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  1. A new version has been uploaded with these changes: Added IP Tracking to the keyword tool. Added a new page to display links using model numbers. Added am option to enable the html editor, if installed, for manufacturers. Added an additional words option for the products. Fixed the character counter in Page Control so it displays correctly on page load. Fixed the code for adding pseudo pages. Uses a common function to control all of the pages. Fixed the keyword search to work with assigned words. Fixed some security holes. Changed the test function to check for missing category and manufacturer descriptions. Changed the install and uninstall files to be more generic and to allow for deleting the files after use. Changed code throughout for speed improvements. Corrected mistake in admin/manufacturers.php. Corrected mistake in index.php. Corrected mistake in admin/includes/functions/header_tags.php that prevented titles and tags from showing on some pages. Corrected mistake in admin/includes/functions/header_tags_general.php that prevented the breadcrumb text from showing - found by member milerwan. Corrected mistake in install instructions for admin changes - found by IWAS. Corrected mistake in includes/header_tags.php that prevented product titles from showing when the "Use Item Name on Page" was used. Corrected mistake in the admin test section that incorrectly reported missing files. Optimized the css file for speed and to use the shops fonts. Removed the need for filename definitions in admin. Removed the ssl check for the keywords module in the footer. Removed STS checking code. Notes: 1 - This version marks the end of keeping the install files up-to-date for pre-2.3 shops. Update files will still be provided but may not cover all versions. However, the included files will be kept up-to-date. 2 - The page to display model numbers needs to be enabled. That can be done via the modules section in BS shops, and maybe later 2.3.4 shops. For all others, a link will have to be added (an example link is included in the docs). This was not done automatically since not all shops use model numbers, at least not official ones. For those that do use them, this page allows a way for customers to quickly find what they want and will provide additional links to products via the model numbers, which helps with SEO. 3 - The handling of pseudo pages has been changed a great deal. This fixes the problem some shops were having where the includes/header_tags.php file would become corrupted. I have tested this code in a number of shops but there is a large number of variations that can occur so I can't test them all. Should the shop fail after visiting Page Control, this is most likely the cause. The quick fix is to replace the includes/header_tags.php file with the one from this package. I don't expect this to happen but... Please let me know if any problems are found.
  2. Yes, it should be secure. If you are not using https then anything that gets sent from the admin, like login credentials and order details, are sent over the web in a manner that allows a hacker to grab them. See this thread for how to secure the admin.
  3. You could try my Easier Attributes addon. It isn't complete but it does allow searching the attributes quickly.
  4. If the demo works then Harold must have fixed that module, which means the problem is on your end.
  5. I'm not familiar with Modular Product Page so I can't say where the code might be. But it has to be calling the database similar to what is in the instructions so you could try searching your files for it. If you still can't fine it, you can ask in the support thread for that addon.
  6. The uninstall only removes the database changes for this addon. The files are not touched. When you use the uninstall option. there will still be an entry in admin->Configuration for SEO URL's until you refresh the page since the uninstall doesn't force a reset of admin. On the shop side, the database changes are only made if something has changed, not including cache. It is possible for parts of databases to become corrupt. So if you suspect that, using the uninstall option will remove everything so you can try again.
  7. The uninstall option will remove all database changes for the addon. They will be added back in when the shop is loaded. If you just want to clear cache, the reset option should be used,
  8. Check to make sure you have the function for this addon added to the general.php file in admin.
  9. As mentioned previously, I don't think that module works in the App. Using the previous version does work, as you've found so you will need to use It until the app is fixed.
  10. Many things can cause that error. The easy way, if the host is a good one, is to ask them what the error is. If that isn't possible, see if there is an error_log file in the admin directory. If there is, it may contain the reason for the failure. You can also try removing the .htaccess file in the admin directory to see if the problem goes away. If it does, then that file has an invalid path or some other problem. It needs to be added back in or the admin may not be secure/
  11. Nothing has changed in that regard. If it is a new install, you have to make the changes to the tools file. Sounds like you missed that step.
  12. The names of the paypal options can be confusing but for taking payments on the site (instead of having the customer go to paypal), there are two options most use: Paypal Pro and Paypal Advance. There are main differences with those: Pro is $30/month plus fees and you get virtual terminal while Advance is $5/month and no virtual terminal. In the paypal app, the Pro option is performed by the Paypal Pro DP module and the Advance option by the Paypal Pro Hosted module. They are both available the US. The Pro module always works (any version). The Advance module is the one in question. I know for sure that the older, non-app, version for Advance did work. So it sounds like the problem is with your paypal account, assuming that is what you tried. It sounds like you have setup the Pro account at paypal, not the Advance account - they are different. Other than the Standard module, to use any of the other paypal modules requires a special account to be setup at paypal. So you need to decide on what option from paypal you want to use, create that account if needed and then enable the module that matches it.
  13. @@robinwarren As mentioned previously, this isn't a completed addon. You can control the basic attributes in the attributes section and most, I think, of the options section works but the values and settings are nowhere near done. Regarding the order of the attributes, that has always been an issue with attributes in oscommerce. MySQL doesn't guarantee the order data is returned in so it doesn't matter how you input them. They might be in order one time but not another. The way to fix that is to install one of the attribute sorting addons. The Attributes Manager has that built-in so it is the best choice since it also allows controlling them from the product edit page. As far as using this is concerned, if you need values added then create those in the old attributes section, until this one is working. In the attributes tab of this addon, when you select a category that has products, those products will be listed. If you want to add an attributes to a product, or a number of products, fill in the items below the product (option, value,etc.). When the minimum number of required things have been selected, a save button will appear and you can click that to add the attribute. Or, when you select a product click on the Show in Use button to see the attributes assigned to that product. You can then edit any of those. I hope this helps.
  14. You don't need the sandbox for the hosted option so I suggest trying it in live mode. If it fails, paypal can tell you what the failure is as long as the attempt is reaching them, which you said it was.. Usually when you call them you get first level support and they are just reading canned answers. If they can't tell you what the failure is, ask for a higher level tech. It is difficult to troubleshoot a problem like this without knowing what the failure is. Also, I do recall installing the first version of the app on a BS shop a few years ago and it wouldn't work. I then installed the stand-alone version of it and that one worked. So, worse case, you could try that.
  15. Usually when the iframe doesn't show it is because the paypal account is not setup correctly. This video may be useful with that. Also, Paypal Express is required when using that module so if you haven't set that up, I suggest trying it first.