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  1. Jack_mcs

    osCommerce 4 beta 2 Internal Server Error?

    You could PM @osCommerce-Official
  2. Jack_mcs


    Any design is possible with your shop though it requires a number of code edits. There used to be a large number of template sites around for your version but they are probably gone now. You may be able to find some (search for oscommerce templates) and, if found, they will probably not cost much. There is a live shops section on this site but I think they have all been switched to V4 (TRU Loaded) sites. But you can use the wayback machine and view that page before that change was made. Go back to 2014 or before to be sure you are looking at just your version of oscommerce.
  3. Jack_mcs


    Not correct. Take a look at the web broswer title on one of the product pages. You will see it has the name of the product. that is not stock. Someone altered the code to have the title display that way. That might have been possible 10 years ago when the SEO rules were quite different. It does not happen that way any longer. It is possible to rank well but you have to make an effort at it. The addons I mentioned do most of the work for you. Without them you will spend a lot of time trying to duplicate what they do, and probably with less success. Unlikely. The location of a server in todays world doesn't have as much affect as it once did. The search engines do look at the servers IP for location but that is usually overridden by the TLD. Plus, they consider the ranking. I have taken a number of sites to high ranking where the server is not located in the same company as the shop owner. You are better advised to pick a host that offers a fast server, which many don't, and truly know oscommerce, which most don't. Switching to V4 would be the best choice for your shop but even if it is released today it would be a while before you were ready to go live. If time doesn't matter then I suggest you wait for it. If it does, the suggestions I made will make a difference.
  4. Jack_mcs

    osCommerce 4 beta 2 Internal Server Error?

    @wdepotI suggest you reference the V4 support person in your post since I don't think they monitor the forums too much, probably due to working on the release. Also, if you have a Beta version you should contact them to let the know of the problem. They should have mentioned that in the email they sent you when enabling it, assuming they haven't changed that policy. They quicjky responded to problems I reported but only through email or PM.
  5. Jack_mcs


    It depends on what resources your site need but most older shops like yours are around $88. But please contact me when you are considering a move and I can be more specific.
  6. Jack_mcs


    That is not too bad given the age of the site. Your site isn't mobile-ready and google ranks non-mobile-ready sites lower than mobile-ready ones. Though it is still possible to rank well with them. 1 - This is really a question your host should answer. If they can't, or won't, you should consider another host. But the url for it is www.xpressmedia.co.za /cpanel 2 - You need to have meta tag and google sitemap addons installed. See my Header Tags SEO. and google sitemap addons. You will need to use older versions of them but they will help. 3 - Yes, you can put videos on the site. It is best to put them on youtube and then load them on your site since that puts storing them on them and allows you to use standard code. Search these forums for that code. I suggest you take a look at this post about hosting. You will most likely have future problems due to the age of your site so you may want to fix that now.
  7. That's because the code in Pheonix was changed to handle the links differently as well as how the attributes are handled. As mentioned, I have made a change to fix the first but haven't had time for the second. Maybe the person handling that addon will.
  8. @petbeemerThat is a different addon than this one so I can't comment on how well, or if, it works. You should ask in its support thread.
  9. Glad you got it to work. The latest uploaded version will work through, or so but not in later versions.
  10. Yes, sort of. I have a working be version except there is a problem with shopping cart links that have attributes. I will post here when that have been fixed.
  11. That's why you need a host that truly understands oscommerce. ☹️ It is best to ask this in one of the threads about V4. But according to their posts here and on their site it is just a matter of weeks now.
  12. Sadly, what you describe is very common nowadays. The first problem was very likely due to data skimmers hitting your site. They can cause the load on the server to get very high and many hosts will lock the site due to that since it is easier that figuring out the fix. The second problem is due to a setting on the server. Using IP's as a url is a possible security issue so many host won't allow it. Changing the hosts file will allow you to see the site but it can be a pain. Absolutely. Contact me about our hosting. We really do specialize in oscommerce, don't charge for transfers and, most importantly, will make sure the site is working before turning it over.
  13. @14steve14Assuming there is a mailchimp table with email addresses in it, this should return all customers that are in the Mailchimp table and have not placed an order in the last 6 years. Select * from customers c left join mail_chimp_email_log mc on c.customers_email_address = mc.email_address WHERE c.customers_id NOT IN (select o.customers_id from orders o where date_purchaced > DATE_SUB(NOW(),INTERVAL 6 YEAR))
  14. Jack_mcs

    Search exploit ?

    I don't remember if whos online shows the full parameter list. I seem to recall that it didn't in some cases. But if what you show is the full list then they are just normal searches for 2022 and 2023. It wouldn't gain a hacker anything to do such a search unless there was hacker code in the shop with those in it, which seems unlikely. Could it be that your product line would contain either of those and people are just searching for the latest version?