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  1. reformedman

    Contribution Issue

    How do I link the font of the inside text of the box, with the other boxes? What line of code must I change to make this new info box get its font characteristics from the css line of the rest of my site?
  2. How do I change the font size for this contrib?
  3. reformedman

    [contribution] Print Order Receipt

    Could you be any more specific? Example perhaps?
  4. I noticed that many people that installed this contrib have the blacking out of the site, before the animation starts. Mine has the animation start before it blacks out, what am I doing wrong?
  5. reformedman

    Easy Populate Headaches

    In the admin section of ep you will see on the right side; all the settings that your config file for ep has. These are listed to your right side of admin under ep. Mine are similar to his. You might consider copying them. Aside from what he said with the dbase there is also something that I could recommend you check. With me the problem I had is the cell separators which the default ones dont work with the spanish language very well so I had to choose another method. If you read the php file very carefully as the instructions say you should, you will have known about the options of which the previous poster mentioned and what I also am referring to. Just read it and you will understand. The table situation should still has to be looked at.
  6. reformedman

    Super Contact us enhancement 1.0

    This is what I have in phpmyadmin. Could you tell me step by step what I need to do? localhost * Server version: 5.0.27-standard * Protocol version: 10 * Server: Localhost via UNIX socket * User: distch@localhost * MySQL charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8) * MySQL connection collation: * Create new database: Documentation No Privileges * Show MySQL runtime information * Show MySQL system variables Documentation * Processes Documentation * Character Sets and Collations * Storage Engines * Databases * Export * Import * Log out Info phpMyAdmin - * MySQL client version: 4.1.22 * Used PHP extensions: mysql * Language Info: * Theme / Style: * Font size: * phpMyAdmin documentation * phpMyAdmin wiki * Official phpMyAdmin Homepage * [ChangeLog] [subversion] [Lists] What's my first move?
  7. reformedman

    Super Contact us enhancement 1.0

    I'm stuck on step 1. I don't know phpymyadmin. Run the following MySQL query in phpMyadmin, or use the contact.sql file provided with this contribution. If you want the explanation in your admin area in german us the new file cantact_german.sql INSERT INTO configuration SET configuration_title='Set "Contact Us" Email List', date_added=NOW(), sort_order='11', configuration_group_id='1', configuration_key='CONTACT_US_LIST', configuration_value= '', configuration_description='On the "Contact Us" Page, set the list of email addresses , in this format: Name 1 <email@address1>, Name 2 <email@address2>', use_function = NULL , set_function = NULL; Alternative for german shops: INSERT INTO configuration SET configuration_title='Set "Contact Us" Email List', date_added=NOW(), sort_order='11', configuration_group_id='1', configuration_key='CONTACT_US_LIST', configuration_value= '', configuration_description='Einstellen der Empfänger-Email- Adressen für die Kontakt-Seite. Bitte dieses Format verwenden: Name 1 <email@address1>, Name 2 <email@address2>', use_function = NULL , set_function = NULL; Anyone have time to help on msn?
  8. reformedman

    Future use of this forum

    I've noticed by browsing that some things are not as they appear. I go to a php file according to a post and I don't find the code that the poster shows. Then researching further I am saddened to find that it was an earlier version of osc. I have two solutions to this problem: A. I suggest making a primary category to this forum which will take you to the different versions of osc according to what you need. It would be a front page taking the place of the url "http://www.forums.oscommerce.com". B. The other way to do it is to have a drop down list in the "New Post" wysiwig so that while a person is posting a new post, they can select which version they are speaking about or referring to. It would be a required selection of 1. blank (which will fail the 'submit' unless you select something) 2. ms1 3. rc1 4. ms2 5. all etc Both of these suggestions I have seen implemented succesfully in other professionally run forums. Both solutions work fine. Some solution is needed because it gets tedious applying something you find to your osc and then it turns out to corrupt your osc in some way and then you have to restore your backup again and again; when in the first place, if you had seen that it was for ie:ms2, you wouldn't have done it.
  9. Is there a contribution for offering a discount on a manufacturer across the board on all that manufacturer's products? I need it done in the form of "percent" not a flat dollar amount.
  10. I am moving a website from one domain to another but I can't do a blanket full move because some of my files have been corrupted. I want to use easy populate so I uploaded the ep-contrib to each server and set identical configurations on both sites. They are identical in every way. When I BUILD A FILE and download it to my desktop, I then UPLOAD AND IMPORT EP FILE from the desktop to my new server. Instead of 317 total products being sent, I only get 211. Where did the rest go? I am missing some categories and a whole mess of products! I have tried a lot of different combinations to see if there is a bug. I read through the manual and have been working on this for the past two days and 14 hours. SOMEONE PLEASE PLEASE HELP! I am dying here! Someone please help.
  11. reformedman

    How Do You Make The Popup Image Bigger

    This worked like a charm, thank you wotsupdoc.
  12. reformedman

    How Do You Make The Popup Image Bigger

    As the post above mentioned, the popup image is simply the size that you uploaded with. You are asking for a work-around to change it through programming and I believe it can be done. If I knew which file has to be altered I think I could do it, and I hope that someone will think of adding this contribution soon. I have a question related to this--Whether one is able to create that work-around or just keep the original size of the image, my question is --how do you change the window size? My scanned images are all set to 400x600, I sell books. When the popup window shows up, it always shows cutting off the bottom of the image. I need a window about 405x605 to ensure that I get some margin space all around. I think this is something everybody could use. Also, I wonder if anyone knows how to make the popup window appear dead center of the clients screen, not off to one side? The would be very appreciated by myself and many people also.