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  1. For the url problem, try turning of the cache and gzip settings in admin, as well as the url rewriter if you use one. It things start to work, you can troubleshoot from there. For the version of php, an RC2 shop should be able to run on 5.4, possibly 5.5 and maybe 5.6, depending upon how old a shop it is. If it doesn't, there are code changes that can be made to allow that. Though the better choice is to switch to the Responsive version.
  2. acr80813 - Yes, you can edit it with define languages. The trick is finding the file to edit. :) On older shops, if the page you wanted to change the text on a page, like index.php, you would edit the file in languages with that same name. But the latest version of oscommerce uses modules and they are not as easy to find. It depends on which module contains the text you want but you probably want to edit this file: includes/languages/English/modules/content/index/cm_i_text_main.php
  3. jimsmega - Login problems like you describe are usually due to problems in the configure file. But since your .htaccess file has been changed, I suppose that could be causing an issue. Paste it here so someone can take a look. As for ebay, if you are using the latest ebay addon, there is a setting for the url and it needs to be changed to https.
  4. You need to change this line define('HTTP_SERVER', ''); to this define('HTTP_SERVER', '');
  5. The cost of thousands is ridiculously high. It is not allowed to post quotes for things like that on the forums but I'll PM you to give you a more realistic range. For older shops like yours you will need to start over, sort of. If done correctly, you won't lose anything in your database like customers and orders. Nor will you lose the SEO work done. But any addons you have had installed, code changes that do some function but are not from an addon and the appearance of the shop have to be redone. But once done, you will have a much more faster and securer shop that is mobile ready. Paying cart2cart is not necessary and would just increase the cost of the conversion.
  6. There are two types of pages you can have in the shop: real and pseudo. The real pages are created by actual files for each page. Those are the ones you see in define languages. To edit them, you need to edit the file for each page as you are doing. To add new pages, you have to create the two files it takes to make a real page: one in the root directory and one in the languages directory. The pseudo pages are created and maintained in admin. There is one master file that is used to display them. These are much easier to use but require an addon to be installed for them to work. You can see some of the choices here. I recommend Information Pages. I will be adding my own version soon, I hope, so you may want to watch for it. I suggest you also install Ultimate SEO and Header Tags SEO since they are compatible with Information Pages and will let you control the url and meta tags for the new pages.
  7. Thanks for mentioning it anyway. :)
  8. First, you posted the credentials for your database. You need to change the actual ones now or risk a hacker getting in. You can request that be removed from this thread by contacting a moderator. As for the configure file, you posted the original and the one for the test shop but not the current one, which is all that matters. But anywhere in it where you see', it needs to be changed to It's difficult to say what your host did to cause this but most hosts will only change the .htaccess file when making a change for ssl, if that. They almost never edit the configure file. To use an ssl for the full site, you need to have both the roots .htaccess file and the shops configure file changed.
  9. The ssl warning is due to the code in the search box of your site. But there are many search boxes spread over the various versions so I can't tell you what file to look at. If it is not being added by a template, then it is probably in the includes/boxes/, includes/modules/boxes/ or includes/modules/content/hearer/ directories. Which one depends on your version. Look for a file with the word search in the name. But that won't fix the problem with not being able to add to cart. That is most likely an incorrectly setup configure file. This thread may help with that. If you can't figure it out, post the contents of that file here, except for the database credentials, and I will take a look at it.
  10. You need to completely remove the current shop. Since you installed it through cpanel you can easily do a clean remove from there. Once it is gone, extract the contents of the zip page and upload them to the server, or upload the zip file and use cpanels file manager to extract the contents, which will be faster. Then visit the install directory to start the installation. This method of installing it won't be as easy as installing it from cpanel but there's no choice about that. But you may want to download the includes/configure.php file and the admin/includes/configure.php files before removing the current shop. Then you can reference it to get some of the details you will need for the new installation.
  11. First, you need to trash the shop and install it using this package. Once it is working, you can edit the pages in the Tools->Define Languages section of install one of the page manager addons. like Information Pages.
  12. Branson Bean - The problem isn't in the product page. Look in the search box.
  13. Turn off the rewriter and if the problem goes away, the problem is in that addon. If you are using SEO 5, as opposed to Ultimate SEO, turning it off may not be enough since it doesn't really turn completely off. You may need to uninstall it from the files to find where the problem is at. The bottom line is that the oscommerce code, with or without a url rewriter, works fine for many shops so you need to try to isolate why it is failing for yours. I can say that since you say your version is the BS version but that you show code with HTTP_POST_VARS, it means you are not using the latest version of that shop since all HTTP_POST_VARS were changed to _POST (the other globals also). So that may be part of the problem.
  14. Branson Bean - The problem is that one, or more, of your files is using code that doesn't tell it to switch to ssl. You need to change the code where that is done. I can't be specific about the change since you didn't mention the version of oscommerce you are using. But the problem you mentioned will be in the search infobox or search module. In the file, find the line that has tep_draw_form in it. That line will probably contain 'NONSSL' Changing that to 'SSL' will fix the error. But there may well be other files with the same type of error. You just have to work through them find which file is at fault.
  15. Stefanie - Yes, you need to change the enable ssl to true and make the changes Rainer mentioned. If that doesn't fix it, you will need to find out what it is your host did. When I said older shops may not work, I didn't mean they would fail to load. I just meant they might get secure warnings in browsers because of the way they are coded.