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  1. Good day, Jack

    on the checkout_confirmation.php shows the discount coupon {Discount Coupon ???? applied:}

    in shopping_cart.php


    <div class="shipcouon">
    <?php echo tep_draw_input_fieldclear('coupon', 'this.value=', ''.ENTRY_COUPONS.'', $coupon); ?>

    <button type="submit" onclick="<?php $parameters['discount_amount_1'] =number_format($order->coupon->applied_discount['Unknown tax rate'],2);?>" title="Apply Coupon" class="couponapply" id="couponapply" value="apply">Apply</button>


    upon clicking apply it doesn't show the Discount Coupon ???? applied:


    only way shows is when i go thru the process in checkout_confirmation.php then when i rehash the page it shows the Discount Coupon ???? applied: then i rehash it again it goes away. 


    1. codes gets erased when i go thru the checkout again

    2. code Discount Coupon ???? applied: doesn't show in shopping_cart.php


    anyways you can help me out?


    1. Jack_mcs


      You need to post the question in the support thread for that addon.

    2. Kevin.Dallas


      that's fine, thank you for getting back to me, have a great day buddy