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  1. This isn't a new contribution and I don't claim the code in it. This is an update to the excellent work Chemo did on the Google XML Sitemap Feed located here: - version 1.3. It was added as a new contribution do prevent the corruption that exists in so many contributions lately. This version includes the following changes: - Manufacturers site map - Specials site map - Human readable output The feeds automatically adjust to match the urls if Ultimate SEO is installed, thus preventing some blocked url's by the search engines. If you have version 1.3 of the above contribution installed, you can just upload all of the files to update to this version. Be sure to run the sitemap afterwards though. Jack
  2. It really depends on what you are willing to pay. The module works very well but is costly, compared to others. The paypal module is less, if you use one of the on-site payment modules or even less if you use paypal express.
  3. I tried it as you typed it and it failed for me too. But then I changed the name to use lower case and it worked: nirosoft-explorer-p-818.html It missed the middle word but I suspect it is also a case issue. Is there a case for €?
  4. There isn't a way in the current version of this addon to remove orphan orders. That would have to be done via the database. But since orders are spread out over several tables it would not be a simple change. But short of restoring the customers and address book tables and running it again, that's the only choice I can think of. The latter can cause problems if your customers have changed something in their accounts so it is not a good choice unless you know for sure nothing would have changed. There are some old addons for this. They may need updating to work with your shop and you should make a backup of the database first but one may work, probably the delete orders by filter.
  5. This addon provides an easy method for keeping your database fit. All osCommerce shops require a MySQL database to function but little attention is ever given to it. Just ask yourself when was the last time you optimized your database? Unfortunately, this is a big mistake since MySQL is prone to developing problems. Some are fixed as the database runs but some are not and, over time, these grow and can severely effect your shops performance. This addon will automatically tune-up the database, speeding it up and correcting problems that many shop owners are not even aware of. Here are some of its features: Defragment the tables Optimize the keys Strip the customers tables of old data Strip the sessions table of old data Strip the user tracking table (if present) of old data Remove old credit card numbers
  6. I'm still not clear on the distinctions you are making but I don't have any answers for you. I suggest you install a blank shop, install the addon and see if it works for English. If it fails right from the start with English, then something on the server is causing the problem. Otherwise, install the Polish language and try it. If it works, then convert your database and see if that works. Somewhere along the way you should be able to discover the problem.
  7. I don't understand what your image is showing. I see the characters in the setting and they look to be correct but what is the list of characters below it? And, just to be clear, the rewrite is for the url, not text on the page. I don't know if it was mentioned anywhere in this thread but if you have the English language installed, does the rewrite work with it?
  8. Yes, that is how it should be done. Otherwise you risk taking the live shop down. If your hosts control panel may have an option to backup the database, create a new one and populate it with the one you saved. You will need to the new shops configure files to reference the new database.
  9. It seems like every other question posted nowadays is about how to upgrade an older version of oscommerce and the op usually references the official version. This post is meant to provide a quick reference for how to convert an older shop to the current, recommended, one. First, the version that should be used is commonly called the Bootstrap, BS or Responsive version. It can be located here. One should not use the official version. The official version can be installed via the hosts control panel so it is easy to think that is the one to use - it is not. Since the BS version is not directly compatible with other versions, the following steps will be needed: Install the BS version into a new location Convert the database. See this thread for help with that. Install whatever addons the site needs. You need to be sure the addon will work with the BS version. This thread mentions specific ones but there are many others that will work. If in doubt, ask in the support thread for the addon in question. If you intend to use paypal, then install the Paypal App. At this point you should have a working shop. Test it thoroughly, especially the payment and shipping modules, before going live with it. When you are ready to go live, Mark your current shop as down for maintenance ( a simple index.html file is fine for this purpose ). Make a backup of the current shops database and files. Convert the database to the BS version. Replace all of the files with the new shops files. Edit the configure files so they work as the live shop. Remove the blocking page. If everything has gone correctly, the conversion should be complete.
  10. No, that isn't necessary. Once the search engines are aware of the maps they will look at them automatically. Just be sure you have added them to your google and Bing webmaster accounts. But if you want to click on the links, it won't hurt anything.
  11. I just tried it in a new BS shop and it worked as expected. The shop only has English installed but that uses UTF for the charset so it shouldn't make a difference. The only thing I can think it may be is the php version your shop is running. The test site here is using 5.6.
  12. The php version isn't shown in the configure file. You asked which database was being used, thus that reply. If you want to know what version of php is being used, look in admin->Tools->Server Info.
  13. The minimum php version it will work with it 5.4 but it will work with php 7 so choose the highest version your host offers. But keep in mind that if you have an older, live, shop on the same server, raising the php version may break it. For the database, look in the includes/configure.php file. The database being used will be showing there. The shop only uses one database.
  14. No, that is the built-in SEO code that comes in the basic shop.
  15. This is the support thread for View Counter. View Counter provides a way to monitor and control what's going on in your shop. If you are familiar with the Who's Online addon, then this can be thought of as Who's Online on steroids. Most shop owners are not aware of the number of search bots, crawlers and skimmers that visit their shops on a daily basis. Some are useful but most are not. All they do is use the accounts bandwidth and slow the server down. This program provides a way to see and control them. Some of its functions are: - View who's on the shop, including visitors and search bots. - View a history of the IP's that have visited and how often. - View the pages in the shop that have been visited and how many times each was visited. - View the pages in the shop that have not been visited. - Look up the DNS data for anyone on the shop. - Ban by an IP, range of IP's or a domain name. - Kick someone off the site and display a warning message. - Send someone a message that is currently on your site. - Trap IP's that do not follow the robots file directive. - Ban IP's that change the url's to cause damage (hackers). - Much more and growing. View Counter is compatible with all versions of oscommerce. I would like to extend my special thanks to Steve, aka Altoid, for the assistance he provided in testing this addon. His ability to notice things I missed, along with his valuable suggestions for improvements, resulted in a much better program than I initially had written. Thanks Steve. :)
  16. You have to set the colors in View Counter->Color.
  17. Many of the addons have been converted to work with the BS and the majority, or maybe all, new addons being written are for the BS version. Not switching to it would be a big mistake, in my opinion.
  18. You may not have looked at the correct place. The message is saying two fields are missing in the database. Those are stock fields and don't have anything to do with Header Tags SEO. It would appear you have somehow deleted them and they need to be added back in. Also, I didn't catch it when you said you downloaded the package from the main page. I assume you mean the 2.3.4 version. If so, that is the wrong one to use. Use this one instead.
  19. See here.
  20. The failure can be caused by several things. It might be a server limit, the site is too busy (with data skimmers that you wouldn't normally see), a misconfigured configure file and so on. Here are some results of a google search that may help.
  21. I seem to recall a problem like this with older versions of oscommerce. What version is your shop? What about any of the other modules - can they be edited?
  22. That isn't the recommended thing to do. You need to jump right to the Bootstrap version. See this thread for how to do that. The reason you need to do this is two-fold: 1 - It is the only version that is mobile-ready, which is a must nowadays. 2 - There's no easy upgrade from the version you are working towards and the Bootstrap version so after all of your work, the site will still not be mobile-ready.
  23. I've never heard of TLS 2. As far as I know, there is only versions 1.x. Some older browsers and phones will fail with TLS 1.2 but there's nothing to be done for that. People with those older versions will have to upgrade if they want to connect.
  24. Addresses are stored in the address_book table and the only time this addon deletes entries from it is when the customer is deleted. So I don't see how the problem you describe could cause it. As for what it does, the explanation of each option is in the Instructions popup. I don't know how to better explain what it does than what is there. But if something isn't clear, please post it here so I can address it.
  25. I think the "Page Relevancy" he mentions refers to making the page match what is being targeted. For example (probably not a very good one), let's say you sell widgets of all colors but you find that most people like red widgets. So you setup your title and tags to target "red widgets" but the actual page deals with all widgets. So the page is not specially about red widgets and visitors may click away when they don't immediately find the color they want. So by having a page dedicated to each color, you would increase their relevance for their keyword. For "engagement" there is a link at the bottom to a page that explains that. It appears he is referring to how to get people to the site. One of the recent changes has to do with reviews. Google is highlighting them more now and using them for ranking. A member recently mentioned that Gary has a review addon that make a big improvement for her site. I am not familiar with it so he would need to offer details on that. There is also an addon - Review Requests - that sends automatic review requests. It also seems to work quite well. As for the author saying position is not important, I disagree, or maybe I miss the point. Google has stated before that links in the top 20 positions get the vast majority of clicks. I think most searchers do not realize that search results can be influenced by the site. So when they see a site ranked number 1 it means, to them, that that site is better than the rest and they click on it first. Whether they purchase anything once on the site is a different matter but being ranked high increases the chances that they will. So I think that article makes some good points. I caution against relying on the ranking it lists since the ones for my site are almost never close. Also, google requires a link for each time of url - http:, https:, http://www, https://www - that your site uses. With the recent push of shop owners converting to full ssl, they don't realize that they may to add this to WMT.