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  1. Well, I managed to screw something up. I installed the contribution and now whenever I click on a product, I get a "500 Server Error" message. I assume this is something to do with the database. Any help, please? I am dead in the water now if I can't get this figured out. I tried just uninstalling the files, but I still get the same message, so I think I screwed up the php portion and I don't know how to fix it. Someone please help!
  2. This is a great contribution - I have been looking for this for months! Thank you! Anyone have a recommendations as to which contribution would work well with this one to show more than one image? I had ultrapics, but it seems MoPics would work better with this contribution. Any suggestions?
  3. This contribution is working great for me. Unfortunately, I will be selling thousands of products, and my images folder will be bursting at the seams. I am looking for a way to put the images into subcategories to organize them somewhat. I have tried a few various contributions to get the subcategories, but they don't seem to work as they are modifying the same code that was modified for the UltraPics contribution. Anyone know of a way to do get image subcategories that will work with the UltraPics contribution?
  4. I have installed this contribution and it is working great. I tried not specifying a thumbnail and just letting Ultrapics resize the main picture for a thumbnail pic. This has resulted in unacceptable quality. So then I tried uploading separate thumbnail images that I created myself. This works great, except that with over 2,000 items in my store, my images folder is gong to be so massive it will take way too long to load when I want to add or delete images. I guess my questions is: is there a way to have ultrapics create better quality thumbnails (another contribution?) or is there a way to put my thumbnail images in a separate folder so it doesn't clog up my main images folder? I assume this would be a change to the code, any suggestions? Thank you so much!
  5. Hangar24

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Anyone know how to get rid of the gray arc graphic in the header? I have tried to locate the file or the code to get rid of it all together, but can't seem to find it. Thanks.