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  1. 48 minutes ago, Omar_one said:

    I just want to know if that IP can case the issue 

    Yes. It is a very common problem. And once they find your site, they won't go away and it usually gets worse. Bandwidth is used by any connection to the hosting account. That includes search engines, of which there are quite a few that don't help most sites. I suggest you install View Counter. It gives you a much better idea of what is going on with your sites traffic, compared to Who's Online. It allows you to block the offending IP's and block countries, to name a few things it does.

  2. 6 hours ago, Psytanium said:

    The thread you sent me is for login modal, I'm looking for shopping cart modal when users click the Buy Now button.

    I'm sorry. I misunderstood what you are looking for. The only addon I aware of that does that is this one. It will work in Frozen, which is the version after yours, so there's a chance that it will work. It is an easy install so it would be worth trying. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Psytanium said:

    do you know any addon to make the shopping cart popup as modal ? im using eCommerce 2.3.4

    There are several popup addons. Which one to use depends on which is compatible with your shop. You can search the apps section for modal login but I think this is the support thread for the one you want. It's not really a support thread but is where the addon was developed so I think you can find the link to it in that thread.

  4. 1 hour ago, radhavallabh said:

    It works perfectly throughout the site except for the Navbar Shopping Cart

    I know you said this before but I was missing the "Navbar" in my reading of it so I was looking at the url of the product on the shopping cart page. I apologize for that mistake and the confusion it caused.

    The reason it is failing is because the code that generates the url is in a language file. That is perfectly fine code so I don't know why it fails. Maybe the code in this addon can't handle the language path? In any event, if you want it to work, find this line in includes/modules/navbar/templates/tpl_nb_shopping_cart.php

            echo sprintf(MODULE_NAVBAR_SHOPPING_CART_PRODUCT, $p['id'], $p['quantity'], $p['name']);

    and replace it with

            echo '<a class="dropdown-item" href="' . tep_href_link('product_info.php', 'products_id=' . $p['id']) . '">' . $p['quantity'] . ' x ' . $p['name'] . '</a>';

    I see there is another language link in one of the footer modules so that would need to be changed to, if it bothers you.

    I don't see that the shopping cart change is needed. Search engines won't see it and it seems unlikely a customer would notice it, or care if they did. The cost of making the change is that you have to alter a core-code file so the trade-off may not be worth it. Just my opinion. :)

  5. @Philip79The IP's in the iplist file are obtained from myip.ms. They have a free list of known bad IP's. But they only supply recent ones so you have to run the cron job in HP to keep the iplist updated. I've no way to judge how the list compares to cleantalk. It might be that their list of IP's is far more inclusive but theirs is a paid service so it is not included in HP. You can manually add the IP's to the iplist file if you want. The cron job adds to the list so entries in it won't be deleted.

    But, to be clear, HP is meant to stop fake accounts from being created and to stop spam emails sent from the shop. When you say your site has been attacked, if you mean the IP's are doing something else, like scraping data, then I suggest you install View Counter since blocking attacks is its main purpose.

  6. 4 hours ago, Psytanium said:

    I will take your recommendation about switching add-on into consideration, but the only reason I'm afraid of switching is loosing page raking on search engines, Google will need few months to re-index the new URLs, it happened to me before.

    I'm not sure if its something related to the add-on, because i turned it off and still having wrong redirects, but as you said, it may be some changes in the core files.

    If you are using the default rewrite in SEO 5, then the url will be identical in Ultimate SEO. I think the url's are still converted correctly if not but I am not sure.

    As for turning SEO 5 off, as I recall, it doesn't completely turn off. You have to turn it off in the settings and then remove the code from the application_top file to have it not affect your shop. But if you remove the code in that file, be sure to replace it with the original.

  7. I have it installed in a Phoenix shop and it is working as expected. The url for when the delete button on the shopping cart is clicked doesn't look as you show it. But the shop I have it installed in doesn't use attributes and your url shows attributes are used so maybe that is the problem. Please try checking it on a product that does not have attributes.

  8. The format looks similar to the search engine url's controlled by a setting in older shops. That setting has been removed from Phoenix but it might be in your database. This addon should disable it if it is but maybe that is not working in Phoenix for some reason, if that is the reason. In any event, formatting the url like that is not something this addon does. It never formats the url as you show. The SEO 5 addon does do that so maybe that is the one you are using? 

  9. 4 hours ago, Philip79 said:

    Are the text constants contained in the honeypot.php file displayed to the user or only to the administrator?

    None of the defines with "violation" in them are shown to the customers. The others are. As @ArtcoIncmentioned, you need to create a copy of the english files for whatever language you have.