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  1. I've installed the contribution and it works fine so far. The only problem I'm facing is that when I'm editing a product the Quantity Price Breaks fields (Price levels and from) are blank so I have to write everything from scratch and it gets really annoying especially when I have lot's of products to edit. I've checked and double checked the code in admin>categories.php and it's correct. Any suggestions?
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    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    any ideas anyone?
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    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    Hi guys and thanks for the great module! I've installed it and works great and I was able to modify it to my needs. I've run into a problem though, that I'm not even sure that it's the modules fault. The external links always send me to the index page of my shop. Is that something to do with the module or something to do with a problem to the redirect.php? Thanks!
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    Bundled products

    Great contribution! I've installed the module and it seems to be working great with no problems so far. The only issue I have with it, relates with the product images...It would be great if the images of the products that make the bundle, could appear automatically instead of uploading a new image. The buy two module seems to be working like that, and produces to small images that appear next to each other. I tried using the code there, but it was beyond my skills. Has anyone tried or is willing to try it? This must be one of the most useful contributions so far for os commerce!!