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  1. Thinksit

    Header Tags SEO

    I'm very impressed with this contribution. I have heavily modified a new install of oscommerce-2.2rc2a I used common downloads and added them one at a time over a week. Ultimate_SEO_URLSv21d_UPDATED no issues. PDF datasheet v 1.6.4 Added to the first position of social bookmark for printing RSS feed with eCommerce, v2.0 --- I added the link to social bookmarks Articles v1.5.5 -- Ripped all other header code out and replaced it with HTC SEO All FWR contributions without problems Many others and still no conflicts to speak of. Just a great job of coding. Well done!!
  2. For fun stuck this into a test server. RC2a -- Godaddy server using all the latest code. OsC had Chemo's Ultimate SEO 2d -- HTC SEO -- SID Killer -- Oh and FWR Security and Validation. Fatal error: Call to a member function add_current_page() on a non-object in ------application_top $navigation->add_current_page(); was the offending code at line 325 Remarked out line and got another error. Because the function call was to a capitalized FWR file (php5). Put it lowercase and boom everything worked. Looks nice too!!!!
  3. Thinksit

    Header Tags SEO

    OsCommerce 2.2rca clean install. Totally clean as in nothin' but 2.2rca. Put in the catalog_for_new_shop_only files and the admin section melts down. Follow the step by step for existing shop instructions and a perfect install. Winmerge shows many files out of sync with the clean shop installation, do to it being a 2M2 based system. So the program works great if your using the instruction set to the letter and paying extremely close attention to detail for the catagories file in admin. As always a great job Jack!!!!!
  4. Simple question. Program installation order. Should HTC be the first mod or should STS? Clean install of osc 2.2 rc2a But I want no issues or fighting between mods. I have read ALL the tech reports and install manuals but one question remains.