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  1. Hi there! actually i am having a problem installing the Additionl Image Module. as i have allready installed the Availability1.0 and is working fine.


    but wheni tried to change the code "Files 2 Compare" i found that Availability code is on the same line. Well the point i am askin is can i install both contribution at the same time? and how?


    Sorry if somebody consider it lame but i am a bit new to this so your help will be most appriciated.


  2. If you change the availability message for a product, save it (through the edit page and preview page), then return to the product edit page, does the message update on the edit page availability dropdown selector?


    If you added all 5 code segments in admin/categories.php, it should reflect the new setting on the product edit page.


    most likely you missed the addition to your admin/categories.php page at line 216 (your line numbers may vary).


    Every thing is working now thanks mate. :thumbsup:

  3. that will happen any time you insert or update a product and not upload an image.


    The point actualy i was asking is, when i try to change the availability message it won't change in cataloge. Only first message "%s in Stock" appears doesn't matter if you change it to something else in admin panel.


    I even tried to add a new product and and change the availablity message but it still show 5 in Stock.

    Any help how to fix this please?