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  1. Put an item on special and then go to that page. If the order of the prices are correct, you're all set. If not, you need to make the change.
  2. OK. I see what you are saying. However, the argument swapping is not working for some sites. It obviously works for some since someone posted that previously but I've had two sites where it failed. Don't know why. To be honest, I didn't look at the language file so I didn't know argument swapping was being used. It seems unnecessary for a dedicated definition like this but it is what it is.
  3. I'm not sure we are talking about the same thing or maybe I just don't understand your reply. Given this command sprintf(MODULE_CONTENT_PI_PRICE_DISPLAY_SPECIAL, $VAR_1, $VAR_2) are you saying the order of the two variables don't matter?
  4. valquiria23 In the footer template file, you can change <ul class="nav nav-pills nav-stacked"> to <ul class="list-unstyled"> You have to change it in each file so it isn't as convenient as styling the existing class but it provides proper spacing in responsive mode.
  5. How can that be? It is a sprint call and the variables are used in the order given. It would make the function useless if the order didn't matter. Please explain what I am missing.
  6. Are you sure you made the change that I mentioned? What you are seeing on the site is the specials price and then the product price. If you look at the code I said to change, the order is specials and product, which is what is showing. My change was to make it product and specials. Regardless, the idea is to have the regular price first and struck out and then the specials price. So if your original code had it that way, switch back to that.
  7. [Contribution] Option Types v2

    This line doesn't make any sense to me include(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO2 . 'product_info2.php'); Presumably, FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO2 is defined as 'product_info2.php' so that statement says to load the file product_info2.phpproduct_info2.php. You may have meant define(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO2 . 'product_info2.php'); And nothing is done with the $manufacturers_query variable. You need to fetch the results of that call. Something like the following may be what you need: $manufacturers_query = tep_db_query("select manufacturers_id, manufacturers_name from " . TABLE_MANUFACTURERS . " order by manufacturers_name"); while ($manufacturers = tep_db_fetch_array($manufacturers_query)) { if ($manufacturers['manufacturers_name'] == 'CUSTOM') { $goto = 'product_info2.php'; $parameters = array('action', 'cPath', 'products_id', 'pid'); break; } }
  8. I'm glad to hear you got it going. I think you will find oscommerce is a better package than opencart, were you to upgrade to the latest version but good luck with the move.
  9. motion2082 The deprecated message can be ignored but should be hidden. But the reset have to do with the language not being found and that is due to the php version you are switching to being different than the one the previous server used. To fix it, in both includes/application_top.php files, change this line if (!tep_session_is_registered('language') || isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['language'])) { to this if (!tep_session_is_registered('language') || isset($_GET['language']) || empty($language)) {
  10. Google XML Sitemap SEO

    It has to be done by editing the database directly. That is usually done using the phpmyadmin program which most hosts have installed. You need to - Select your database in phpmyadmin. - Make a backup of your database (export tab). - Select the configuration_group table. - Find the Google XML line and note its ID. Then delete it from that table. - Select the configuration table. - In the sql tab, enter this command after changing the XX to the above ID you noted: delete from configuration where configuration_group_id = XX That should do it.
  11. Installing Mistake

    First it sounds like you are using the wrong version. Be sure this is the one you are using. If not, start over. As far as the login, I'm not sure I understand the problem but if it is do to with setting the admin login, if you empty the administrators table in the database, you will be able to set the password when you visit the admin.
  12. Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Yes. The new sql script will create new configuration entries so you would end up with duplicates.
  13. MATC BS

    Thank you for testing it. You are correct. The code doesn't work correctly when a non-javascript error occurs. Please try this change to see if it fixes it. Find <div class="buttonSet matc-button-wrapper"> <?php echo '<div class="text-right">' . tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_CONTINUE, 'fa fa-user', null, 'primary', 'id="TheSubmitButton"', 'btn-success'); ?></div> </div> and place this below it <?php if ($error) { echo '<script type="text/javascript">$(function() { $(".matc-button-wrapper").show(); }); </script>'; } ?>
  14. Header Tags SEO

    All of the notices you see are due to your php version running in strict mode. That is not something I recommend for a live shop. You can try replacing the error_reporting call near the top of includes/application_top.php with the following but if it doesn't work, you would need to ask your host to disable in php if you can't do that in your control panel: error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT & ~E_USER_DEPRECATED); All instances of FILENAME_ were removed in version 3.3.5. If you are still seeing them, it is either because you are not using that version or that you didn't replace the includes/header_tags.php file. $category_seo_title_string is not part of this addon and is removed in the included file. You don't have to remove it but it doesn't serve any purpose when this addon is installed. The next version, which has not been released, uses modules and hooks for the BS shop. But I never upload new versions of most of my addons for at least six months from when they are ready since the changes are provided to my clients first. So, eventually, the next version will be released but the current one still works fine, just the installation isn't as easy as it could be.
  15. MATC BS

    I just tried creating an account here but made a mistake on the form, like not entering the city, and when the page reloaded the checkbox was checked and the button was present. In your situation, does it matter which browser you are using? What php version are you using?