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  1. define MySQL Server on MySQL DB

    If he hard-coded it, there's no way for anyone here to tell you how to find it since that is something unique to your shop. I suggest you create a test file that connects to the database. Don't have anything in the file except for the commands to access it. Here's an example if you don't know how to do that. If that fails, it means your shop is not the problem for the connection. Once you have that script working, copy those settings to the configure files and you should be all set. Or, at least, you would have eliminated one possible cause.
  2. define MySQL Server on MySQL DB

    I think you need to explain in detail what the problem is since all that is being done is guessing at what you want.
  3. define MySQL Server on MySQL DB

    You will need to change the settings in includes/configure.php so that it uses the new database, that you will have to create.
  4. You will need to install an addon but there isn't one, that I am aware of, for the latest BS version. The one you are using can be made to work but it would require code changes.
  5. define MySQL Server on MySQL DB

    Assuming you are referring to the database, you can find some of what you need in hosts control panel. The password can't be retrieved so you might need to create a new one. Your host should be able to provide a better answer if this doesn't help. Or, if just want to see what it is currently set to, look in the includes/configure.php file.
  6. Upgrading to the latest version

    If you downloaded the version from the link Dan mentioned, then your host is not correct. But regardless of if it is old or not, they should tell you want the error is. You can also see if there is a file named error_log in the root of the shop and, if there is, see what the last error is. Since it is only failing when you try to place an order, it is most likely something to do with the configure file. Or if you have made file changes to the stock code, then it might be that one of those is causing a problem. The first thing to do is to find out what the error is.
  7. OK, thanks. I haven't looked much at the official version but is there something in it that would make rebuilding it better than the BS version?
  8. I'm not sure I understand what you are proposing. If you mean to create a fork, those aren't allowed here so it would be a whole shop. If you mean to just update the existing files, you won't be able to make it the official version so you would end up with a second community version. Would that accomplish anything? Maybe I'm not understanding what the goal is.
  9. Strange number on payment page

    That looks like something someone added for troubleshooting purposes. It doesn't serve any purpose for the page and can be removed (the <td></td> code you mentioned).
  10. Addon installer concept

    piernas - I think this is a good idea if you can figure out a way to get it to reliably work. It's too bad one or two of the posters gave you such a hard time and were so negative about it. There's just no reason for that. I see two main issues with the project: 1 - Someone referred to an auto-installer addon written a few years ago. I had written one several years before that but it became too difficult to maintain due to all of the possible variations. I told the same thing to the programmer of that addon and, if you read the thread, he ended up having the same problem. Maybe you have figured out a way to make changes to core files when needed from the script but I have my doubts. 2 - I think for it to work, there would have to be some sort of structure for the addon, like all new files it has are to be in a directory in the addon package named new_files. That is a simple thing but many addon contributors don't do this so for their addons to work with your script, they would have to change their package and upload again. This is the main problem, I think, because creating extra work for developers will probably not accomplish what is needed. But for addons that are strictly new module files, this would be a good start. There would have to be a way to mark the addons as modules only, maybe just a simple statement in the package. Your script could then download the addon, search for that text or file and, if found, extract the files and install. Of course, the files would have to be in a defined directory so the script could find them. This would still require the developers to make a change to their addons but it would be a relatively simple change so I think they would be more likely to do it. Many addons require file changes but there are also quite a few that are just uploads and your project would work with those quite well. I think that, over time, the number of addons that are just module uploads will increase so having a basic install for those already in place would help the project. If I were coding it, I would create a cron job to read in the addons and create a list of ones ready to install. Then the shop owner would just need to click a download and install button for any he want to install. I wish you good luck with it and think you should proceed. I don't have a lot of time to get involved with coding but I will certainly help if I can.
  11. Google XML Sitemap SEO

    I suggest you change it back. The google schemas, while still valid, is not used by other search engines. The reason the page doesn't display in the browser is because the xml script used to display it doesn't work with the sitemaps schemas. In the next version (not released) I have removed that completely since it is not needed. Even in yours, the way it was, it was fine because the search engines look at the actual file, not the displayed text. But if you want to keep it how you changed it, be sure to add a sitemaps entry to the robots file to let the other search engines know it is there.
  12. Currency Images

    Thanks Rainer. I was working on changes to my category images addon and the ability to keep the names straight was beyond me. :)
  13. Currency Images

    This is a revised version of the Currencies as Flags addon by Gary (burt). It provides a way to display the currencies as flags instead of text. It is written for the Community Edition (Bootstrap).
  14. Google XML Sitemap SEO

    That fixed the problem for me. When I click on one of the links, the page is displayed correctly. And if I click on one of the non-rewritten links, the code redirects to the rewritten one. So that means Ultimate SEO is working correctly. But the output of the diagnostic is not correct. It should be showing links to the complete map files. I don't know why that is. My guess is that it still has to do with the language but there's no way for me to know from here. The only thing I can think to check is to make sure German is the default language in the admin setting.
  15. Google XML Sitemap SEO

    The first link in the feed is https://www.welt-der-werbeartikel.de/product_info.php?products_id=710 When I visit that page, I get a product not found message. The url changes to https://www.welt-der-werbeartikel.de/-p-710.html which, while not correct, should work. When I click on the link you posted above for the same product, I also get a not found page. I think the problem is, in my case at least, that your default language is not English and that part is not setup. Is that the case? If I visit https://www.welt-der-werbeartikel.de/-p-710.html?language=de it loads the page correct. A common problem with sites that use languages other than English is that they leave the files in place that come with the package. If you are going to have English as a language for your customers, then you need to make sure there is an entry for it in admin and the files in its directory are up-to-date, with regards to changes you have made. If you do not intend to offer it as a language, then you need to delete the entry for it in admin and the files. Please do one of those and then see if the script works.cc it loads the cc