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  1. Jack_mcs

    Sitemap SEO

    @artfulwebYes, I understood what you were saying but I can't duplicate it here. I clicked all around the site but never got a warning. Are you using a non-English language? I only have English in my test shop so that might be it. Also, did you go to page control for this addon and click update? That is required to initialize it.
  2. Jack_mcs

    Sitemap SEO

    @artfulwebI just did a quick install of 7.1 and installed this addon but I'm not getting any warnings. What are you doing to see the failure?
  3. Jack_mcs

    Sitemap SEO

    I don't have it installed in that version but try changing this line to if (! isset($cat['id']) || (strpos($cat['id'], (string)$current_category_id) === FALSE)) continue; Please let me know if it works so I can add it to the next version.
  4. I'm sorry but I can't provide specific coding help like that in a support thread.
  5. Jack_mcs

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    I made some changes in the attached file. It is still not right but I don't have too much spare time to spend on it at the moment. Hopefully it will get you a little closer. usps.php
  6. Jack_mcs

    FAQ's BS

    A new version has been uploaded with these changes: Added an icon for Phoenix. Changes admin FAQ files to work with Phoenix
  7. Oops, didn't notice I hadn't set the support thread option in apps. I've done that now and the support page is here. I'll upload the latest version shortly.
  8. I'm sorry but I don't know the answer and don't have a way to look into it. Hopefully someone else can help.
  9. Jack_mcs

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    @dculleyPlease try the attached. I haven't tested it thoroughly but I think it is working. usps.php
  10. @ludo41That error can also be caused by missing definitions in the language file so make sure the definition exists in the language file, if that is where it should be. The original addon should either have it there or have a module to install that adds the database changes.
  11. Jack_mcs

    Gift Vouchers Secure

    Without knowing where the error is occurring, I can only guess. You might try changing the text gv_account.php to gv_create_account.php.
  12. Jack_mcs

    Wrong redirect after add to cart

    In case you missed it
  13. Jack_mcs

    Wrong redirect after add to cart

    You should ask questions about a specific addon in the support thread for that addon. Your version is on the edge of where addons like that would work without changes but it could be made to work.
  14. @radhavallabhThere was a post about the setting, as I recall, but that was several years ago and I didn't mark it so I don't know which it is. But it would have been a "strict" setting, of which there are several on the server. If you can't find the answer, then maybe explaining to your host that the problem is that url's with brackets, ( {} ), fail. Maybe they can figure it out from that.
  15. I assume you mean the right list on the country blocking page. If so, that list will only show entries when a block occurs. Also, be sure you have enabled country blocking in the settings. And if you use a google service, like remarketing, set the option not to block the search engines.