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  1. duh.. It's work! Thank you so much.. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  2. Downloads Controller Order Status Value Downloads Controller Order Status Value - Default=10 My set is 14 What should I add when my setting in orders_status_id is 11 Download Now Available 12 Updated
  3. in Table: orders : orders_status are ok and match 11 or 12 when I switch it. Why in user/cuctomer still NOTE: Downloads are not available until payment has been confirmed
  4. I just play around due I have not see any confirm payment link. That one I'm using Credit Card payment and using test number. Maybe it's not working with Credit Card module either? any comment?
  5. Everything was ok but In Customer Order History NOTE: Downloads are not available until payment has been confirmed Event in admin I was Date Added Customer Notified Status Comments 03/01/2007 17:02:30 True Pending 03/01/2007 17:04:06 True Processing 03/01/2007 17:04:12 True Delivered 03/01/2007 17:04:35 True Download Now Available 03/01/2007 17:05:16 True Updated Please help.. thanks :)
  6. Sorry it's in #5.. I've chnage this already only a bit confiused on #6.. Is that nessesary to do both? (for batter make sure I think?) Thanks in advance.
  7. Ok I understand this by changing Set Order Status Set the status of orders made with this payment module to this value From Default to 'Download Now Available' but where I can find this ? where is orders_status_id located? Thank you so much sir!
  8. Yes, I'm using 2CheckOut and for test using Cash on Delivery but Cash on Delivery won't appear when I installed. Please advise. Thanks
  9. Hi all, Thanks for the great module but I'm not understand #6 from Super_Download_Shop_v1.0/Install.html can some one explain what actually I need to do. Thanks in advance.
  10. everything working perfect except the box hav limitations see this Region 1 States/Countries Catalunya Region 1 Shipping Table 1:5.50,1.50:8.00,2:9.50,2.50:12.00,3:13.50,3.50:16,4:17.50,4.5:20,5:21.50,5.50:2 4,6:25.50,6.50:28,7:29.50,7.50:32,8:33.50,8.50:36,9:37.50,9.50:40,10:41.50,10.50: 44,11:45.50,11.50:48,12:49.50,12.50:52,13:53.50,13.50:56,14:57.50,14.50:60,15:61. 50,15.50:64,1 Original (Region 1 Shipping Table) should be 1:5.50,1.50:8.00,2:9.50,2.50:12.00,3:13.50,3.50:16,4:17.50,4.5:20,5:21.50,5.50:2 4,6:25.50,6.50:28,7:29.50,7.50:32,8:33.50,8.50:36,9:37.50,9.50:40,10:41.50,10.50: 44,11:45.50,11.50:48,12:49.50,12.50:52,13:53.50,13.50:56,14:57.50,14.50:60,15:61. 50,15.50:64,16:65.50,16.50:68,17:69.50,17.50:72,18:73.50,18.50:76,19:77.50,19.50: 80,20:81.50 i can enter the original value but when submit and the result shown on "Region 1 Shipping Table" it's mean there is a limitions on this box.. anyway how to solve this limitions things or any batter idea?
  11. oh sorry i din't notice that CSS readme add this to my setting and working great! DIV.centerpage { width: 770px; position: absolute; left: 50%; top: 0; margin-left: -385px; border-style: double; } original readme
  12. good one! working great but then i need to put box like or border tothis css.. is it posibble? thanks
  13. hi all, i just wondering how to make this if No Shipping Method at Delivery Information (checkout_shipping.php) page entered (maybe the zone/state/country) not listed at shipping module (or we don't want to send to that zone/state/country) how to disable continue button? or maybe can proceed but redirect to other page or event error notice at that page. really need help. thank you