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  1. sarabvi

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    Hi there! actually i am having a problem installing the Additionl Image Module. as i have allready installed the Availability1.0 and is working fine. but wheni tried to change the code "Files 2 Compare" i found that Availability code is on the same line. Well the point i am askin is can i install both contribution at the same time? and how? Sorry if somebody consider it lame but i am a bit new to this so your help will be most appriciated. Thanks
  2. sarabvi

    [Contribution] Availability

    Every thing is working now thanks mate. :thumbsup:
  3. sarabvi

    [Contribution] Availability

    The point actualy i was asking is, when i try to change the availability message it won't change in cataloge. Only first message "%s in Stock" appears doesn't matter if you change it to something else in admin panel. I even tried to add a new product and and change the availablity message but it still show 5 in Stock. Any help how to fix this please?
  4. sarabvi

    [Contribution] Availability

    A very good contribution no doubt in it. But i am having problem when i try to update the availablity message in the product. It says at the top of the page in admin area. Any idea how can i fix this.