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  1. Jack_mcs

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Thanks for posting those changes. But as mentioned on the map creation page, the csv file is for testing only. You can use it if your fixes make it a working file but I suggest downloading It and try opening it locally to make sure it works.
  2. Jack_mcs

    Category Images

    That addon only works in BS3 shops because it uses the "equal-height" class and that class is not used in BS4 (Phoenix). I haven't looked at the code in Phoenix to see how that problem is handled but the following should allow that addon to work. In the includes/modules/content/index/templates/category_images.php file, change this line <div class="card-body category-images-item"> to <div class="card-body equal-height category-images-item"> But to be clear, the main reason the two boxes are so different in height is because the second one is missing the image. If you add an image for it that might fix the problem. If you don't have an image for a particular category, creating one for a replacement, like "No Image Available" would be the best choice.
  3. Jack_mcs

    Shipping discounts?

    As far as I know, any addon that does anything with shipping provides free shipping, not a discount. You could try this one. I've no idea if it does what you want or even if it will work in your shop but I am not aware of any others, though there might be. You might want to look through the Shipping section of the apps section.
  4. Jack_mcs

    Paypal SSL Test Failure

    Be sure it is the Phoenix version, not the previous CE version. For paypal, the sandbox is a pain to use, in my opinion, and not worth the effort. If you have access to another paypal account use it. Or just create a second paypal account if you don't.
  5. For the product listing page, there are addons for that but they won't work as expected if the products have attributes. In that case, as far as I know, no one has coded that. For quantity on the product page, you can install this addon.
  6. If you are using a sitemap, take a look at it to make sure the url's are correct. If it is one you generated from some external site, it was probably not created correctly.
  7. I'm not clear as to what you mean by "robots" in this context. Does the actual url look like your example? The only time I've seen a url like that, that I can recall, was due to improperly coded links in the code. So do all of the url's look like that or just cert ones? And what happens if you turn this addon off? Will the links then work if clicked on?
  8. Jack_mcs

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    This will cause a failure if you don't have the field mentioned in the database. Though from the output you show, that isn't the case. The output seems to show the script is working but just not finding any products. Do you have at least one active product? I know this may seem a silly question but if this is a new shop there may not have been any setup yet.
  9. Jack_mcs

    Paypal SSL Test Failure

    It's most likely because the ssl cert the app uses needs to be updated. I think this is a good one.
  10. I worked on a shop that did just this many years ago. I don't recall all of the detail of it but I do remember the customer had to enter his prescription. To do that you will either need the Option Types addon or a form created just for that purpose, maybe both. I looked at the two sites you mentioned and it looks like, for glasses, you just need to select basic features, like prescription or not. There is an addon (Filtered Products or something like that) that allows you to setup groups of attributes in one of the columns that lets the customer narrow down the search, like Size Small Medium Large Color red white blue So I suggest you install the Option Types and Filtered Products addons to begin with. Once those are working you should be better able to see what else is needed.
  11. Jack_mcs

    Category Images

    A new version has been uploaded with these changes: Added a version for Phoenix. Added an option to allow controlling which categories are displayed. Added a module for sub-categories. Added a module for categories with product pages. Changed install text to mention the equal heights addon. Corrected mistake in the module that was storing some of the settings in the wrong place. Corrected mistake in the css that would prevent other css from working. Moved the css code from user.css to the ext/css/category_images,css file. Replaced unused variable with the correct code. Found by member @Moxamint.
  12. Jack_mcs

    Jssor Slider

    Thanks for mentioning this. The way I did it was place my javascript within code to wait for the script to load. It's in the module so there's not any changes to the core files. window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() { //script goes here });
  13. Jack_mcs


    You don't have anything set in it. In the least the first two settings are needed, though there are others.
  14. Jack_mcs

    Jssor Slider

    It shouldn't cause a problem with other code, that I can think of. But it is not the correct change since it will break should you ever update the core files. See my Message Box addon for the code change to allow it to work without changing the core files.
  15. Jack_mcs

    Jssor Slider

    I haven't tried it in Phoenix but my guess is that it is because the main javascript include is loaded in the footer in Phoenix, where it was loaded in the header in BS3. That means the javascript in this addon doesn't have the defines it needs.