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  1. Hey Jack,

    Re. Honey Pot Captcha - Latest Upload - a file is missing

    In the NEW Files, you are missing the Contact us

    Failed opening 'includes/honeypot/modules/honeypot_verify_contact_us.php'


    Cheers,  Todd

  2. Good day, Jack

    on the checkout_confirmation.php shows the discount coupon {Discount Coupon ???? applied:}

    in shopping_cart.php


    <div class="shipcouon">
    <?php echo tep_draw_input_fieldclear('coupon', 'this.value=', ''.ENTRY_COUPONS.'', $coupon); ?>

    <button type="submit" onclick="<?php $parameters['discount_amount_1'] =number_format($order->coupon->applied_discount['Unknown tax rate'],2);?>" title="Apply Coupon" class="couponapply" id="couponapply" value="apply">Apply</button>


    upon clicking apply it doesn't show the Discount Coupon ???? applied:


    only way shows is when i go thru the process in checkout_confirmation.php then when i rehash the page it shows the Discount Coupon ???? applied: then i rehash it again it goes away. 


    1. codes gets erased when i go thru the checkout again

    2. code Discount Coupon ???? applied: doesn't show in shopping_cart.php


    anyways you can help me out?


    1. Jack_mcs


      You need to post the question in the support thread for that addon.

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  3. Hi Jack, I read on the forum you use Paypal Pro. Just implemented it on our site through the Paypal App 5.18 and was surprised to see the card input fields on the checkout confirmation page instead of the checkout payment page. Is that how it appears on your site? Can't see a setting to change where it appears. Is it possible to move the input fields to the Checkout Payment page? 

    1. Jack_mcs


      That is how it is meant to work. All of the payment modules that have output will work that way. The only ones that don't are ones that leave the shop, like paypal Standard. I'm sure it is possible to move it to the payment page but I don't suggest doing that. It would alter the core code and may break with a future update or addon installation.


      You may want to contact our Paypal rep (details below). If you are in his territory he may be able to waive the $30/month Paypal Pro charge. Just let him know I, Jack York, referred you so he knows to do that.

      Rene Gudino
      Account Executive, North America

      Email: "Gudino, Rene" <regudino@paypal.com>
      Phone: 480.496.3136

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  4. I realy like your error handler vor mysql error messages! Good Job!

    you think it would work without problems with an older oscommerce version as well?

    1. Jack_mcs


      That's why there is an option to not send via email. :)

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  5. I realy like your error handler vor mysql error messages! Good Job!

    you think it would work without problems with an older oscommerce version as well?

    1. Jack_mcs


      Glad it was helpful. The changes are to parts of the code that are in all oscommerce shops so there shouldn't be any problems.

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  6. Jack,

    We need to upgrade our site search but we're stuck with v2.2.  The search tool is extremely slow. Can you modify your SiteSearchPlus tool?

    We want to:
    Search Category
    Search Products including SKU

    We want to use the meta keywords field for alternate words/mispellings but if you think there is a better place for that, we're game.








    1. Jack_mcs


      The search code is mostly the same in all versions of oscommerce.  Usually when the search is slow, it is because the code is searching through product descriptions. If you don't need that to be done, then removing that option would greatly increase the speed. If you do need it, there's not much that can be done, assuming your search code is standard code. The search in description is usually only a problem when there is a large number of products involved or/and their descriptions are large.

      So the short answer is that I can modify the search code however you like but the speed may not improve if it is searching product descriptions.

      As for the meta keyword tag, any keyword you enter in it has to appear on the page or the search engines may think you are trying to trick them, which can lead to banning.

      If you have my Header Tags SEO addon installed, it has an additional words field just for this purpose. You enter the words in admin for the product and the code displays those on the product page as well as adds them to the meta keyword.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions or would like any of the changes made.

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  7. Hi, Jack!


    I saw your replies to a guy with error (60) and SSL. I have that error as well, but mine says: Error from cURL: Error [60]: SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK. Details: error:14090086:SSL routines:ssl3_get_server_certificate:certificate verify failed experienced by customer with id 21 Pam Keller on 2018-02-05 06:36:27

    I get this in an e-mail, no messages on the website. I turned off the Check SSL in admin, and server says everything is fine with the SSL. Is this a BOM problem as well?




    Lark Burnham, Horton, KS, USA


    1. Jack_mcs


      It could be. You need to replace the cert first to be sure it is a valid one. It was posted in that thread. When you save it, save it with a php editor. Other, non-php editors will cause the BOM problem. The file I had used was downloaded from a different site and I didn't think to verify the file until it wouldn't work.