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  1. Dude, this is the perfect addon! got rid of the problem of having guests not being allowed to use their informatioin over again when PingWA. works like a charm. well done! live axn at http://archmolds.com/insoles/
  2. blakepetersen

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Wow, fast reply on the support ticket thru the QBI Site. Very impressed. But, as of yet no resolution. Says should be easy to implement in the next version. Thanks Adam! :D
  3. blakepetersen

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    So, I read this while running QBI 2.10. Everything peachy and nice. No problems at all except the problem of the users not having their name import into QBI due to the aforementioned issue. So, since my client would bitch and moan about it everytime we'd meet, "so anything about the names not importing?", I figured i would bite the bullet and upgrade his QBI with the impression that versions after 3.1 would have support for this. So, has anyone been able to get this problem fixed or at least have a work around thru PWA or QBI? While i am glad to support such a great contribution with my $$, i feel a bit duped... someone please make me feel better! thanks.
  4. blakepetersen

    Quickbooks Merchant Service v1.0

    Welp, I was able to get QBMS running like the river ghanges, so, yea. Great Contrib. If you have any issues, just know that it should be hosted mode... and... theres a really helpful guide on intuit that got me going lickity split. I have one little problem that really isn't that big of a deal but i got a comment from a user so i figured i'd look into it... How do I add the card type selector to the module? The user was concerned that there would be an issue if he didn't choose his card type. I know its not necessary but to keep the users happy i would like to add it anyways. How do i go about doing this? Thanks Keep on... keep truckin'. Blakeodile DunDee
  5. blakepetersen

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Great Caesars Ghost. I think i may be a complete and utter moron. So, i update remotely via FTP for my contrib tweaks and wouldn't you know it, i failed to upload the final general.php change before trying to run the script. but i uploaded it and everything fell right into place. SORRY!!!! and GREAT contrib!
  6. blakepetersen

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Hi Everyone, I am building a site for a client who has some pretty specific demands as to what goes on the site. So far i have been able to fuhnagle STS, QBMS, QBI, PWA and Ultra Pics. I had the USPS method that came with the cart installed and was running fine. But, because we had no control over which methods were available thru the USPS method, we decided we should upgrade to USPS Method 4.3. Everything installed nicely except when i go throught the checkout process and get to the shipping page, i get one of these bad boys Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_round_up() in /home/content/b/r/a/brangerm/html/insoles/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php on line 162 I searched this thread for anyone else who may have had a similar problem and found that someone had the problem back in June when he installed paypal express. Does anyone have this working with QBMS or did i miss a step in the installation? anyhelp would greatly be appreciated. Also, you can witness the crash and burn at http://www.archmolds.com/insoles/. I would say don't buy anything but good luck getting that far! lol
  7. So, if you wanna use the free version of QBI, you can't use PWA. This is because when a user does decide to purchase without making an account, no name is available to be imported by QBI into the iif. So it basically just leaves "-15". I know the QBI support for anything before 3.0 is gone so i am wondering if there might be a tweak done in PWA to get past this? What's weird is that the name imports perfectly into the shipping area but just not into the "name" area. if i was more savvy, i would assume we could just piggyback the name section off wherever the shipping name is coming from. I mean just having the last name and the %I would be great. i don't need special limits on the number of characters, i dont need it to be upper or lowercased, i just need them in there. So, has anyone gotten anywhere in this arena without having to spend the $150 bucks to get QBI support? Plus, what also sucks is, I am planning on purchasing the QBI app when it hits 4.0 so i can have support for Sales Orders. So, i don't want to have to spend 150 for something that i'm going to have to repurchase again once the next version is released (which could be anywhere from 2weeks to 2years from release and is probably going to be more expensive). What should i do? Any Advice would be great.
  8. blakepetersen

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    I am having issues getting the USPS labels to work. i dont know what the dealeo is but when i goto print the labels, the return info gets imported but not the order info. weird.
  9. blakepetersen

    [Contribution] Support forum for Single Page Checkout

    Why is STS so difficult to work with when it comes to simpler checkout processes? I have STS and would love to add this contribution to my cart. Please keep us posted as to the STS-compatibity of this contribution! thanks and great work!
  10. Hi everyone. I installed the contribution with no problems and it is truly a great add-on but i do have a question... how do remove the lightbox? my client feels that because of the nature of the lightbox, people will be clicking out of the site, and not the little X Close button in the bottom. Since it happened to him, he is adament that everyone will have the same problem and doesn't care how good the lightbox effect looks. SO. i need a quick and painless way to turn the lightbox effect off. Thanks!
  11. blakepetersen

    Quickbooks Merchant Services 1.3 DESKTOP ONLY

    when you are trying to login to get the connection ticket, you need to login with your client's QBMS login information.
  12. blakepetersen

    Quickbooks Merchant Service v1.0

    to answer kira, it is my understanding that you aren't supposed to see the CC numbers when you are using QBMS. No risk, No worries, PCI Compliancy. Problem i am having is that the forum has expired that details how to get this puppy going. The "external tutorial" at http://idnforums.intuit.com/messageview.as...p;threadid=7743. It's Muerte. sooooo.... does anyone have it downloaded and saved or anything? this is a real problem... the only instructions on how to make this work pretty much vanished over night. now all i see is this... http://idnforums.intuit.com/autherror.aspx?errorcode=158. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. blakepetersen

    CCGV & payment.php

    Well, i was able to get rid of the error by removing the quotes around cot_gv on line 91. so it looks like payment_value=cot_gv; but im still having problems getting the perferred method of payment to display an input
  14. blakepetersen

    CCGV & payment.php

    In commenting i believe it gets rid of the inputs for whatever your payment selection is going to be so this actually does break the cart. If someone could please help find a fix, that would be great