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  1. It decodes into a png for Target Sports. If it is not something you added, then you may have been hacked.
  2. help with updating shoping cart

    I'm not sure what you mean by "update." If you want to get the shop to work with the newer php versions that is not recommended. That version of oscommerce is full of security holes and will be a constant headache. If by "update" you mean you want to have the latest oscommerce version, which is recommended, then you will need to do a new install using this package, convert your database to work with it and make any changes needed to get it to where you want it to be. There is a sage pay module included in the new version. I haven't used it but I assume it works.
  3. In the meantime, for those using Header Tags SEO, you can display the name of the item in the breadcrumb or make up your own. There is also an option to include the model number.
  4. It's difficult to say since there are so many versions of that addon. But the first thing to check is to see if there are any statements that use DIR_... The version of oscommerce you are using no longer allows some statements to be used. So you need to change any code that uses them to the actual path. So, for example, DIR_WS_INCLUDES needs to be replaced with 'includes/'

    First, please sure you are using this version. As for the name, that comes from the admin/includes/configure.php file. If it is what you entered then it is correct.
  6. Welcome back. :) First, verify that you are using this version. If not, then you need to start over. As for EP, any of the newer versions should work with the latest oscommerce shop though I'm not sure the install instructions have been updated for the Community version of oscommerce. But it is a fairly simple installation so if you get stuck, just ask for help.
  7. Merge Accounts

    You are correct. When I first added the lists I thought there might be a problem with sites that had a large number of customers or were on servers with low memory settings. I intended to go back and change that but ran out of time. I will change it in the next version.
  8. Merge Accounts

    That usually happens when the data being read in is too large for the server to allow. The script is trying to load in customers and then populate three lists and if the number of customers you have is huge, then this could happen. You can see how many customers you have in the Customers section of admin (down at the bottom). I have this installed in a shop that has 8,000 customers and it is working fine so yours would have to be considerably larger if this is the problem. It could also be that your host has the memory limit for your account controlled in some way that is stopping it. From the error, the script used 132 MB which is about standard in todays hosting. But there might be local settings overriding that. You could ask your host to check the memory setting and ask why you are running out of it. They will most likely say it is the script, which it may be, but since it works in other shops that seems unlikely.
  9. Merge Accounts

    It isn't coded as an option but that can be added. I'll add to the next version. To remove it for now, remove this code from the admin/merge_accounts.php file array('table' => 'address_book', 'field' => 'customers_id'),
  10. Merge Accounts

    This addon provides a way to merge two customer accounts. It will move all orders from one account to the another and add the account details of the From account into the address book of the To account. Once the changes have been made, the From account is deleted. It is compatible with all versions of oscommerce.
  11. Security Message

    I think Gary's point was that the message says "Please re-run the extended security checks under Tools -> Security " so you need to do that to get rid of the message.
  12. Besides google analytics that Steve mentioned, some hosts offer stats programs in their control panels. The AWStats one in cpanel breaks down the browsers being used. You could add a snippet of code that was used in the old mobile addon that detects the browser. Adding that would be simple but providing a way to store and use it would be more involved. I'll add the code to report the device in my next version of View Counter. It already tracks the connections so it wouldn't be a big change to have it record the device type.
  13. The way the rewrite works is that a control character is used to represent the various types of pages: c for categories, p for products, pr for product reviews and so on. So when one of your products has such a character in the name, the code things it is a control character and handles it incorrectly. I'm not aware of a way around that problem other than to not use those letters in the names.
  14. Geotargeting

    There is already code in place to, sort of, determine the language to be used. I say sort of because it depends on a couple of things and is not always accurate. I use code in my View Counter addon that determines the country more closely. But it uses a free IP database and that database is not complete or updated too often. You can pay for a full version but I don't think the cost is justified. Both of these methods will work to a limited degree. Both would also require additional code changes to do what you want. I don't care for making a customer click a popup. That seems a non-user-friendly option, though such popups are common nowadays.
  15. Reply to Jack_mcs about Error (60) e-mails

    Paypal made a number of changes over the last few years and the Paypal App is the only paypal module that handles all of those. So if you are not using the app, you are using out-dated and unsupported code. Another difference is that the app is really a package that contains all paypal modules.