So I'm guessing a more expensive item incurs higher insurance costs?
  4. spidersilk

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    I am having a problem similar to the one PopTheTop reported back in May - the UPS XML module is working, but only one UPS shipping method (Standard) is showing up, despite my having five methods (Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, Ground, Worldwide Express, Standard) enabled in the admin. Also, the price it lists for standard seems inordinately high (around $23 for A 5kg package). I tried what was suggested earlier in the thread, commenting out the exclusion of choices (around line 238): // BOF limit choices // if (!exclude_choices($type)) continue; // EOF limit choices And then it showed more methods, but they don't seem to quite match up to what was selected in the admin, and one of them is blank - it has a price and a radio button, but no name: UPS Standard, 2005-09-07 $10.48 (blank line) $11.17 UPS Express Saver, 2005-09-07 $11.77 UPS Express Early A.M. $43.53 UPS Express, 2005-09-07 $17.47 So now I have more methods, but the aren't the same ones I picked in the admin, one of them's blank, and the price for UPS Standard is wildly different. Anyone have any idea what might be going on here? If it helps, I'm using version 1.1.4, not using dimension support, and I have made no modifications to the module except for the one listed above (commenting out the exclude_choices line). I think my version of osCommerce is 2.2ms2.
  5. spidersilk

    Newsletter & Subscribtion for MS2

    Like a lot of people (judging by reading through this forum), I had major problems installing this contribution. Tons of PHP errors, some of which are the same ones others have reported and some which are not. I tried applying some of the fixes posted here, which just generated new and different errors, and eventually, after a few hours of fighting with it, I gave up and restored all the files from a backup. :( I just don't have time for endless hours of troubleshooting on this, considering that the hours of work I put into this store have already surpassed twice what I quoted on the project, so I long ago stopped getting paid for this. What I would like to know now is: is there any other contribution, hopefully a more stable one, which can allow people to subscribe to a newsletter without registering for an account? Or should I go to a third-party solution that's not integrated with osCommerce, as some people seem to have done? My client wants a little subscribe box in the footer of every page on the site, and ideally I'd like that to go into the same subscriber list as ticking the newsletter box on the account signup page, but if it can't be made to happen, then it can't... But if it can, without all the errors this contribution generates, I'd love to hear about it!