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  1. What contribution are you working on? The code you mention has nothing to do with HTC AFAIK. Jack
  2. Jack_mcs

    Paypal Setup

    I can't answer all of your questions. But for one, do not use the default PayPal. Install the PayPay_IPN contribution. It has added features that you will want later on. As for PayPal's account, I think you have to have a business account to accept payments like this. A quick email to them will get you a better answer. HTH, Jack
  3. Jack_mcs


    Great. Thanks Gregory. That seems to have done it. I followed the instructions per the earlier post you gave me and my pending payment order is changed to pending. So it is at least finding it. Thanks for the help. :) Jack
  4. Jack_mcs


    The custom field was one of the ones I tried. I think the problem might be that I am not starting ipn_html from the right place. Do you know if it needs to be in a certain directory? How does it know where to submit its data to? Jack
  5. Jack_mcs


    I am trying to figure out how to test this contribution. This is the best decription I've come across yet but it still isn't working for me. When you say to "enter the order# into the ipn.html test file," where exactly do I enter it? There is no order # field. I've tried just entering it in various fields that aren't filled in but when I hit submit I get an error page saying "cannot find server." Does it matter where the ipn_html file is located? Has anyone been able to test this contribution? I would appreciate any suggestions. Jack
  6. Jack_mcs


    Thanks for the link. I started to try it but when I clicked on view in account history I got the following error: I doubledchecked my installation. The changes are in the DB (I can see products_options_id in it). I re-uploaded the .sql file as well as the ipn.php file. Any ideas what might be wrong here or what to try next? Jack
  7. Jack_mcs

    How do youget STS to work?

    You might want to take a look at your configure file. I seem to recall a problem like this that was caused by my mangling that file. Be sure all of the files you edited or added are in catalog/includes, not catalog/admin. Be sure when you copy and paste that you do not cut off a trailing } or ; or some other symbol. STS does work and, once you get the hang of it, is quite easy to install (although it is not compatible with all contributions). It is obvious you are frustrated - I know that feeling well with OSC. But keep at it and you'll get the hang of it. HTH, Jack
  8. Jack_mcs


    Would someone explain to me how to test this contribution? I've gone through this thread and have seen several references to testing but they all say something like "Use the ipn_test.html file in the samples file to post to the ipn.php file." I have no idea what this means. Are there instructions somewhere that run through a test procedure? Jack
  9. Kino, they are in includes/english/header_tags.php: define('HEAD_DESC_TAG_ALL','Find the protection against fires.'); define('HEAD_KEY_TAG_ALL','Firelite Notifier fire security against fires'); Whenever you run across displayed text like this, it is almost always in some file located in includes/english (or your default language type). Just search the directory for the term and it will take you right to it. HTH, Jack
  10. I looked at your site and it is displaying what you have in the head section so I can't see a problem there. But I did see that you have the title tag declared twice and I don't see the <!-- BOF: Generated Meta Tags --> statement that is added with HTC. That could mean you just removed it or that you don't have HTC installed correctly. As for the popup, I'm wondering if you added HTC to that? You are not supposed to. I'm not sure what code you added to sts_user_code.php but if it has to do with HTC then you are probably causing the problems yourself. You should back out all of the work arounds you added and install the contributions the way the instructions say. They really do work but can be broken if you edit them incorrectly. Jack
  11. Well, I am by no means an STS expert but I will try to help with your problem. Unfortunately, you have totally lost me. What information at the top of what page? What click to enlarge? Javascript? I take it all of these questions apply to your particular site? I don't recall any of those in STS or HTC but I'm probably missing your point. Jack
  12. If you use STS, you do not need those since they are already included in the sts_display_output.php file. So you are correct in commenting them out. Jack
  13. I'm not familar with the other contribution but, AFAIK, for HTC the answer is no. The tags for categories are shared with the index (home) page. The title tag can be unigue but the meta tags will be the same for the two. As a side note, if you use the DEFAULT_TITLE_TAG option, all of the title tags in that file are backwards, IMO, for SEO reasons. For example, it has $the_title= HEAD_TITLE_TAG_ALL . ' ' . HEAD_TITLE_TAG_SPECIALS; which places the unique title name you have for specials after the default title. From SE's viewpoint, this may not appear as a unique title. Plus, for the user, it is hard to see the difference from page to page. The above order should be reversed to allow for a more unique name. For example, with the default implementation you would get something like MyGreatSite.com - About Us when it should be About Us - MyGreatSite.com Jack
  14. I'm using it in two shops and it is highly recommended, and used, by many in the forums. It is even mentioned as the solution in the wiki docs. What problems are you having that makes you think there is a problem (just curious)? Jack
  15. Jack_mcs

    [Contribution Update] All Prods v2.4

    For those of you using the earlier version: Does the Add to Cart button work correctly or does it also take you to the product page as in V 3? Jack
  16. Jack_mcs

    2CheckOut Question

    Go to admin->Modules->Payment and install the 2CheckOut module. You will need an account number with 2CheckOut but then you are all set. Jack
  17. Jack_mcs

    [Contribution Update] All Prods v2.4

    I apologize for the confusion. Yes, I meant to say Configuration, not categories. But when you click on the All Products link on the left, you should only have two entries showing. If you have more than that then you have probably made a mistake on the installation. Sounds like the .sql files were not added correctly. If you made a backup of your database before you started (you should always do this), then restore it and reinstall the .sql files. Be sure to install them in the order mentioned in the instruction. Jack
  18. Jack_mcs

    [Contribution Update] All Prods v2.4

    Take a look in admin under categories->All Products. Make sure the All Products option set to On. Jack
  19. Jack_mcs

    [Contribution Update] All Prods v2.4

    When I click on the Add To Cart button, it takes me to product_info.php instead of to shopping_cart.php. Does anyone know how to change this to work correctly? Jack
  20. Jack_mcs

    [Contribution] Product Sort Order

    I just installed this contribution, along with all of the code fixes. Everything looks fine from admin. I only have five products for now and no matter how I set the sort order, the order never changes when I view the products via my shop. Does anyone know why this may be happening? Jack
  21. I just had a similar problem with a different contribution and it turned out that the entry in the database was wrong. If you have phpmyadmin, just click on the table this was added to (I don't recall off the top of my head but it is in the readme) and make sure categories_status is in your database. Jack
  22. Jack_mcs

    Agree to conditions before signup.

    Hmm, sorry, but on re-reading your post I think I misunderstood it. I thought you wanted to just change the document that the visitor read when they signed in. But I see now that you want to prevent visitors from seeing the page before they sign in. If it is just one category you are trying to hide then I don't know how to do that. However, if it is all of your categories, then just create a enter sheet that they must agree to before entering your site. You could adapt the code from this mod to do that or there are plenty of examples on the net. Just google for restrict access to site or some variation. HTH, Jack
  23. Jack_mcs

    Agree to conditions before signup.

    PMFJI, but in case Marcel doesn't see this I will attempt an answer. You need to create the new age agreement page (see wiki for instructions) and link to it rather than to the policy page. You will also need to alter the text to read something like "you have read our age agreement..." HTH, Jack
  24. I've just started to work on this myself. Could someone please clue me in as to what "header.sql" and "phpmyadmin" are, where to find it, how to "run", what it does, etc? Thanks. In order to use Header Tags, you need to add some new tables to your database. In earlier versions of HTC, the instructions just said that you need to make those changes. In the latest version, the header.sql file was added. With it, you can just upload the file and the changes will be made for you. phpmyadmin is a program that allows you to work with your database via your browser - it, too, makes things easier. You need to install it on your server the same way OSCommerce was installed. Do a google search to find a place to download it from (it's free). If your host supports OSCommerce, they may be willing to install it for you or your control panel may have an option to enable it. HTH, Jack
  25. No matter what page I visit on my site, I get the same title, except for one product out of my 500 or so. Can someone please explain to me what I am supposed to do to get a unique title for each page? Jack