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  1. Jack_mcs

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    The attached is the file from the latest, unreleased, version. It should fix the last two and maybe the first. But I can't cause the first to occur so I can't say for sure. index.php
  2. Jack_mcs

    Gift Vouchers Secure

    I can't find that line in the checkout_payment file I posted nor in the instructions or the other files in the 2.3.4 files. Is it in your original file?
  3. Jack_mcs

    Gift Vouchers Secure

    @cinolasI'm sorry you are having such a problem installing it. I know the instructions are very poor for your version of the shop. Regarding the var selected, the code is using that as a reference to add javascript code. To add it, in the checkout_payment.php and checkout_success.php files find this require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'template_top.php'); ?> and add this after it <script language="javascript"> <?php /* following jscript function ADDED FOR CCGV */ ?> var submitter = null; function submitFunction() { submitter = 1; } <?php /* END OF ADDED FOR CCGV */ ?> </script> The attached are the root files from an old 234 shop I have here. There may be more, or less, than what is in your files but may help you to figure out the changes. gift_vouchers.zip
  4. Jack_mcs

    Header Tags SEO

    Same problem as I mentioned in the other thread. I can't follow the problem.
  5. Jack_mcs

    Article Manager v1.0

    I don't know what this means. Are you saying there isn't a manufacturers file? Also, please don't post such long pieces of code unless asked for. They make the problem very difficult to understand.
  6. Jack_mcs

    Update from to Phoenix

    The files in Phoenix are almost totally different than in non-Phoenix shops so upgrading your current shop to the 2.3.4 version won't accomplish anything. You need to do the following: Set up a test site and install Phoenix. This might be a problem off the bat if you are not able to run php 7. Convert your database and apply it to the test shop. Install whatever addons you need for your shop. Make any appearance changes that are needed. Test the shop thoroughly. If it all looks good, block your live shop with a down for maintenance page to prevent database changes. Do a final conversion of the database. Make the test site live. It can be a lot of work, depending upon what addons and appearance changes are needed. For the addons, many of the popular ones that have Phoenix versions are just file uploads so the installation is much easier. Good luck.
  7. Jack_mcs

    Article Manager v1.0

    I understood what you changed. I was asking why you changed it? It displays fine for me the way I coded it.
  8. This isn't due to this addon but to fix it, change the following $form_output = tep_draw_form('quick_find', tep_href_link('advanced_search_result.php', '', null, false), 'get'); to $form_output = tep_draw_form('quick_find', tep_href_link('advanced_search_result.php', '', 'SSL', false), 'get');
  9. Jack_mcs

    Article Manager v1.0

    What does this fix?
  10. Jack_mcs

    Article Manager v1.0

    This doesn't match what I have here. And a search of all of the files is not returning the functions you mention. Maybe you are not using the latest Phoenix version of this addon?
  11. Jack_mcs

    Article Manager v1.0

    What does this mean? It is just a common function to add bolding as needed. What symptoms should I look for when testing this? Does it fail to load at all? Has errors? Something else?
  12. Jack_mcs

    View Counter

    @dizoeNot a released one. But a major update will be available soon.
  13. The fix is the same. The exception is if you have such an old version of paypal that it doesn't use the cert. In that case you need to install the Paypal App (found in the addons section).
  14. Jack_mcs

    Spam Accounts

    The Honey Pot addon will stop them. It also has a tool in admin to clear out fake accounts.
  15. Jack_mcs

    Article Manager v1.0

    That's server memory, not necessarily shop memory. But if this is a new install of this addon and you don't have any, or many topics, then it is not the memory itself. Something is probably looping that is causing the memory to be used and, if that is the case, it would fail regardless of how much memory there is. I suggest you get the shop working correctly first, like adding a product. If the problem is a result of this addons code, it is probably being caused by some problem in the shop.