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  1. Hi, Has anybody *recently* (within the past 3 months) been advised by ViaKLIX/Nova that they are required to make changes to their payment module? If so - did you simply change the "Account ID #" and "PIN #" in the osC Admin panel or have you actually made the transition from using the "ViaKLIX" contribution to the "Virtual Merchant" contribution? I presume that additional setup will also be required on the viaKLIX/Nova/Virtual Merchant site? What are the gotcha's with doing this? because it looks to me as if you have to change the entire module and thus far the only reference I can find to "Virtual Merchant" are zelf's postings. Surely there are more of you that have encountered this issue! What are the solutions? Mark
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a really clean look for a website/shopping cart. a good example of what I'd like is http://shops.oscommerce.com/directory/goto,34533 Is there some way to preview the template contributions? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply and the info. I had eventually found the fuel surcharge checkbox in the CP "Shipping Profile" and will test with it set. cheers.
  4. Hi, I added/updated the "Canada Post Shipping Module v1.1" (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/391) to a clients cart in December 2007 and have not needed to visit here since. The client has just requested I "add/include" GST and Fuel Surcharges to the shipping charges displayed to the customer so I am here in the forum to see if anyone else has encountered/fixed this issue. So now I see there is a "Canada Post Automated Labels 2.2.1 AND Canada Post Shipping Module 4.1" (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5842) listed that I never noticed before. Can somebody please advise - 1. Is the Canada Post Automated Labels 2.2.1 AND Canada Post Shipping Module 4.1 an UPDATE for v1.1? 2. OR Is it a total REPLACEMENT for v1.1? 3. Does it address the GST and Fuel surcharge issue? 4. Will I have to UNINSTALL v1.1 to use this "new" version? Any and all comments/advise is welcome, Thanks
  5. Hi, Please could I get some help/advice!!!! I have just finished adding this (Java Roasters') contribution to a cart I am testing and I am a little confused about - 1. How and Where I actually get the CP Tracking number 2. There is no "Shipped" status selectable on the ../catalog/admin/orders.php page when I go to revise the Admin/Customers/Orders page - I have reviewed the changes and see no reference to this there :'( I have the CP account on the CP admin site set to "TEST" as I did not want to place any false orders could this have anything to do with 1.
  6. Hi, I have downloaded and installed the viaKlix_2_2 pmt module. I have also read the posts and implemented the patches kindly provided by "Taiter" and others (thanks guy's for all the hard work) but can somebody please be so kind as to help me with a few things... In the attached "Instructions.txt" it is stated .. --- Quote --- How to install: Dump the files where they belong and go configure it. <snip> ... Don't do this without SSL --- End Quote --- Question: 1. viaKLIX provides their own SSL when the transaction is processed *on the viaKLIX site* but this module runs everything on the local site - how do you secure your osCommerce Cart/what do you do for a SSL Certificate? - Surely people are not paying twice, once to viaKLIX for their gateway that comes with security and then additionally to a second "vendor" for a SSL - or are they? Advice please!!! MH