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  1. nerdDesign

    Wishlist 3.0 Support Thread

    Hi Bekki, I had this problem too, but my line was: $wishlist->add_wishlist($wishlist_id, $attributes_id); which I changed to your: $wishList->add_wishlist($wishlist_id, $attributes_id); Maybe you can inverse that. nerd
  2. nerdDesign

    Checkout Redux [Support Thread]

    Is there a sample link that we can view this mod on? Thanks!
  3. nerdDesign

    Problem with FedEx Module

    you need to balance the function call. edit file: includes\modules\vendors_shipping\fedex1.php find: if (tep_not_null($method)) { $this->_setService($method); } change to: if (tep_not_null($method)) { $this->_setService($method, $vendors_id); } You'll notice later in the file, there is a function called: function _setService($service, $vendors_id) This requires both the service and and vendors_id to be passed. Thanks! nerdDesignGroup.com
  4. nerdDesign

    Product Listing in Columns v2.0

    Try to check and see if you have another contribution installed such as EZ new fields that adds items to the product listing. Make sure these are transfered over - this eliminated my duplicate prices