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  1. USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    crimble crumble - I don't think this is related to the USPS module. I recently had this same problem with a site except it was showing a "z". That letter is the first letter of the shipping module. In my case it was Zones. The probably only happened with the paypal express module and only when it was clicked without logging in. I didn't troubleshoot it since my client decided to switch to the paypal standard module instead. So this isn't much help but might get you looking in the correct location. Maybe the option in express settings in admin to allow picking shipping options is causing the problem?
  2. Using more than one PayPal module at the same time

    Many customers prefer to pay with their paypal account. You can't assume they will see the paypal button on the shopping cart page. What happens if they click the Checkout link in the header without looking at the shopping cart page? In that case, the customer would assume you only offer one payment method. If their credit card is at its limit and they can't use their paypal account, you lose the order.
  3. Using more than one PayPal module at the same time

    Assuming you have the paypal app installed, the express module must be installed in order to use the pro module. Since they are both enabled, both will display on the checkout payment page. This shouldn't cause any confusion though you may want to change the wording for the modules to something like "Pay with Credit Card" and "Pay through Your Paypal Account".
  4. Networking databases?

    It is best to block unwanted IP's at the server level when possible, though that requires more of the shop owners time. The latest version of View Counter can block IP's automatically, if they enter into the trap directory - and most will. The auto-blocking code can tell if the IP belongs to a search bot so it is safe to use.
  5. Paypal express, in the App, doesn't seem to handle coupon codes any longer. It did at one point but either a change at paypal or in one of the App updates has caused the coupon codes to be ignored. Or maybe I am missing something obvious. Is anyone else seeing this?
  6. Paypal express and coupon codes

    Thanks Rainer. I'm sure I tested express with codes before and it worked. I don't think the shipping estimator was installed but maybe it was. I'll give it a try.
  7. Paypal express and coupon codes

    Your answer isn't clear to me. Are you saying it works in your case or doesn't? In express modules prior to the app, codes would not work. But they did work in the app at one point. The code would redirect to the payment page so a code could be entered. It doesn't now.
  8. Networking databases?

    Big Bear - There is a code change that has been around for years that will sometimes work. The idea is to create multiple users for the database and then randomly choose a user for connections. Since some of the measurements are per user, this gets around some of the failures. See here. But the reason a site reaches the limit, in most cases, is due to the data skimmers and hackers that are on the site, especially at this time of year. If you know how to read your access log, you will almost certainly see this. I suggest you install View Counter. It will allow you to see that extra traffic and stop it. Most shop owners would be surprised at how much traffic is on their site that they are not aware of. As for your host, unlimited bandwidth and/or disk space is a marketing ploy and never true. The conditions are usually mentioned in their TOS but most shop owners don't think about such things when moving to host. It only becomes an issue when there is a problem, as you have found out.
  9. This isn't a new contribution and I don't claim the code in it. This is an update to the excellent work Chemo did on the Google XML Sitemap Feed located here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/3233 - version 1.3. It was added as a new contribution do prevent the corruption that exists in so many contributions lately. This version includes the following changes: - Manufacturers site map - Specials site map - Human readable output The feeds automatically adjust to match the urls if Ultimate SEO is installed, thus preventing some blocked url's by the search engines. If you have version 1.3 of the above contribution installed, you can just upload all of the files to update to this version. Be sure to run the sitemap afterwards though. Jack
  10. Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Deprecated warnings shouldn't cause a failure. But, more importantly, if you see those warnings it means your code may not be able to run on php V 7. Are you sure it will? If uncommenting the function you mentioned didn't make a change, it means the shops function is what is causing the problem. And the last function you mentioned is also a shop function. So it looks like your version of oscommerce is not ready to run on php 7. I'm not saying there isn't a problem with this addon when ran with 7 but, in this case, the code in it doesn't look to be the cause of the failures.
  11. Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Is it only failing on the pages file like boelle mentioned? Try removing the code you mentioned. I can't find it with a quick search of the files so it may not be necessary. There are other functions that follow it they may also cause problems. But I can't see anything wrong with that code. The $var variable isn't used so 7.1 might complain about that but I wouldn't think it would fail.
  12. Text Slider

    This module displays text on the home page and, after a settable time, the text slides away. The text is still visible to the search engines and to your customers, if they click on the link, so this allows for better SEO as well as space management. Currently only available for the Responsive version, though it should work in some later 2.3.4 versions.
  13. Text Slider

    You have to install the module in admin->modules->Content. It is for the index page so your index page has to have the code to load such modules. I don't have a Gold shop setup so I don't know if that code is present in it. It will be something like this: <div class="row"> <?php echo $oscTemplate->getContent('index'); ?> </div> If your code doesn't have that, you can try adding it. It requires some module handling code to be present in template_top but I think that should be there.
  14. Look for SEO URLs or SEO 5 in the left column of admin->Configuration.
  15. Blocked loading mixed active content

    fonts.gstatic is google fonts. You probably have it enabled in your google account. As such, it probably won't work with a local setup. You can ask on googles developer forum for help with it.
  16. Mixed Content Error after installing SSL on site

    This may not be the cause of your problem but it is wrong and should be corrected to avoid possible future problems. When the setting is /tmp, it tells the code to use the tmp directory on the server and that is a shared directory with all accounts on the server. If you are on a dedicated server it won't matter. But, if not, it can be a security hole and cause problems like you are having.
  17. Blocked loading mixed active content

    Find http://fonts.gstatic.com in the code, probably in includes/template_top.php, and change it to https://fonts.gstatic.com or //fonts.gstatic.com
  18. JenH - This thread explains the upgrade process. If you have experience with making changes it is not too difficult. Otherwise someone will need to handle it for you.
  19. How to deactivate a category from admin

    You need to install an addon that does that.
  20. Mixed Content Error after installing SSL on site

    By default, the path to store things in the shop is set to the servers tmp directory. That can cause problems like this. But you said, I think, that the options that use that setting are not enabled. Still, you may want to check the paths in the cache and session sections of admin->Configuration. The path is probably something like tmp/ while it should be something like /home/user name/public_html/tmp/. The tmp directory needs to exist though you can use a different one if you prefer. If the cache problem still occurs then it would have to be a server issue and you need to have your host look at. The filling of the password box is a browser setting. Look up disabling autofill for whatever browser you are using.
  21. Database Optimizer

    This addon provides an easy method for keeping your database fit. All osCommerce shops require a MySQL database to function but little attention is ever given to it. Just ask yourself when was the last time you optimized your database? Unfortunately, this is a big mistake since MySQL is prone to developing problems. Some are fixed as the database runs but some are not and, over time, these grow and can severely effect your shops performance. This addon will automatically tune-up the database, speeding it up and correcting problems that many shop owners are not even aware of. Here are some of its features: Defragment the tables Optimize the keys Strip the customers tables of old data Strip the sessions table of old data Strip the user tracking table (if present) of old data Remove old credit card numbers
  22. Exposing Admin Folder Name in Emails

    It has always been that way and is a known way for hackers to obtain the admin name. Who knows how many use that approach but I know that many will create accounts on a site and that might be one of the reasons they do it since they will receive emails from admin. Here is the code I use. In admin/includes/functions/general.php, find these lines: // Instantiate a new mail object $message = new email(array('X-Mailer: osCommerce')); Change osCommerce above to your shop name, or whatever you want. Add these before the above: $oldphpself = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; $oldremoteaddr = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] = "/mail.php"; $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] = $_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR']; Find this line $message->send($to_name, $to_email_address, $from_email_name, $from_email_address, $email_subject); And add these below it: // restore obfuscated server variables $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] = $oldphpself; $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] = $oldremoteaddr; Then send an email from admin and make sure it is working.
  23. For the url problem, try turning of the cache and gzip settings in admin, as well as the url rewriter if you use one. It things start to work, you can troubleshoot from there. For the version of php, an RC2 shop should be able to run on 5.4, possibly 5.5 and maybe 5.6, depending upon how old a shop it is. If it doesn't, there are code changes that can be made to allow that. Though the better choice is to switch to the Responsive version.
  24. newbie trying to get started

    acr80813 - Yes, you can edit it with define languages. The trick is finding the file to edit. :) On older shops, if the page you wanted to change the text on a page, like index.php, you would edit the file in languages with that same name. But the latest version of oscommerce uses modules and they are not as easy to find. It depends on which module contains the text you want but you probably want to edit this file: includes/languages/English/modules/content/index/cm_i_text_main.php
  25. jimsmega - Login problems like you describe are usually due to problems in the configure file. But since your .htaccess file has been changed, I suppose that could be causing an issue. Paste it here so someone can take a look. As for ebay, if you are using the latest ebay addon, there is a setting for the url and it needs to be changed to https.