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  1. sammysumer

    So what happend to OSCOM 3

    No, really, what happened. LOL
  2. Hi guys I am wondering whatever happened to OSCOM3. We got excited a couple of months ago and thought the project is alive. Honestly guys, is OSCOM ever going to be released or not? let us know so we can decide to move on to other solutions or wait. Thanks
  3. sammysumer

    Menu System

    Will OSCOM 3 have a menu system in the backend. Most popular CMS products provide this functionality. I hope we don't have to hard code the menu items in OSCOM like we do now in OSCOM 2 version.
  4. sammysumer

    Jquery vs Mootools for OSCv3

    Hi Dalic I was like you. I was big fan of Mootools and resisted jQuery for so long. But after using jQuery, there is no way on earth, I would want to use any other library. jQuery is unlike any other library out there. If it was not for jQuery, I would have given up my job as a web developer long time ago. jQuery has saved me countless times. So start using it and enjoy all the benefits it brings.
  5. sammysumer

    OSCOM 3.0

    Another year passed. still no OSCOM 3.0. Hopefully 2011 is a lucky year for OSCOM fans. OSCOM 3.0 is now in right track. It has jQuery, jQuery UI and very interesting backend with ajax search and the product details user interface is phenomenal. Hopefully if it is released soon next year, we will see many new innovative addons and some books about OSCOM. OSCOM will rule again!!??!!
  6. sammysumer


    Thanks Burt I feel better and relaxed now that I can do away with 960gs. Is not it a very restraining to design with only 960px template?
  7. sammysumer


    Congratulation to all who brought us osC 2.3 The features are very impressing. Thank you so much for your hard work. I have a very honest question. As a programmer what if the designer or the client asked me to build a shop that is not 960px wide. Can I still use the 960gd? If not what is the workaround?
  8. Hi Monika

    I love your book. It was a good send for me.

    I am wondering now that osC 3.0 is being developed and will be available soon hopefully, do you have a plan to write a book on it?

    All the best


  9. sammysumer

    Will osc v3.0 Alpha 5 be supported for upgrade

    Thanks Mark Evans for your reply. Very appreciated. I am very excited. I am following you and hpdl on Twitter and read your blogs. I can't wait. Keep the outstanding job
  10. sammysumer

    Will osc v3.0 Alpha 5 be supported for upgrade

    Is the new osC 3 Framework based on an established PHP Framwork, like symphony or zend? Is the new Frameworks design pattern based. Does it feature MVC or ORM table behaviors? Also I hope the new Framework will be completely object oriented and has an intuitive and consistent API? One last question. Does the new Framework supports PDO for multi database connection? All the best.
  11. sammysumer

    How long until v3 is ready?

    I feel your pain but what is the alternative? Magentoo, don't even talk about it. It is horrible and bloated. If you are using joomla, then there is a good news, Native ecommerce comming to joomla. It is called Tienda. It is so rediculous that they are still supporting osC 2.2 and not concentrating on osC 3.0. I would be really embarrased even to show a site to a client built with osC 2.2. It is a table hell.
  12. You are right. I did some more research on SQLite. SQLite uses file system lock to lock and unlock the database. However it is still good for many other purposes such as lightweight CMS.
  13. How about SQLite? It supports transactions, it has zero configuration, implements most of SQL92 and Faster than any popular client/server database engines for most common operations. The upcoming revision of HTML5 will also use SQLite for client side storage. By the way it also supports Foreign keys which Harald has recently blogged about.