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My company offers support for any aspect of oscommerce. We have been in buisness for almost as long as osCommerce has been around. We offer anything from supoort to installations to coding to hosting to anything else that is related to osCommerce. There are few, if any, companies that offer the full service as we do. So if you are looking for any help with your osCommerce shop, you need not look any farther than us.

A common question on the forums is for host recommendations. When looking for a host, you need to have someone you can trust, someone that has been around for more than year or two and, most importantly, someone that actually knows osCommerce. There are a number of hosts that meet the first two conditions but there are very few that meet the last one. There are many posts on the forums where a host told the member to ask on the forums for help with their shop since they do not actually support the package. You will never hear that from us. If something is wrong with your shop, we can fix it. Also, when you move to our hosting, we handle the move for you and make sure the shop is setup correctly once moved. There are very few hosts that offer the service we do.

A common question on the oscommerce forums is "What SEO contributions should I install." What I've noticed is that many of the replies to such posts are from people that don't understand SEO. They are just parroting what they've seen elsewhere. One person actually stated something like, "Everyone I know does it this way..." which, I suspose, is meant to imply that is the correct way. Unfortunately, many times the advice used is that which is offered by the one shouting the loudest, regardless of if that advice is sound or not. So I thought I would put this list together to provide the best SEO recommendations for an oscommerce shop, in my opinion, of course. I do SEO for a living and have had excellent results using these contributions.

Here is a list of all SEO contributions that I recommend.

Header Tags SEO - This is the standard that all other meta tags contributions are judged against. The main, and only, advantage the other meta tags contributions have over this one is that they are easier to install. Persoanlly, I can't beleieve someone that recommends such an important change would recommend it based upon how easy it is to install. The bottom line is that if you want the best results for your shop, this is the only choice. But if you are looking for easy and quick, then choose any of the other meta tags contributions since they are all basically the same.

Google XML Sitemap SEO - Provides off-site site maps that the search engines use.

Ultimate SEO V2.2d - The original and still the best rewriter available for oscommerce. It is not only 100% compatible with all other contributions, it provides the best rewritten urls with regards to SEO. One contribution actually inserts the category name as a directory, which is a poor SEO practice.

Sitemap SEO - Provides an on-site site map for your customers as well as the search engines.

All Products SEO - Provides a products site map for both customers and the search engines.

Information Pages - Provides a way to easily create keyword-specific pages from within admin. Please note that a version of this is available as an addon but that one does not have changes in it that will allow it to work more effectively with the Bootstrap version. Our version has changes in it for that purpose.

Google Feeder- The only way to get your products listed on googles shopping section. Please note that using this will drive traffic to your site but google charges for this service so you have to weigh the benefits and costs of using it.

Click on the Add On tab for links to the above contributions.