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    Easy Populate Customers

    I have never coded with CSV before. I guess I have to start somewhere. Thanks
  2. alex_hill

    Easy Populate Customers

    Is there a contrib around similar to Easy Populate which allows you to import customer details?
  3. The problem relates to the file not being available at: catalog/admin/attributeManager/includes/attributeManagerHeader.inc.php Make sure that this file exists on your webserver, and that it has the correct permissions (They should be correct if you havent changed any of these yourself). Alex
  4. alex_hill

    SPPC and EasyPopulate

    Is SPPC compatible with EasyPopulate, and is there some documentation around regarding how to make the two work together? Thanks, Alex
  5. I am looking to have a shippin module available to only some customers, and not others. We currently deliver products weekly to some VIP customers and want them to have a "Regular Delivery" option (free) and whilst other customers, who we dont deliver to, cant access it. Is there a contribution which allows me to do this? Thanks, Alex
  6. Just an update, the dropdown box displays "Coated ($77)" Alex
  7. I just added the contirb today (latest version) and it works great, except for a couple of things. Firstly, It adds two copies of an attribute. I have added a "Standard" attribute, and a "Coated" attribute, but the Coated attribute is added twice, and shows twice in the main view. Secondly, When I added the coated attribute, I left the select box blank, and added the new price in the price box (ie 77 versus 70 for standard). When I go to checkout however when I have selected the coating option, the product price comes up as $-7. This is always the difference between the product price, and the price I linked with the attribute. It is thus, that I assume that if you dont selec + or -, the default is -? Thanks, Alex
  8. alex_hill

    Creating a 2nd Per Item module?

    I tried these exact steps, with the table module, but it doesnt seem to load the text. When I list the available modules in admin, the one for my new module is a blank row, and the install button wont work. I have checked that the language file is the same name as the module file. Any suggestions? Thanks