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  1. I probably wasn't clear. I know how to use hooks. My confusion is with trying to understand what the purpose of that statement is for. For example, let's say I normally include a require('some file') statement after the html_output statement. That would take one line. If I have to register and call the hook, it is two lines. The count doesn't matter. The point is that there doesn't seem to be an advantage in using it at that point in the code. I assumed that adding the hook there would prevent changes to the core code but that doesn't seem to be the case. Is that correct? I could see it would be useful if I was adding a large block of code there but for one line changes, it probably isn't. I'm not criticizing it being there - just trying to make sure I understand it.
  2. @burtIn one of the upgrades you added a call to hooks in the aaplication_top after the require('includes/functions/html_output.php'); statement. I'm wondering if am missing something in my understanding of hooks. I thought you had to initialize and call them. Is that not correct? If I add a hook to the hooks/shop/ directory it doesn't get called. So am I doing something wrong or just not understanding the use?
  3. Jack_mcs

    Gift Vouchers Secure

    I've not ran across this problem. My guess is it has to do with the php version you are running. Those versions of oscommerce should run on php 5.4 without any issues to so I suggest making that change. I don't have a test shop here with this addon installed that will run with php 5.3 so I can't test it. But it might also be the version of the files you are using. The latest changes are only for shops that can load modules. Your shop should be able to do that but not the 2.3.1. If you have used code from the non-CE versions in the package, you may have unfinished code since not all of that was updated, as I recall.
  4. Jack_mcs

    Gift Vouchers Secure

    This is a new version of the long-standing Gift Vouchers addon. It is named "secure" because the previous versions, at least the ones I am familiar with, have a large number of security holes in them. All of those have been plugged in this version and other changes made to further the security. This version also has features other versions don't have. Here are some of the major points of this version: Apply to specific customers. Apply to specific products. Apply to specific categories. Apply to specific manufacturers. Include or Exclude options for products, categories and manufacturers. Date is set by jquery date picker so it doesn't expire. Show only certain coupons in admin display. Sortable columns in admin display. This can be used to replace existing installations but not directly. There are some changes that are needed beyond a normal installation. I have documented those as much as I can but due to the number of versions of Gift Vouchers, I can't cover them all. This version is mainly written for the CE version with the modular checkout addon by @raiwainstalled. It will work in other versions but the instructions are not complete, though using a compare program should work.
  5. Jack_mcs

    Frozen: tep_draw_button problem

    I think this will work echo tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_CONTINUE, 'fa fa-angle-right', tep_href_link('index.php'), null, array('type'=>'button','newwindow'=>'1'), null );
  6. I suggest moving all of the box definitions in admin's english.php file into module files. The code is already in place for that and, to me, makes more sense to use it. The attached contains and edited english.php file and all of the files for the standard boxes. admin_boxes.zip
  7. Jack_mcs

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    If you have the SEO_ENABLED setting set to true, then you may need to change the tep_href_link to tep_catalog_href_link. If not, the only thing I can think of is that your shop is not set up to work fully with ssl. Be sure there is redirect code in the roots .htaccess file to redirect to https.
  8. Jack_mcs

    Header Tags SEO

    This is the support thread for the new Header Tags SEO contribution. It is based on the Header Tags Controller but is not compatible. Why the new name? There are a couple of reasons for this. First, so much has changed in the code that it is mostly a different package and maintaining it would be difficult if it were considered just an update. But beyond that, a lot of people mistakenly confuse the Header Tags Controller as just a meta tags handler. It is that but has gone beyond that basic function for some time now. So to compare it to the other meta tags contributions is just wrong. And I should say here that if all you are looking for is a way to handle the meta tags of your shop, you should not install this contribution since it is definitely overkill. But when you consider that the keywords meta tag is rarely used by google at all nowadays, I can't imagine why someone would want to install a package that relied on that tag so much. And that is the real reason for the new name. This contribution is the only one of its kind to tie together so many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tricks, that the new namejust made sense. What's the difference? The following are the major changes (or the ones I could remember) in this new contribution: -> The code is 100% langage compliant. -> Removed the english/header_tags.php file in favor of database entries. -> Fixed a bug introduced in a previous version. A spelling mistake would make Page Control fail in some cases. I only mention this here because it was a nasty little bug I could never locate. So anyone having that problem should consider upgrading. -> Added control options to admin->Configuration. -> Added additional meta tag options. It is doubtful these will be used that much but a number of requests were received for this option so it was added. -> Added an option to view the title and meta tags on the actual web page from admin. -> Added Social Bookmark code. -> Added code to apply mouseover text to the sites logo - unique for each page. -> Added code to have the breadcrumb use the header tags titles. -> Added an exclude list in admin/includes/functions/header_tags.php that prevents header tags code from being added to certain files (like checkout pages). This is because those pages don't need tags and excluding them will simplify matters. -> Added option to Page Control and Fill Tags so that the keywords can be dynamically generated from the pages on the site. Currently, the code only supports single keywords but I plan on changing that. There is an option in admin to only pick keywords that fall within the keyword density settings. -> Added an automatic page add feature. You still have to edit the actual file in the root but that's all. -> Added easy install instruction for STS shops. There is just one change to make and the two contribution work together. -> Added code to have the new features work with BTS based shops. There may be a few cases where an option doesn't work due to how BTS handles the files, but they should be minimal and not anything to cause a great stir. -> Changed how title, description and keywords are built. This should provide more flexibility for those that want that option. Each item has a sort order and is displayed in the string of text based on that sort order. So, for example, the title of a page can contain some entered text, the default title and the category and manufacturers names (if applicable), in any order. -> Added an Un-Install file to completely remove Header Tags from the database. This should make testing and troubleshooting easier. -> Added code to use curl instead of standard php file calls. The code will try curl first and then switch to a file command if it is not present. -> Tested in MS2, RC2, STS and BTS shops. Special thanks to the following for their suggestions: bkellum java roasters surfalot A lot of time went into creating this contribuiton. I hope it proves useful. Jack
  9. Jack_mcs

    Header Tags SEO

    Yes, it will. The problem is that much of the code for the shop side needs to be changed to modules or hooks. I have done some already but it takes a lot of time so I'm not sure when it will be ready.
  10. Jack_mcs

    Information Pages SEO addon

    Yes, it will work. There are some problems with the released version that will still be there but they won't stop it from working. I'll release an update with those fixes but it might be a month or so.
  11. This addon allows the easy creation and handling of pages from within admin as well as a way to manage text on any page in the shop. It is based on the Information Pages Unlimited addon that has been around for years. While much of the code is different in this version, I wanted to keep the compatibility with the original version, thus the similar name. NOTE: There are three sets of files in this package, for different versions of oscommerce. The BS version is the only one that has all of the new features. The other two versions are improvements over the original code but nowhere near that which is in the BS version. So any instructions or descriptions may apply to the other versions but are mainly meant for the BS version. This version fixes many coding mistakes in the other version and adds many new features making it easier to use and more powerful. Some of the features are: - Has a Box ID setting that allows you to control where the link to the page shows up. So, for example, if there are four footer modules installed, each could have links specific to them. - A link can have sub-links (currently only available in the included module). So there could be a main link for widgets and sub-links for various kinds of widgets. There are two advantages to this: first, it takes up less room when there are many links and, second, the search engines will still be able to get to the pages.- There is a quick view button to allow displaying the page in a browser to check the changes. - There are quick fill options that allows categories and products to be added to a page with just a short statement. For example, if your site sells automobile parts and you are creating a new page about tires, you just need to type in PNAME(tires)PNAME and links for all of the products in your shop with tires in the name will be added to the page. See the Notes section on the editor page for additional methods. - Allows setting the browser title and meta tags while editing the page in admin (only if Header Tags SEO is installed).
  12. Jack_mcs

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Thank you for posting the code. It may be useful to others.
  13. Jack_mcs

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    @Adam_MaynardSee my email. @bitit.itThe code tries to figure out which php version is being used. I looks like it thinks you are using a version that used MySQL. Try changing this line in the googlefeeder.php file $myfetch_mysql = ($use_mysqli ? mysqli_fetch_object : mysql_fetch_object); to $myfetch_mysql = mysqli_fetch_object;
  14. Jack_mcs

    View Counter

    This is the support thread for View Counter. View Counter provides a way to monitor and control what's going on in your shop. If you are familiar with the Who's Online addon, then this can be thought of as Who's Online on steroids. Most shop owners are not aware of the number of search bots, crawlers and skimmers that visit their shops on a daily basis. Some are useful but most are not. All they do is use the accounts bandwidth and slow the server down. This program provides a way to see and control them. Some of its functions are: - View who's on the shop, including visitors and search bots. - View a history of the IP's that have visited and how often. - View the pages in the shop that have been visited and how many times each was visited. - View the pages in the shop that have not been visited. - Look up the DNS data for anyone on the shop. - Ban by an IP, range of IP's or a domain name. - Kick someone off the site and display a warning message. - Send someone a message that is currently on your site. - Trap IP's that do not follow the robots file directive. - Ban IP's that change the url's to cause damage (hackers). - Much more and growing. View Counter is compatible with all versions of oscommerce. I would like to extend my special thanks to Steve, aka Altoid, for the assistance he provided in testing this addon. His ability to notice things I missed, along with his valuable suggestions for improvements, resulted in a much better program than I initially had written. Thanks Steve. :)
  15. Jack_mcs

    Sitemap SEO

    I don't know but probably not, at least completely. For any older addon that displays something on a page of the shop, a change is needed to properly work with BS4, though sometimes the page will load fine without it. But this addon would change too many core files so I wouldn't recommend using it until that has been changed. I don't know when that will be.
  16. Jack_mcs

    Sitemap SEO

    This contribution fixes many of the deficiencies of the other sitemap contributions. It has been tested in MS2 and RC2 shops but should run in any variation of oscommerce. All settings are controlled via admin. It has the following following features. - Displays all pages and boxes - no missing links or text - Displays categories, with or without products - Displays manufacturers, with or without products - Links can be sorted - Links can be excluded - Links can be set to show for registered customers only - Sections of links can be sorted - Sections of links can be excluded - Sections of links can be set to show for registered customers only - All links have configurable anchor text - All links have configurable alternate display names - All sections of links can be placed anywhere on the sitemap page via admin - Supports Articles Manager Infopages Page Manager Jack
  17. At line 1883 in the includes/classes/seo,class.php filem change continue; to continue 2;
  18. It seems like every other question posted nowadays is about how to upgrade an older version of oscommerce and the op usually references the official version. This post is meant to provide a quick reference for how to convert an older shop to the current, recommended, one. First, the version that should be used is commonly called the Bootstrap, BS or Responsive version. It can be located here. One should not use the official version. The official version can be installed via the hosts control panel so it is easy to think that is the one to use - it is not. Since the BS version is not directly compatible with other versions, the following steps will be needed: Install the BS version into a new location Convert the database. See this thread for help with that. Install whatever addons the site needs. You need to be sure the addon will work with the BS version. This thread mentions specific ones but there are many others that will work. If in doubt, ask in the support thread for the addon in question. If you intend to use paypal, then install the Paypal App. At this point you should have a working shop. Test it thoroughly, especially the payment and shipping modules, before going live with it. When you are ready to go live, Mark your current shop as down for maintenance ( a simple index.html file is fine for this purpose ). Make a backup of the current shops database and files. Convert the database to the BS version. Replace all of the files with the new shops files. Edit the configure files so they work as the live shop. Remove the blocking page. If everything has gone correctly, the conversion should be complete.
  19. Jack_mcs

    Category Problem for update.

    @alexiscruz007You can ask your host to enable short tags in php. As @bonbec mentioned, it is not the best practice but it is a quick way around the problem if you don't know how to edit the code.
  20. Jack_mcs


    @bitit.itThe code checks if the product in the review has an active status and if the review has an active status. Assuming your products are all enabled and active, the problem might be that your reviews don't have a reviews_status field. Older versions of oscommerce didn't have that field so you may need to add it to the table.
  21. Jack_mcs


    There are many versions of oscommerce and they are not all coded the same way. When it isn't known what version is being used, I, and others, can only guess at what the problem might be. In Phoenix, there is a Reviews module in the Modules->Navbar modules section, Do you have that enabled?
  22. Jack_mcs


    It's difficult for anyone to help since your question doesn't include any details. First, you should always state the version of oscommerce you are using (see my signature on how to do that). Then, how did the reviews get in the database? I can only assume you have replaced the original shop and the new one isn't showing them but that would just be guessing.
  23. Jack_mcs

    OSC and .htaccess

    It's because the path to the .htpasswd file is different between the two servers. The easy fix is to rest the password for the popup login in your control panel. But you could also edit the admin/.htaccess file and change the path to the correct one for the new server.
  24. Jack_mcs

    HoneyPot Captcha

    This addon prevents multiple emails from being sent through the forms on the site by adding a hidden challenge. Sending emails through the forms is a favorite thing to do by spammers. This has traditionally been handled by Googles Recaptcha code but that causes too much of a challenge in many cases and can easily frustrate your customers. This code doesn't present a challenge for the customer at all. The checking is done without the customer even knowing it. The code will work in any version of oscommerce but the instructions are just for the Community Edition and just for the contact us page (due to time constraints).
  25. Jack_mcs

    HoneyPot Captcha

    If you can't save the words, then something is wrong with your installation. The bad words is just another setting so there's no reason why one setting won't save but others will. But since you said this has not made a difference, I am wondering if you have the email and url options set to false. If they are set to true then spam emails won't be blocked. Have you tried sending an email with the contact us page that has an email address in it?