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  1. If you have the final CE shop, it is compatible with, at least, 7.0 and I think any addons that work with the CE version will also work. But there are problems with some of them when an upgrade to php 7.2 is made. Generally speaking, you don't have to worry about backwards-compatibility. The newer php versions offer commands that are not in earlier versions but none of those are used in the CE or addons. Unless it is some new addon where the developer uses them.
  2. Jack_mcs

    Link for business website

    I agree that such links should be allowed. If I recall correctly, Harald wouldn't allow them because he didn't want things to turn into everyone posting ads for their sites. He's the only one that can change that so we know where that will end up.
  3. Jack_mcs

    HoneyPot Captcha

    Yes, that's correct.
  4. Jack_mcs

    HoneyPot Captcha

    That wouldn't work as it is. The getElementById( function is checking this line <input type="text" name="honeypot" id="honeypot" /> The id in that line is honeypot and your change is telling the code to look at the line that has an id of google. So if you want to make that change you would need to change the above to <input type="text" name="honeypot" id="google" /> But I think what you want to do is check for the company so change this if(!document.getElementById("honeypot").value) { return true; } to if(!document.getElementById("honeypot").value) { return true; } else if ((document.getElementsByName("company")[0].value) == 'google') { return true; } I haven't tested it but I think it will do what you want.
  5. Jack_mcs

    Link for business website

    I don't think that is allowed, is it?.
  6. Jack_mcs


    @kavinprasath446Welcome to the forums. You'll find this a helpful place for questions about your shop. When posting questions, please see this post to get the best and quickest responses.
  7. Jack_mcs

    Extend end date for discount coupon codes

    I will try to get my edited version uploaded before the end of the year. I'll post here when I do.
  8. Jack_mcs

    Where is OSCOM_Hooks defined?

    In includes/application_top.php and admin/includes/application_top.php.
  9. In addition to the last reply, it is an order status that is set in admin->Localization->Orders Status. You can change it to whatever you like. You can also add others and then set one to be use in payment modules settings.
  10. Jack_mcs

    FAQ's BS

    Those are leftover from the original addon that I missed. Here's how to fix them: Line 52 should be: $query_lang = "WHERE language = '" . (int)$_GET['faq_lang'] . "'"; Line 43 and 44 should be: if ($edit['v_order']) { $no = $edit['v_order']; Line 54 should be: if ($edit['visible']) { Line 32 should be: echo $val[v_order] . ', '; Basically, any [name] should be ['name'] (add apostrophes). Those checks probably include isset commands but I don't have a test shop set up to test them at the moment. Please try the above changes and let me know how it goes.
  11. Jack_mcs

    Product Quantity Box

    That would be the way one would want it to work. But when the add to cart on the product listing page is clicked. it handles all of the selected items as a whole, not one at a time. So if none of them have attributes, then the whole list is passed to the shopping cart. But if one has attributes, the list is dropped and the code redirects to that one product. This is how oscommerce has worked from the beginning.
  12. Jack_mcs

    Product Quantity Box

    Glad it worked. Thanks for letting me know. I'll add it to the next version. Yes, it can be added to the product listing page but that is only useful if the products don't have attributes or if only one item is being ordered. For example, if you have 10 products showing on the page and you set the quantity for each and then click add to cart, if one of the products has an attribute then the code redirects to that page and all of the selections are lost. It will work fine if attributes don't exist for any of them. Since, I think, most sites use attributes that code change wouldn't be very useful. But maybe adding it as an option in the settings to let the shop owner decide would be a good way to do it.
  13. Jack_mcs

    Product Quantity Box

    It is most likely due to some other item on the page being overlaying the button(s). Please try this (not texted). At the top of the includes/modules/content/product_info/templates/quantity.php file, add the following: <style> div.cm-pi-quantity-box {z-index:100;} </style>
  14. Jack_mcs

    Jssor Slider

    @milerwanThank you for posting the fix. I'll include it in the next version.
  15. Jack_mcs

    Jssor Slider

    I don't know the answer to that and would have to spend time figuring it out, which means it probably won't be done anytime soon. I suggest asking on stackoverflow or checking the examples at jssor.