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  1. What ugly language PHP has become. Look at those backslashes. Oh my God. I want to throw up. Please don't take this personally foxp2. I am criticizing the language itself not your code. :) For instance the following line in the above code. class value extends \osCommerce\OM\Core\Template\TagAbstract { What the hell? :)
  2. Please Please Please give us some information about the OSCOM 3. Is it still alive? or not? If it is not. at least we can move on
  3. No, really, what happened. LOL
  4. Hi guys I am wondering whatever happened to OSCOM3. We got excited a couple of months ago and thought the project is alive. Honestly guys, is OSCOM ever going to be released or not? let us know so we can decide to move on to other solutions or wait. Thanks
  5. Excellent idea
  6. Will OSCOM 3 have a menu system in the backend. Most popular CMS products provide this functionality. I hope we don't have to hard code the menu items in OSCOM like we do now in OSCOM 2 version.
  7. Hi Dalic I was like you. I was big fan of Mootools and resisted jQuery for so long. But after using jQuery, there is no way on earth, I would want to use any other library. jQuery is unlike any other library out there. If it was not for jQuery, I would have given up my job as a web developer long time ago. jQuery has saved me countless times. So start using it and enjoy all the benefits it brings.
  8. I am wondering if OSCOM 3.0 will have an iPhone version view? That would be really cool.
  9. I hope not, That would be really ugly. I have seen the tomato cart and I hated it. Making an internet app to behave like a native windows app is plain stupid. osCommerce V3 1.5 alpha5 look amazing. Can wait for the upcoming stable version
  10. Another year passed. still no OSCOM 3.0. Hopefully 2011 is a lucky year for OSCOM fans. OSCOM 3.0 is now in right track. It has jQuery, jQuery UI and very interesting backend with ajax search and the product details user interface is phenomenal. Hopefully if it is released soon next year, we will see many new innovative addons and some books about OSCOM. OSCOM will rule again!!??!!
  11. Hi Harald Is OSCOM v3.0 Framework built with MVC architecture to separate the database, actions and views layers? I am sure you know what are the advantages of Model View Controller framework. Or is it going to be the same as OSCOM v2 where all 3 layers are mixed in one file.
  12. Thanks Burt I feel better and relaxed now that I can do away with 960gs. Is not it a very restraining to design with only 960px template?
  13. Congratulation to all who brought us osC 2.3 The features are very impressing. Thank you so much for your hard work. I have a very honest question. As a programmer what if the designer or the client asked me to build a shop that is not 960px wide. Can I still use the 960gd? If not what is the workaround?
  14. Well, I am a bigger fan of OSCOM than you. In my two previous jobs as a web developer, I tried hard to convince my employer to continue using osC despite the anger from the other employees and team members. 2 years ago, I thought it was time to move on and choose another e-commerce solution. But suddenly I received a newsletter from Hpdl that osC 3 alpha 5 is coming soon and it is production ready. I've got so excited and persuaded the team to keep developing with osC since the new version is upon us and all the conflicts goes away. At that time I thought maybe the final release is only a few months away. but to my disappointment, it is sitll in the limbo and no other alpha has been release yet. Believe it or not, I lost my job because of the conflict I had with other team members regarding osC 2 series. Now I think I have the right to feel a little disappointed and angered after all years of waiting and passionately supporting osC. Anyway I have found a new job in a different city and I have to go and learn a new e-commerce solution. In 2010, I simply can't persuade anyone that we should still be developing with osC 2. Anyway good luck with all of you guys and I hope one day you will see osC 3.0 makes its debut.
  15. <childish insult removed>