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  1. vourlismenos

    Order Editor for

    I've been trying to use the editor on my eshop (2.3.1) but I just can't make it work... I'm using the saiSoftIndia 8 Aug 2011 for http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7844 but nothing works. I've also tried the kornel76 16 Apr 2014 change and also the versio by Tsimi but no luck... Nothing updated. Tried also without ajax and again nothing... I fill in the new details and then what :/
  2. I'm trying to update a few things on an old oscommerce site (2.2) and I've added this contribution. I'm having problems with facebook share. It works mostly ok, but it doesn't take into account the site's language. It displays the shared information only in the language defined as default in the admin... any ideas?
  3. I see lot's of people have the same problem, with the attribute stock not subtracting while the actual stock does... no definite solutions?
  4. stin idia geitonia kai oi dio :) Yeah don't worry about the files, it works for me anyway :) If you can pull this off, then oscommerce should replace their product/categories admin with yours :) Very well done!!!
  5. Γειa σου πaτριώτη :) You are right, tbl_ajax.php is included in the ext/tbl/ but if you add define('FILENAME_TABLEDATA', 'tbl.php'); define('FILENAME_TBL_AJAX', 'tbl_ajax.php'); in admin/includes/filenames.php as the instructions say, won't it be looking for it in the catalog/admin? At least that's how I understand it, and if I remember, it didn't work completely without me copying the file there. Maybe I'm mistaken, but it doesn't really matter :) -------- The way oscommerce works, you can add a stock quantity to a product. For example when you have a shirt you can add stock = 3. When you add attributes though, you can have a shirt with options "blue" "red" "green" (one of each = stock 3). When someone buys the green shirt, then the green shirt should be out of stock and the stock now should be 2. By default osscomerce can't do this. QTPRO (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7786) does that, and there is also an ajax attribute manager (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7786) that works along with QTPRO. I find these contributions too buggy and too difficult to use in an actual store with many products. If you can add that to you system it would be amazing! Maybe a future addition :)
  6. Hi John (Γιάννη) amazing work! just two things: In your instructions file you mention in step3: STEP 3: Add to admin/includes/filenames.php define('FILENAME_TABLEDATA', 'tbl.php'); define('FILENAME_TBL_AJAX', 'tbl_ajax.php'); you are not including the second file in the zip file (unless I'm mistaken). I had to use the one from the previous version. Also is there a way to combine quantity/stock with the attributes? like qtpro from example?
  7. I'm using qtpro with oscommerce 2.3 (and ajax attribute manager) Everything works fine, but in case I delete an order, the "restock product" option is not working. The product remains "not published" Also when I receive the order and go to the "orders" in the admin side, I get a qtpro warning "Warning: There are 1 sick products in the database. Please visit the QTPro doctor." related to the product that is ordered If I go to the qtpro doctor I get this: The stock quantity summary is NOT ok This means that the current summary of this products quantity, which is in the database, isn't the value we get if we calculates it from scratch right now. The current summary stock is: 0 If we calculates it we get: 1 The options stock is ok This means that the database entries for this product looks the way they should. No options are missing in any row. No option exist in any row where it should not. Total number of stock entries this product has: 1 Number of messy entries: 0 The attribute quantity remains for some reason? I suppose that both problems are related because when I delete the order, the qtpro warning dissapears but the product remains out of stock and stays unpublished Have I missed something in the installation or is there something else wrong? Any ideas?
  8. Now it works again, without me doing anything. I think it has something to do with some problems I was having with persistent osCsid
  9. any ideas? :/ I'm using security pro, but that doesn't seem to be causing the problem. I've tried disabling it, and still the same happens. What is confusing is, that when I first installed it, it worked fine and I've tested it. I can't remember what else I've installed since then, but I don't think that there can by anything that interferes.
  10. also I noticed in the google login (this one works), the window that opens, doesn't close after the login in order to redirect my main window, but it loads the success message in there... you can test here: http://www.walkincloset.gr/login.php
  11. I got back to the development of my site after a long time, and I now see that the facebook login does not work. I get a redirect loop. Google login works fine. The strange thing is that when I first installed the addon sometime ago, both worked. I tried clearing my cookies but did not work. Any ideas?
  12. vourlismenos

    Product listing

    It seems that I had missed the extra part in the installation about the product_info file for oscommerce 2.3.x Sorry for wasting your time, and thank you for wasting it :)
  13. vourlismenos

    Product listing

    @@14steve14 unfortunately I have to be able to cope with two different dimensions. It's just not possible to rely only on one, and it will also save a lot of time later on, because we won't have to edit the images. @@thejudge99 this could be it. I'll try it and get back to you. Thanks
  14. vourlismenos

    Product listing

    that has been done quite a few times and is not working. The main image is fine, the smaller thumbnails for the extra images just stretch :/
  15. vourlismenos

    Product listing

    Yeah I had something different in mind, that I thought about it and decided that was useless anyway. I did use your modification and works fine, but I have a small issue. I don't know if it's something that doesn't work or some other modification that affects it. Basically I have vertical and horizontal images. The thumbnails of the horizontal images are stretched (the height) in order to occupy the same height as the vertical ones. Any ideas?