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  1. Jack_mcs

    Sitemap SEO

    For the first one, that is referencing something that doesn't exist at that location so I don't have a way to fix it. Once I have a shop set up with I will be able to fix it, but not now. For the second one, the code I said to add should have been for ($i = 0; $i < count($languages); ++$i) $pagesArray[$i] = '';
  2. Jack_mcs

    Sitemap SEO

    For the first, and maybe second error, find this code in the functions file function GetPagesArray($root, $langDir, $languages, $excludeList) { $pagesArray = array(); and add this below it for ($i = 0; $i < count($languages); ++$i) $pagesArray[$s] = ''; For the last one, in the sitemap_seo_page_control.php file, find if (function_exists('AnnounceVersion')) { and add this above it $name = '';
  3. Jack_mcs

    Sitemap SEO

    I don't have a version installed so I can only guess at these. For the first failure, find this line in admin/includes/functions/sitemap.php function AddMissingLinks($filename, $languages) { and replace it with this function AddMissingLinks($filename, $languages, $linksArray) { For the second error, that doesn't make any sense to me. That location is in a function that doesn't use the variable shown so I can't see how to fix it. Maybe after the above fix, the location will change to something valid. For the third error, that is because a standard function can't found. It is in so I assume it has been removed in this version. If so, you can copy the function from the previous version and paste it into this one (admin/includes/functions/general.php). That's not the proper fix but without having that version here to test with, I can't offer another one.
  4. This is a new version of the Quantity Price Breaks addon. It is only for Frozen and Phoenix shops. If you have an older version, you will need to use a different, older, version of this addon. The purpose of this addon is to allow the price of a product to be controlled by how many items are purchased. So a quantity of 1 may cost $100, a quantity of 2, $60 and so on. It also provides for limiting the minimum number to ordered. Due to how the code works, there are a number of file changes needed. I've reduced them a great deal compared to previous versions of this addon but there's no way, currently, to get around some of the changes. So be sure to create a backup before installing.
  5. Jack_mcs

    Subcategories showing up on Main Categories page

    That's very strange. I've never seen a situation where sub-categories are mixed in with the categories. There's nothing in the stock code that would allow that, at least that I can think of. Your version of shop doesn't have the module I mentioned so, unless your shops code has been altered, all of the index pages (home, nested and products) are controlled by the index.php file and maybe the stylesheet.css file. So I suggest replace your index file with a stock one to see if the problem goes away. If it does, then you can compare that file with yours to find the problem. If it doesn't try doing the same with the stylesheet file.
  6. Jack_mcs

    Subcategories showing up on Main Categories page

    You don't mention the version of your shop so that could cause wrong answers and delays. Depending on which page you mean, if it is the nested page you can disable the Sub Category List module. As for listing twice, that is usually due to missing images.
  7. Jack_mcs

    shirt color

    This addon may do what you want. There was a similar one named "attributes as colors" or something like that but I don't have a link for it. Searching the addons may turn up more.
  8. Jack_mcs

    Add More Fields

    I think this will display it as a textarea tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '24', '15') . '&nbsp;' . tep_draw_textarea_field($field['field_name'], 'soft', 30, 5,$field['field_value']); The html shouldn't be removed. I don't recall using any code that would do that but maybe I did. So I don't have an answer for this part. I don't have a shop set up with this addon installed so I can't test it.
  9. I don't think that is how it was meant. One of the biggest failings of the addons is that there is no way to know which is the one that should be used. Not to speak for @valquiria23but I think she is just saying it is her opinion with the addons she has tested. She isn't saying the ones she mentions are better than the others. In the case of Phoenix, the problem is worse because many addons simply won't work with it until they are converted. So having a page that states which do work is a great idea, in my opinion. As for which version of Phoenix, it is not always a simple upgrade from one version to the next since some addons have to change the core code. And newer versions of Phoenix may break addons that have been coded for an earlier version. The only way to provide this information correctly would be for each addon developer to upgrade the version of Phoenix he is using, then upgrade and test his addons with it and then package and upload the changes. That just isn't possible in the real world, as least for me.
  10. As far as this addon is concerned, yes, that is how it should work. As far as the basic shops code, I think it is normal. I can't recall ever seeing code where the manufacturer id was added to the url of a product, though I may be wrong.
  11. This one may be the one you are using so it may contain fixes that you need. Keep in mind. In the newer oscommerce versions, some definitions no longer exist. So, for example, the code you posted uses DIR_WS_MODULES. That has to be changed to includes/modules/. I don't recall if those changes have been made in the addon I mentioned but I do know that version works since I have installed it into shops, though I don't recall if I had to make those conversions first.
  12. Why not use the fedex addon instead of trying to convert this one?
  13. Jack_mcs

    Header Tags SEO

    Yes, it should. It was test in and nothing was changed in the later versions of Phoenix that would cause problems.
  14. Hey Jack,

    Re. Honey Pot Captcha - Latest Upload - a file is missing

    In the NEW Files, you are missing the Contact us

    Failed opening 'includes/honeypot/modules/honeypot_verify_contact_us.php'


    Cheers,  Todd

    1. Jack_mcs


      Please see this.

    2. toughmama


      Thx Jack,
      Modified a few things after going thru the forum, and all working now...   Thank you.   Cheers,  Todd

      FYI Only - The most recent instructions still showed /honeypot_verify_contact_us.php
      3) For contact_us.php,

          $actionRecorder = new actionRecorder('ar_contact_us', (tep_session_is_registered('customer_id') ? $customer_id : null), $name);

      ADD ABOVE:
          /*** BEGIN HONEYPOT ***/
          /*** END HONEYPOT ***/ 

  15. No, it won't work for Phoenix. I don't know if an update is planned but, if not, then Phone Orders might work for you.