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  1. That's correct. You should use the one named "Phoenix Edition V1.0.7.13".
  2. @H2comicsThe first thing you should do is delete what you have and install the community version. To get it, go here and scroll down to that section. Then upload and extract it as you describe and then run the install script. Post here if you get stuck at that point.
  3. Jack_mcs

    Getting security issue on my site.

    That is a old and non-supported version. If this is a new installation you should start over and install the Phoenix version. If it is an existing installation, the items you mention, like Social Security Number, are not standard in the shop. That would mean you have altered the code, which is fine, but it makes it difficult for anyone here to help, at least without more details.
  4. Jack_mcs

    Easy Populate V 3.0

    I verified this isn't working when updating. It does work for new products. It is a mistake in the code but I don't have a fix at this point. I will get to it as soon as I can. Thank you for reporting it.
  5. Jack_mcs

    Header Tags SEO

    I apologize for the problems this caused. Managing more than one version of oscommerce has always been bothersome but now with multiple versions of Phoenix included, it gets a little harder. For the View Result box entry disappearing and the details going away when the default tags are set, they are working find for me here so I may have made some change that fixes them. Maybe on a very large site.
  6. Jack_mcs

    View Counter

    If the IP is in a range (CIDR) of IP's, VC will show the IP as blocked but you won't see it in the list. Use the "IP in CIDR" box to check that. Although, if the IP is in a CIDR, it should still be blocked so I don't know why it wasn't. You can use the Rebuild htacces or Rebuild Banned list tool to sync the .htaccess file and the banned list, though that should not be necessary as far as blocking is concerned.
  7. Jack_mcs

    Header Tags SEO

    I think you are trying to outsmart the code. There's no need to be making database changes, assuming you have a working installation. Also, it would surprise me if the url check in the test page worked since I haven't done anything with that code for years. Regarding the permissions on the includes/header_tags.php file, they are set to enable writing because when a page is added in admin's Page Control, the file gets edited. For some servers just having the permissions set to 644 will work. In any case, if they do not match those of the images directory and you don't want to change those of the file to match those settings, then turning the option off is the only choice. For the keywords, be sure the setting for them is enabled, and not set to True. There was a mistake in an earlier version of the database file and if you didn't update it, that setting will be incorrect. For the View Result on Page Control, you said the cpath was set in the box for it but if you look at the image you uploaded, it isn't. For the keyword check, I see that it is failing because the code is still using definitions. I will fix that in the next version. Regarding the error on the test page, as mentioned, I haven't changed that code in some time. I will fix it in the next version if I have time.
  8. Jack_mcs

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Geoffrey, The code checks the permissions on the includes/header_tags.php file and compares them to those of the images directory. So first compare the two and change the former if different. There is also an option in the settings to ignore the difference. You probably know that it is not a good idea to use permissions of 777 so I suggest changing that, if possible. The default tags are set with the same button that sets the meta tags. You have to enter cPath=13 in the View Result box.
  9. Jack_mcs

    Advice on a directory move

    I think you will run into fewer problems by moving the files to the root. That shouldn't be the case if the move is done properly. Be sure to add redirect code to the roots .htaccess file that issues a 301 for any url that has the sub-directory in it. Also be sure to update your sitemap files so they have the correct url's. Basically, change anything that mentions the old url, like entries in the shops settings and the robots file.
  10. Jack_mcs

    Quantity drop down box on product page

    There are addons for this. Here is an old one but it probably won't work in your version as is. You will need to search the addons for one that will if it doesn't.
  11. Jack_mcs

    Header Tags SEO

    It is in this file: includes/modules/header_tags_seo/header_tags_opengraph.php
  12. Jack_mcs

    View Counter

    Please let me know what they are so I can try to duplicate the problem.
  13. Jack_mcs

    View Counter

    Then I don't know what it might be. It is working fine here and in the shops I have it installed in.
  14. Jack_mcs

    View Counter

    If VC is loading after Who's Online, Who's Online will report the connection since it is made before VC blocks it. You can use the rebuild .htaccess file in Tools to stop that. Though it ill increase the size of that file which will slow the site down if it gets too large.