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    Site Search Plus

    The Golden Rule is.........Don't Panic........ The upshot was all about looking too close and missing the big picture. It all came down to neglecting to put advanced_search_result.php at the top of the tree. No surprise that there was nothing to find when the essential reference was missing !! Many thanks for your speedy reply, as ever. This contrib opens up such a wealth of opportunity for customers to really dig around and actually find items that are often described in great detail, but whose title does not include the search term they use, I cannot thank you enough. Kind Regards Martyn
  2. bargainbox

    Site Search Plus

    Gosh, just posted itself..so to conclude... anyway All a search returns now, is an blank page with : "No input file specified." I went through the install again and same result, so would be grateful of an idea of where to start looking for conflict, missing line, missing php file...anything to be going on would be appreciated. Many Thanks Martyn
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    Site Search Plus

    Hi I thought I had installed to Jack's specs.....having saved a backup....BUT, seems file modification is excempt from the backup, just saves data, orders, customer details etc, so whenI tried to roll back, it did not work. I now have this