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  1. The Bootstrap version uses modules to control most things. You will need to create a new module to display something new, or edit one of the existing modules. Though the latter is not recommended since the module may change in future releases and you would lose your changes.
  2. All of the modules install with a few clicks in admin so there isn't a big difference in setting them up. But as far as them working with any bank, it depends on the module. For all of the paypal modules, except payflow, the money sets in an account at paypal and you transfer it to wherever you want. For and a few others, they send it straight to your bank. But while it would be an easy setup to use, the $50/month fee, or whatever it would be for your reseller, would be a big difference from the per item fee of Paypal Express. So it still comes down to how much you are willing to pay.
  3. It really depends on what you are willing to pay. The module works very well but is costly, compared to others. The paypal module is less, if you use one of the on-site payment modules or even less if you use paypal express.
  4. I tried it as you typed it and it failed for me too. But then I changed the name to use lower case and it worked: nirosoft-explorer-p-818.html It missed the middle word but I suspect it is also a case issue. Is there a case for €?
  5. There isn't a way in the current version of this addon to remove orphan orders. That would have to be done via the database. But since orders are spread out over several tables it would not be a simple change. But short of restoring the customers and address book tables and running it again, that's the only choice I can think of. The latter can cause problems if your customers have changed something in their accounts so it is not a good choice unless you know for sure nothing would have changed. There are some old addons for this. They may need updating to work with your shop and you should make a backup of the database first but one may work, probably the delete orders by filter.
  6. I'm still not clear on the distinctions you are making but I don't have any answers for you. I suggest you install a blank shop, install the addon and see if it works for English. If it fails right from the start with English, then something on the server is causing the problem. Otherwise, install the Polish language and try it. If it works, then convert your database and see if that works. Somewhere along the way you should be able to discover the problem.
  7. I don't understand what your image is showing. I see the characters in the setting and they look to be correct but what is the list of characters below it? And, just to be clear, the rewrite is for the url, not text on the page. I don't know if it was mentioned anywhere in this thread but if you have the English language installed, does the rewrite work with it?
  8. Yes, that is how it should be done. Otherwise you risk taking the live shop down. If your hosts control panel may have an option to backup the database, create a new one and populate it with the one you saved. You will need to the new shops configure files to reference the new database.
  9. No, that isn't necessary. Once the search engines are aware of the maps they will look at them automatically. Just be sure you have added them to your google and Bing webmaster accounts. But if you want to click on the links, it won't hurt anything.
  10. I just tried it in a new BS shop and it worked as expected. The shop only has English installed but that uses UTF for the charset so it shouldn't make a difference. The only thing I can think it may be is the php version your shop is running. The test site here is using 5.6.
  11. The php version isn't shown in the configure file. You asked which database was being used, thus that reply. If you want to know what version of php is being used, look in admin->Tools->Server Info.
  12. The minimum php version it will work with it 5.4 but it will work with php 7 so choose the highest version your host offers. But keep in mind that if you have an older, live, shop on the same server, raising the php version may break it. For the database, look in the includes/configure.php file. The database being used will be showing there. The shop only uses one database.
  13. No, that is the built-in SEO code that comes in the basic shop.
  14. You have to set the colors in View Counter->Color.
  15. Many of the addons have been converted to work with the BS and the majority, or maybe all, new addons being written are for the BS version. Not switching to it would be a big mistake, in my opinion.