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  1. IAnil

    Quantity Price Breaks

    I have installed Quantity Price Breaks Per Product (QPBPP) for osC 2.3.1 and in the admin side i am not able to see the link from where i can add the price breaks for each products. I did this mannually, it didn't show me any error. I am just able to set the configuration for beaks and discount category and see the products by show products button. what is wrong can you please guide me Thanks and regards
  2. IAnil

    Customers extra fields

    Hi, I need to make account creation form to go for payment if i choose membership option I can achive up to addition of extra field by the help of this contribution but can anybody tell me how to pass this info directly to the order form without any obstacles in it will be very much helpfull. can any body give me the code needed for it Its very urgent help me please Regards & Thanks in advance Anil