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  1. Google won't punish you for the duplicate meta tags warnings so that is not an issue. But SEO 5 should be issuing a 301 for the stock url. That may not work with the rewrite method you are using but you should ask in the SEO 5 support thread to be sure. I don't use it so I can't say.
  2. Dan: It may be worth giving it a try for one shop. If it works well the others could be switched. Just be sure to block your site while the database is being copied so you don't lose any data. The remote you saw in cpanel is probably "remote access." That is an option to allow a connection to your database from some other location. So if you have two sites in different hosting accounts, you could have one load the database the other uses. You would need to put the IP of the second site into the remote access section of the main one to allow the connection.
  3. There might be a noticeable slowdown if the site is a busy one since there is a longer distance involved with a remote server. It probably wouldn't be an issue for many small shops. It might make a difference, too, if the remote server was a local one (same host) as opposed to a completely different location.
  4. Dan - I think the main decision for using a different server for the database comes down to cost. I don't know what google charges but whatever it is, it will be more than what your hosting plan costs. There's no real advantage to having a database hosted on a different server other than if the main server goes down and has to be restored. Restores can take several days on a large server so having the database on an external server can allow you to get your site up more quickly. But such problems are rare nowadays so it comes back to whether having that "insurance" is worth the added cost. There is also the question of how available to the other server will be. If it is slow to load, so is your site. Google states that they have software in place to make that a non-issue so as long as that is true, cost is the only issue, that I can see.
  5. I haven't test that myself but as long as you have removed only the display code and placed that line in the same location, I don't see why it won't work. I am assuming there is only one attribute in the list since that is what you mentioned originally. If there are others, or just a select option entry, then you will have to change that code so it uses the correct ID.
  6. Part of the code you are removing contains the id of the attribute so you need to add a hidden field so the code knows to add it. It would be something like tep_draw_hidden_field('id[' . $products_options_name['products_options_id'] . ']', 0);
  7. That ability is built-in. You need to enable the download option in admin->Configuration and then setup an attribute for the product that needs it. The weight of that product should be set to 0.
  8. Yes, it is possible. You shouldn't remove all of the attributes code, only the part that displays the attributes. But it seems you are going at it backwards. Why not just remove the attributes from the products and include whatever it would have been as part of the products description? Doing it your way, should you ever need just one product to display an attribute, you will be in a bind.
  9. The index causes the table to treat that field differently. It doesn't track what is in the field. So, no, indexing won't cause any problems. Although, it is possible to over-index and that can cause a slow-down.
  10. We run MariaDB 5.6 and there are not any problems with any of the versions of oscommerce shops on the server. But according to how I read the MariaDB compatibility notes, there may be problems If V 10 is used so I am playing it safe for now and sticking with 5.6. If you switch to it, please post the results here since this will be of interest to others in the coming months.
  11. I don't have definitive answers for either. If no one else responds here you may want to ask in one of the threads for the Responsive version. But myy guess is that Gold will work with 5.6 since the 2.3.4 version before it did. Though it is not a good idea to be using it (Gold) since it is so outdated at this point. Edge will work with 7.0 and, usually, an upgrade to a php version won't break code that will work in that version, I haven't tested it so I can't say for sure.
  12. If there is a directory as part of the image name in the database and it is not correct, you need to edit that product to remove the directory name.
  13. There isn't any code in place to limit the images. But the links are built by reading in the products and their images so I don't understand how the product could not exist.
  14. Xeno If you want the extra security of the two logins, I don't suggest you use that method. Use one you add from an external source, like your control panel. The reason is because the one in the admin will have the same login as the on-page login so if a hacker gets one login, he will automatically have the other one.
  15. John W Correct again. The sessions part of the code was the first added for this addon and I never revisited it. It is good to have a fresh look at it. Thanks for pointing out the mistake.